Friday, November 21, 2014


The Most Reverend Robert Morlino of the Diocese of Madison (Zed's Bishop for intents and purposes) does not like his photo taken. Really.  When a reporter, at a public talk, in a public location, by a public leader, would not stop taking his picture, The Most Reverend Bishop stopped the presentation, and moved it to St. Augustine University
Parish, the Catholic student center on campus, which is  property owned by the diocese.

As you can see, the Most Reverend XXXtrordinary  ordinary does NOT like to have his photo taken. Respect, please journalists. Respect.  Geez. He don't get no respect

Okay, the constant clicking was distracting. The brightness of the flash made it hard to look up during the talk. 

The threat of being cornered into a selfie was outright terrifying (and a violation of diocesan boundaries protocols) never mind that Pope Francis seems to love having them taken. 

But the last get-your-face-outta-my-space came when the reporter whipped out the wide angle lens. That's just plain cruel. 


  1. The Pope has released a list on how to be a happier person:

    Right wing traditionalists don't know whether to shit or go blind...

  2. Looking at these pics, one can understand his reluctance to be photographed. Like his scarlet counterpart Burke, when they are all dressed up they look like such buffoons not to mention, er, drag queens. And to think there is a movement afoot to make priests more "manly," i.e. less gay. Mary, you've got a long way to go.

  3. But who are we to judge? And in all seriousness this is about the parish Morlino ruined in Platteville when he appointed ultra traditionalist Spanish priests there. If he didn't want the protesters and the noisy reporter asking questions, then perhaps actually consider the feelings of the people under your care.

  4. Clearly Bishop Morlino is a man much more given to prayer than fasting.

    1. Fasting is a discipline imposed by the priests on the faithful. Send your $$ to the priest to keep him fat while you sacrifice and suffer...

  5. I attend a middle of the road Catholic parish in NYC, and we have a couple of Traddies that come here to kill time before they go over to Holy Innocents for the Latin smells and bells.. they come here to sit and stew while OF of Mass is being celebrated...I have spoken with a few of them in their lace veils, and they have nothing but hate in their speech and hearts...there is no joy of the Gospel in them...the sad thing is there is no talking with them...they are no better then ISIS...I gave the EF a was pretty..and very boring for my taste, but it's what floats their boats..but what I can't understand is their's a totally different Jesus from my Gospel...we have many Rites in our faith.....I for one am happy that we now have parishes for them....some really think that BXVI is gonna come back...why is there such a draw to the past that many never knew...the 80+ crowd I understand but the 50- crowd...just weird>
    sorry I had to vent after looking at all those pics of a Bishop dressed up like a gay guy in the Halloween parade...but who am I to judge...just saying

  6. In Wisconsin, what a bish!
    Foot-long hot dogs, they’re deelish.
    Five-egg omelets, bacon, cheese
    A great ordinary to please.

    He may look like a well stuffed sofa
    But Madison’s bishop, he’s no loafa
    He chastises sinners and punishes fools
    Shrinks parishes and closes schools

    Bishop Cupich, he’s a louse
    Won’t live in a traditional house
    He’s a bishop full of malice
    Rejecting a proper episcopal palace

    But Bishop Morlino, he’s so sweet
    He loves to eat and eat and eat
    Father Z he blogs and tweets
    Our Bishop M he eats and eats

    Some great bishops persecute nuns
    Our great bish gobbles cinnamon buns
    His favorite priest is in Gay Paree
    So let’s chow down back at the home see

    Don’t mistake him for a fattened mutton
    This big bishop aint no glutton
    Pizza, pasta, chocolate fudge
    After all, WHO AM I TO JUDGE?

    1. And.....'the rump-fed ronyon.'

    2. It is so good to see Long-Skirts is finally posting...funny.

    3. Ya so don't judge fuckface

  7. Morlino is obviously following the same diet as Zippo.

    1. Zildo is the imitator. Mo is the inventor... Lard asses BOTH.

    2. They are not dicks because they are fat. They are dicks because they are dicks.They would still be dicks if they were thin. I'm fat and I'm not a dick.

    3. Mmmm all this talk of dick is making me hit and bothered :-p

    4. ^^^^ Should be hit and bothered as frequently as possible.

  8. At least he wears vestments that are large enough.
    Instead of fiddle-back, would it be called bass-back, because it is large?

