Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Ghosts of Papal Fanons (and Blog Posts) Past

Liturgical Fanonaddict?

Exactly two years ago, December 25th, His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI celebrated the First Holy Mass of Christmas and he wore the fanon, hated by liberals and the ungodly, adored and elevated to a relic worthy of reverence by Katholic Krazies,  and just not understood nor really cared about at all, by the rest of us.

Perhaps when Georg and Guido were in the closet, they found one stashed away under the boxes storing the ostrich plume flabellum.  (If you think the fanon is ridiculous, the flabellum will... well, you know, make you totally bat crap Mundy, as we say around here.) 

Some believe Hard Identity Catholicism means faithfulness to the message of Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate, and the teachings of the Councils (even Vatican II) while others insist that it means restoring obscure liturgical gestures and tchotchkes.  Father D thinks that if the liturgical use of the fanon by Pope Francis will help anyone practice the the mercy and healing examples of our Lord Jesus as He demonstrated in the Gospels, by all means! 
Bring. It. On.

On another note from the ghosts of blog posts past, remember Father Zzzz encourages us all to be faithful to the Pope. 

"Where Peter goes, we follow." 

Father John Zuhlsdorf

Of course, we might ask ourselves, what did Father really mean by that?  ALWAYS follow the example of each Pope? Or did he only intend us to follow Pope Benedict XVI?   If that is the case, shouldn't  Zzz be retired to an old convent?  No matter, I guess! As I've written before, each Pope has given the Church something She was in need of.  Extremists will always take things too far one way or the other. The rest of us just have to carry on the best we are able, always thankful for the example of the successor of Saint Peter.  And, of course, thankful for the reminder given us by Father Zed.

In fact, what a great time to THANK FATHER Z with a Christmas Card!  YES!  Please, right now, send our dear brother FATHER a card offering your prayers for the good Father this holy season.  Maybe even close the card with the quote "Where Peter goes, we follow."  Or, "With the fraternal love and prayers of Father D" since I can't afford to send him a card myself as my donations and subscribers are even lower than his these days!

Reverend John Zuhlsdorf
6666 Odana Road   
(Hmmm. That is almost 666 Obama Road)
PMB #455
Madison, WI 53719-1012

Say, what's the plural of fanon?


  1. Hahahahaha!

    Of course, Zildo would change the words to:


  2. This is serious. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO Zuhlsdorf's ORIGINAL ARTICLE. Wow! His gushing all over Benedict - "little gestures matter" - and the COMMENTS left by the Zombeyites (poor sad DePippo from the New Liturgical Bowel Movement got the GOLD STAR OF THE DAY) will help you see exactly why these people are so KRAZY over Francis now.

    And how phony! They worshipped every papal burp and fart - and fanon - back then. Now, not so much.

    Most interesting to me, however, was Z's premonition that the use of the fanon portended something BIG - "a REALLY BIG GESTURE" - during the Year of Faith, as (name-dropping) he says, "I was telling Bishop Sample" (of mile-high-mitre and I-really-didn't appreciate-being-a-bishop-until-I-discovered-the-old-Mass fame), "I think something BIG is going to happen in this Year of Faith."

    Little did they know it would be the first papal resignation in 600 years, or that it would lead to Pope Francis.


    Thank you Fr D !!!!

  3. Gee friends, I am a liberal and could be very well described by the fanatic element as ungodly. There are many things that I do care about and in fact enjoy but be entirely assured that I could care less about a Pope's choice of vestments. Pope Benedict liked to utilize the historic and elaborate while his successor prefers plain, SO WHAT!

    Zildo, what are you trying to do? Be careful, Joan Rivers' production company has the copyright on "Fashion Police"...

  4. The plural of Fanons is "Protonotarii Apostolicii Supernumerarii," but are only worn together in connection with the black gremail veil at a Solemn Grand High Everything Else Requiem Mass when the mantum and subcinctorium are not used, adn then only while the sedia gestoria is making its way to the Basilica of the Holy Eunuchs on the feast day of Ss. Alodia and Nunilo. The option to simultaneously vest in the Falda and Triregnum had been customary usage up until the Third Lateran Scotch Tasting and Apostolic Book Discussion Council, but has since fallen into disuse, having been damaged by hot coffee spilled by a cowboy monk that wouldn't wash out with smoky soap made by a sourpuss nun.

    As everyone knows.

    1. Thank you. Makes perfect sense now.
      .....What were we talking about?

    2. Readerette here, losing my shit. Hilarious!!!

  5. I'm actually not even sure what the symbolical significance of the fanon is and I'm not sure if Zed and the Zedettes know either. The only thing that they do know is that it is pre-Vatican II and therefore must be good. All I know is that it is a ridiculous extra amount of fabric and it would look especially ridiculous on Pope Francis, who is a Latin American street priest, so it is good that that little bit of restoration got dropped.

    1. The symbolism is that the only guy who wears it is the pope. That's really the whole of it, and the reason why it's not used any more.

  6. Ratzinger looks ridiculous in that get-up. Don't these TridTrads realize that much of the Church's high liturgy throughout the centuries has been dominated by sheer camp?
    Rememeber Fr. John Newhaus's personal ad for ManlyMen© in the priesthood. Another convert (a former Lutheran!) who imagined the RCC to be something out of the tryptophanic fantasies of GK Chesterton.

  7. The Vatican could make a fortune licensing a limited run of a modified chic a la mode Fanon for the Spring Collections in Paris, Rome, London and NY.
    Guido would be an invaluable consultant for such a project.

  8. Keep em coming Fr D

  9. The double delusion of Lacy Lard Ass in his latest nostrum of Holy Innocents, NYC:

    "New Evangelization? Promote and apply Summorum Pontificum."

    1. Point of information:
      Fr. Rutler (ECUSA convert) has been re-assigned per normal operating procedure to Saint Michael's in Hell's Kitchen. He is no longer the pastor of Holy Innocents.
      The interviewer asks about the once notorious neighborhood and about the difficulties serving such a place. Rutler briefly mentions, "Property values have risen." I'll say. Hell's Kitchen is immediately adjacent to both Chelsea and the Theater District.
      Rutler thinks that shuttering parishes that have no parishioners is illogical. Would you trust a man who says that we are living through another Dark Ages like the centuries after the fall of Rome? I'd say that such an assertion is demonstrably false and, furthermore, ridiculous. Never before have more American Catholics been so well educated. The immigrant rabble cleaned up well (sort of). But Rutler thinks that they're more stupid than ever. Because they're not attending his church?

    2. Is this the same Rutler?

      This guy doesn't belong in a gentrifying neighborhood as the face of a Christian church... Better he gets sent down the rabbit hole.