Thursday, January 30, 2014

ONE MORE before flying away... A TO Zzzzzz

Just this one last post for the Birdzzzzz.   IF I were more attentive to social media, I would have caught this in a timely manner to include in one of the previous posts.  

(NOTE:  PLEASE do no be afraid nor hesitate to send me email suggestions and/or guest posts.  I don't reveal your identity without permission.  Really.  The collective effort is MUCH funnier, and revealing than my own blathering.  ) 

A (Alfred) to Zzz

Thanks for Facebook friend Tim for sharing and permission to post here. Had I seen this prior to my post, this would have been front and center!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


What qualifies Pope Francis to address issues of Christian Unity related to the Eastern Churches? He is familiar with and has served Eastern Divine Liturgies. In fact, as Archbishop of Buenos Aries, Cardinal Bergoglio was also bishop of jurisdiction for the Ordinariate for Eastern Catholics in Argentina.  Since much ado has been made about the Anglican Ordinariates, more Catholics are familiar with the term.   
"An ordinariate for the faithful of eastern rite is a geographical ecclesiastical structure for Eastern Catholic communities in areas where no eparchy of their own particular Church has been established. This structure was introduced by the apostolic letter Officium supremi Apostolatus of 15 July 1912." 
( Annuario Pontificio 2012 (Libreria Editrice Vaticana 2008, p. 1811)

The Ordinariate in Argentina, is for all Eastern Catholics, such as  Ruthenian, Armenian, Ukrainian and Maronite, for example who lack a diocesan jurisdiction of their own rite in the particular country and who are therefore entrusted to the care of the Latin  Metropolitan Archbishop.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk, welcoming the election of Pope Francis said, "I would first like to say that the newly elected Pope Francis was mentored by one of our priests, Stepan Chmil, who is now buried in the basilica of St. Sophia in Rome. Today’s Pope, during his time as a student of the Salesian school, awoke many hours before his classmates to concelebrate at our Divine Liturgy with Fr. Stepan. He knows our Tradition very well, as well as our Liturgy." 

In fact, prior to his election as Supreme Pontiff as well as after, Pope Francis has been seen wearing a chotki, a prayer rope, a special set of prayer beads, usually made of wood or wool tied in knots (and occasionally silk) for praying the Jesus Prayer, or Prayer of the Heart.

 As one formed in the Ukrainian Tradition, it is very obvious that His Holiness wears it as one who is very familiar with it and who makes use of it on a regular basis.

Pope Francis is the Pope of Christian Unity

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Now Papa Is A Rolling Stone!

Actually, the guy with the embroidered sashes and chauffeured limos did NOT make the cover, but Papa Francesco has! Rock on!

Now, as Fr Zzzzz would say to his adoring, money-for-nothing Zzzzzombies: "Let's all sing along:

ROMAN Zzzzzzguls?

Jonathan Zuhlsdorf Seagull
Sent in by a loyal Reader:
Good News: Fellow arch-conservative ordained full-time blogger and ultra-traditionalist (except on the issue of celibacy because he's a former Evangelical, then Episcopal, now Ultramontane Roman) Dwight Longenecker was in St Peter's Square (my goodness, but traditionalist blogger priests DO get to travel a lot, don't they? And don't have to pay for such travel! Which sounds more like the Obama approach to life than the Francis approach .... but I digress) and SAW the dove release and the attack of the crow and seagull. "I'm happy to say that the doves finally escaped!" Blogger Longenecker reports. So that's the Good News.

Bad News: Never one to avoid Bad News (especially if it will bring in big $$$), Father Zzzzzzz reports to his Zzzzombies that the National Animal Protection people have asked the Pope to stop releasing doves into the dangerous skies around St Peter's. But he goes on in RED (you know, Say the Black, Do the Red? Which we hilariously - if we do say so ourselves - parodied as Drink the Red, Do the Black. But then we went to Confession): [I say...KILL THE GULLS.  The damned flying vermin kept me awake for years in Rome. Rats with wings.]