  9. In fairness to Morlino, and in contrast with Burke, he does at least smile. Yes he's trad, but is he all bad?

    1. And he's probably not auto-idolatrous.

    2. Morlino is a tyrant in Madison who puts out petty edicts like banning specific hymns at Mass and lady footwashing and forbidding Catholic schools from going to specific places for field trips. He also uses spies to ensure that parishes aren't doing things he considers heretical. The crown jewel is the situation in Platteville where he put anti-Vatican II religious priests in charge of a mainstream Catholic parish. The priests dismantled the contemporary liturgies, forbade women from participating in the liturgy, forbade Communion by Hand, dismantled the parish council, etc. The parishioners protested and ended up leaving. I'm assuming that the protestors and reporter were going to ask about that situation which is why Morlino tailed out of there.

    3. ^^^^ that's fucking awesome

    4. I've received a couple emails from people in Platteville in the past year. I am really sorry to hear about the pain and unhappiness there. I know there have been a couple letters sent to the apostolic delegate in Washington DC and that has not resolved anything, but rather seems to have caused Morlino to dig his heels in to stand his ground.
      Stubbornness. Sadness.

    5. Father D, back in the Reagan years a US Supreme Court nominee, Robert Bork's appointment failed at Senate confirmation due almost entirely to the perception that he was too conservative and represented a threat to women's rights specifically and broadly against civil rights.

      Bork's [in my opinion justified] defeat spawned the adaptation of his name used as a verb, to Bork "Borking" which came to mean blocking because of political views.

      With some good fortune maybe our generation will make a new verb called to Burke "Burking"...

      Morlino needs to be BURKED.

  10. The Brick-with-Eyes, brown-noser-in-chief of the Dirigible has announced his return to the Emporium in Madison:

    My View For Awhile: Allons Y Edition

    Posted on 22 November 2014 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    Vacation having come to an end, it’s time to hit the long and dusty. Paris is worth, among other things, another visit.

    Zippo meekly trumpets that 'travel is a chore!' The hysteric SupertradMum echoes the line but misses the irony of who actually funded the much photographed gut fests and the other self indulgences.

  11. !!!EXTRA!!! !!!EXTRA!!!!

    November 22nd, 2014 $0.05
    --Latest Breaking--
    Paris Food Shortages Reversed; Hotels, Wait Staffs Rejoice!
    GERMANY STARVED INTO SUBMISSION; HITLER FURIOUS: "Wo ist der Beef?"; Furher's Dog Eats Grass, Poo
    GANSWEIN TELEGRAM: "Is Paris Flaming?!"
    MIRACLE! St.V.dePaul ARISES! Felt "Tremors, A Flash, Huge Stone Rolled Away From Me!"
    New B-29 Will Deliver Kindle Recharge Port, A-Bomb
    TRIUMPHANT RETURN: Austro-American Gastrophysicist Dr. (cand.) "Z" Hints Plan of Holy Trinity, New Mexico Manhattan Declaration Project: "Fat Man and Little Boy to Asia Together." The Editors: "Go, get 'em, boys!"
    REPORTER VORIS ONE-UPS HEMMINGWAY; Liberates Bangkok on Sedia Gestatoria!

    1. Excellent!
      If you keep this us, we're going to have to put you on staff.
      Not a paid position, mind you, but the rewards in Amazon gifts is amazing!

    2. I'm putting together my Wish List now!

  12. Mmmm u like a little S&M Fr.??? I know u like leather ...soooo I enter a typo ....however I do love a bit of pain with my pleasure

    1. I never really cared for S&M. I don't think that was Rihanna's best work really. Too much of a take off of Depeche Mode.
      Actually the entire LOUD Album was disappointing. Only Girl was an alright song. Her later work is much better.
      I'm really not a fan of leather either. More of cotton guy. Lightweight, and breathable.

    2. Boxer briefs Fr.??? :-p Inquiring minds wanna know ...I wanna know...and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the LOUD album bummer u didnt

    3. Yeah, I figured you for a LOUD fan. That's why this- what ever this is between you and I- is not going to work out.
      Oh. That, and I'm heterosexual.

    4. Awe come on good Fr. I love u long time ....:-p #LOUDFAN #FR.DFAN

    5. Anyways sweet dream Fr. Xoxoxo

    6. Still didn't answer my question what u wear under ur cassock ...boxer breifs??? Cuz I always kick it nude under mine

    7. Hey how do u feel about Sublime and Kid Rock

    8. Not familiar with Sublime, but Kid Rock is a pretty good and versatile musician. Not too fond of his country twist, but he's still very good.

  13. Morlino looks like a wallpapered airship.
    As a matter of fact, the first hot air balloon WAS wallpapered:

    Dr. Evil: "He weighs a metric Chesterton."