Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Our brethren Down Under are already close to eight hours into the New Year. (They always do it sooner and better in Oz.)  
Moscow, just now as I type, is ringing it in.
Across the Pond it's three hours until midnight. While here in the Quasi Pseudo Semi Hermetic Archabbatial Community of Gyrovagues Sarabites and Dilettantes (oh my!) we're twelve hours away from the New Year.

Say a prayer, pop a cork, drink a toast.
God bless Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI!
God bless Pope Francis, gloriously reigning, with good health and long life!
God bless the readers of this blog, friendly and no so friendly, sisters and brothers all (like it or not)!
God bless those who love us and those who hate us.
God bless us all!
Now and Always.



  2. And a New Year fantasy from the diseased mind of the Inflatable Anglican, Sir Hairy Plum Pud:


    "It will be interesting to see if dear Archbishop Forte (who so entertainingly bungled the plotted liberal take-over of the Synod) or Archbishop Fernandez (a protege of the the Holy Father's, who explained the Pope's words about frank discussion as meaning "we needn't be afraid of Mueller coming after us") gets promotion in the coming days. Not a 'snowball's chance', I would say.

    Personally, I'm putting all my shirts on Cardinals' hats for Mgr Newton, our Ordinary, and Bishop Egan, in whose diocese I geographically reside ... a very fine pair of prelates, quibus nulli meliores."

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