Well, we can't have THAT now, can we? Birds keeping Fr Zzzzzz awake. Say, wait a minute .... Birds go to sleep around sundown, no? And wake at dawn, when all good traditionalist priests are saying ... saying what Office at that time of the day? Probably "anticipating" Vespers of the following day, or some other meaningful tradition.

Therefore, speaking of traditional clerical practices, I guess they were keeping Fr Zzzzzz awake during the Sacred Afternoon Clerical Nap.

Nice "work" if you can get it!
Father D cannot help but comment here.  When searching for pictures for this post I stumbled upon a picture from a few years ago when a different pope released doves which where attacked.  A quick check of the ArchiveZzzzzz do not turn up  ONE SINGLE SNARKY COMMENT by Zed about that dove being attacked.  Hmmm.
From the Archives: Photo of Papa Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, feeding doves to Roman Seagulls in hopes that this sacrificial offering will satisfy the gulls enough to quiet them down during the afternoon clerical rest period.
 This was brought to my attention via the comment box.  I will just copy and paste.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "ROMAN Zzzzzzguls?":

Did anyone see the picture he put up of the pope running from birds?

Great respect for the Holy Father. I'm sure he'd let the same sort of stuff be posted about Benedict


Monday, January 27, 2014


It's official: Fr Zzzzzzzz . . . not only hates Pope Francis. He hates animals too.

Weird . . . for someone who spends so much of other people's (i.e., the brain-dead laity's) money on bird-feeders, bird seed and expensive, elaborate webcams to record his avian arrivals and departures (as any busy priest would!), Fr Zzzzzz sure took delight in the fact that the "peace doves" released by Pope Francis and the children at Sunday's Angelus were attacked by wild birds in Saint Peter's Square. 
Warning the picture in the link is disturbing, especially to little  ones.  I can't in good conscience post it here.  Even as someone who comes from a family of hunters, and who hunts himself, I thought this more than a bit disturbing. We all know about the natural order of things such as the "food chain". Most of us would not take such joy in seeing it played out in a religious peace context, in front of the children that released the birds.

In fact, you could almost hear his squeals of delight as he posted the disturbing images.
Take note.  This was not an image made available by the press.  This image was taken from the actual video feed by means of an image grab, a screen shot.  In fact, Father Zzz documents the exact moment of the incident via the name of hit photo file: 2014/01/Screen-Shot-2014-01-26-at-11.20.53-AM.png.

And the comments of Fr Zzzzz's groupies - let's start calling them The Zzzombies - are priceless, too, for what they reveal (you get the idea that these fine and friendly folks don't just miss the Abrogated Mass, they miss the Inquisition, too! You have everyone from your-average-suburban-housewife-who-prays-in-Latin-and-hates-the-Pope to your average lay-canon-lawyer-who-thinks-married-deacons-are-forbidden-to-have-marital-relations to the usual Fr-Zzzzzz-airline-ticket-providers-and-recipe-followers positively giddy with joy over the presumed violent demise of Francis' peace doves.

In the secular world, the police always take seriously any reports of those who inflict cruelty on animals for the human violence it portends . . . how should we cope spiritually with "Catholics" who do the same as a way of vicariously (pardon the pun) expressing hatred for or anticipating violence toward the Vicar of Christ?

Here's a start . . . speaking of Tradition:

Let us pray for our Pope, Francis:
the Lord preserve him and give him life and make him blessed upon the earth and deliver him not unto the will of his enemies
(especially enemies wearing custom-tailored cassocks and Roman hats and sporting sharp claws and ravenous beaks while hanging around Saint Peter's Square waiting to reclaim it once they've eliminated those intrusive doves).

Sunday, January 26, 2014


The by now totally-delusional world-traveler-on-the-brainless-fleeced-off-laity's hard-earned shekels website constantly declares "Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity" - presumably because he facilitated the on-going charade of The Bishop Fellay Show and set up the Backdoordinariates so Anglican priests who hate women can come into the Catholic Church while keeping their Maniples, Last Gospel, boyfriends and Pensions .... But his successor doesn't seem to have gotten that message:

"Christ, dear friends, cannot be divided! This conviction must sustain and encourage us to persevere with humility and trust on the way to the restoration of full visible unity among all believers in Christ. Tonight I think of the work of two great Popes: Blessed John XXIII and Blessed John Paul II. In the course of their own lives, both came to realize the urgency of the cause of unity and, once elected Bishops of Rome, they guided the entire Catholic flock decisively on the paths of ecumenism. Pope John blazed new trails which earlier would have been almost unthinkable. Pope John Paul held up ecumenical dialogue as an ordinary and indispensable aspect of the life of each Particular Church. With them, I think too of Pope Paul VI, another great promoter of dialogue; in these very days we are commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of his historic embrace with the Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople.

"The work of these, my predecessors, enabled ecumenical dialogue to become an essential dimension of the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, so that today the Petrine ministry cannot be fully understood without this openness to dialogue with all believers in Christ. We can say also that the journey of ecumenism has allowed us to come to a deeper understanding of the ministry of the Successor of Peter, and we must be confident that it will continue to do so in the future."

- Pope Francis, homily at Vespers at Saint Paul's Outside the Walls, January 25, 2014. Conclusion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
You can find the entire homily here. Brief and to the point.
A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. Pope  Francis may have worn the same cope that Pope Emeritus Benedict wore one year for Vespers for Christian Unity,but he carried the Pastoral Staff of Paul VI, and, ..... Well, I guess I should let the pictures to the talking.

Pope Francis carrying the ferula of Pope Paul VI, the so called Scorzelli Cross, after the Italian artist that designed it, Lello Scorzelli,

Francis most definitely chose to omit the morse (gaudy brooch-like clasp for holding the cope together)

The Scorzelli cross has long been criticized by extremists, but was used by Papa Montini, ever so briefly by Papa Luciani, and almost exclusively by Papa Wojtyła .

 OH... I know this is out of the Liturgical Season, but just a reminder that Father Zzzzzz says Blue is NOT a Liturgical Color!

Nor do I think is Tye-dyed poly-cotton an acceptable replacement for silk brocade. But, I digress...


Who could have known that was his nickname in seminary

Thursday, January 23, 2014


This really get's my goat.  Pardon the pun...
Pope Francis did not roll out the Lace and Brocade Brigade for the blessing of the Lambs on the Feast of Saint Agnes. 

Father John "Oh I Love the Pope" Zuhlsdorf could not resist taking a pot shot at the present Supreme Pontiff.  He wrote:
"He sure knows how to make an occasion seems [sic] special, no?

So, we love and honor the Pope ONLY if he meets OUR expectations and likes the same liturgical style we like?

Hypocrite!  I say.

He sure knows how to make an occasion seems special, no?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Burke, the only Pastor among his Sheep-- taking on their smell

Raimunda Buke seen trying to pick up rough trade in a Roman backstreet ("when trying to pick up rough trade in Rome, cardinals usually dress as simple monsignori, so as not to give scandal to the faithful")

Of course, you might recognize him more easily in this photo.

 When asked to comment

Sunday, January 12, 2014


EWBM (Eternal Whining Bloggers Movement) Television Network brings you the new reality series TABERNACLE HUNTERS. 

If that doesn't grab your attention, this sure will.  Catch the fever, if you're a True Believer.  Become a Tabernacle Hunter..

Also coming to the EWBM Network the series that is popular with Traditionalists everywhere:

The Bishop Fellay Show
Say it over and over! Say it out loud! Tell all your friends! 

Part one of a fourteen part series!
Invite your friends to your home one night each week and insist that they come over
to watch the Bishop Fellay Show! 

I think its been quite some time since our dear friend Father Zzzzz has experienced anything even close to the Fellay Show.  Perhaps if he did, he would be less uptight, less angry.  Less frustrated. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

MICHAEL VORIS TAKES ON AND CALLS OUT FOX NEWS: Sean Hanity, Bill O'Reilly & Meagan Kelly

I usually ignore most of what Michal Voris, S.T.B. has to say.  It's the only sane thing to do.  But, today, Dear Readers (and readerettes) a brother priest highlighted this recent post of "The Vortex" and insisted that I take a half hour to watch it, as well as the follow up "dispatch from the front lines of battle" titled "Fox News Comes Out."

Catholic Pandering to Sodomy

Have to see it to believe it.

 Fasten your seat belt, it gets even more bizzare.

You just CAN'T make this stuff up.

Just remember to be respectful if you choose to comment.  Thanks!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


So, what do the results of this poll tell us about Father Z's readership?  The ComBox is open. (24/7)

I'll share my thoughts more later.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I'm a liturgical traditionalist.  I love the older rites of both the East and West. The texts are so very rich with the teachings of the Church, rich with mysticism and beauty.  Nourishment for the soul!

All too often the rubrics: the ritual acts become an ancient rigid liturgical dance mapped out step by step, motion and movement. The sub-deacon stands here, the deacon there, the second master of ceremonies forms a procession with half the clergy counter clockwise around the church.  Any misstep noted (and reported) by the liturgical police.

Several priests have recently posted pictures about the blessing of Epiphany Water, usually reserved to bishops, who grant permission for priests to do so.  Personally, I believe that the diocesan bishop SHOULD be the one to perform this particular rite annually in his diocese in the cathedral.  In cases of a diocese with a small cathedral and a large geographic territory, perhaps celebrate the rite in a different region each year.  

In viewing some of the presbyterial blogs I stumbled upon the following comment.

Really? The beauty and depth of this ancient rite draws their attention to the color of the COPE?  This is what is important them? The minutia?  I just don't get it. 

On another note, The Big Zzzz updated his Facebook page recently.  He's working at the Diocese of Madison, yet lives in Velletri!  Amazing!

No wonder he needs to raise so much money each month!  That is one hell of a commute!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Of course it's no longer breaking news.  While I am not a regular reader of Father Zzzzz's Blog from, what I have seen and as others have reported, not a peep out of the ever humble Pater Zed to brag about his prophetic accuracy. 

In his list of predictions for 2014, prophesy number 10 states: Father Z will still not be a monsignor.  

So earlier in the year, and already we KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that this prophecy is true!

As most of you already know, His Holiness has abolished the title of Monsignor for regular diocesan clergy under the age of sixty-five.  Having just turned fifty-four this past October 28th, it will be 2024 before he is even considered eligible.

We must continue to pray for the safety of Pope Francis.  I know he has taken many "out of the box" actions, but this time, by this one act, he has placed himself in grave danger.  The young and ambitious clerics who hunger for the purple and crimson are some of the most vicious.  Overstating am I?? Just WHO are these young monsignori?  CHANCERY OFFICIALS. They are the ones who know where the bodies are buried because they and their predecessors are the ones that buried them! 

Growing up, I had an uncle who was named a monsignor, a Protonotary Apostolic to be specific. He built several parish churches and schools and was a fund raiser of the highest caliber. In his older days, when asked by one of the young school children, "What's a monsignor?"  The old man replied, "A dignified nothing that has to spend money on funny clothes that he will seldom wear, that are not very comfortable." He chuckled to himself, and flashed an impish grin at his brother priests and handful of seminarians present.  This caused a roar of laughter, as Uncle John gave the young man a tour of the sacristy where he kept those "funny clothes." 

As to the Prophet Zed's other predictions, we will have to wait and see.  However, I have no doubt that  many of his "resolutions" will be actualized, especially those gun related.  WTF!?  He claims he is going to build and AR-15 from scratch. Perhaps he will use this kit.