Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The real reason Father Z went to Paris and bravely stayed in that horrible Le (sic) Hôtel Sans Internet.

Six hour drive with a nice overnight stay in a religious house.

The hills are alive!
In the town of Ecône



  1. Why is Z posting so much on food? Seriously? First of all, the presentation in the photos are not all that great, secondly who cares what he is eating, and third why would he think anybody cares? It is a weird relationship with food. Plus, why is he staying in a hotel? I thought France was the hotbed of traditional mass these days. Does he not have any friends he can stay with? He is always going on and on about he fraternity that priests supposedly have with one another. Not one priest in France will let him stay at the rectory? No monastery or religious house? Why does it not occur to any of his dopey followers to ask that fairly basic question. In all of his posts, he does not ever seem to have one close friend in Rome or anywhere. You never hear of any friendships or family. Ever. Not once. He eats alone? It is just not normal as usually people say I was with a friend or friends.....

    1. All over ur face.....

    2. Well I have seen pictures of him eating with friends come up on a certain social networking places of mine ....how's that for trying to say something and not say it at the same time? Most of my life is lived in absolute normalcy, but I make forays into the set of Game of Thrones or some other dark and creepy world on a regular basis. I am not a troll, but I will post this as anonymous.

    3. Hey 11/18 10:21PM, we had a whole post and discussion of the Game of Thrones right here on our very own favorite blog:


      It's difficult for me to imagine that a guy who takes pictures of dirty dishes on a restaurant table and posts them to the internet would have ANY friends at all.

      "... certain social networking places..." hmmmmmmmmm...

    4. Dick, Something that came into my news feed ... a friend of a friend of a friend thing. For myself, it is really difficult for me not to say what I think and no one likes it, but it is hard for me to play pretend and then pretend that I am not pretending. Really, who are the confused ones? I saw the at the throne post from ZZ's site and also the one here.

  2. Sam Fr. Z is by nature a introvert ....don't judge

    1. Not so introverted that his attention became totally galvanized when he noted that he might be missing out on $$ commissions from the sale of priests hoodies and TeeShirts. And he's not so introspective to leap through cyber space with another Liberal generated conspiracy over the English translation of the final Synod report.

      Good old Zippo is thinking of everyone else and not his self. He's game to the last.

    2. Anonymou@, November 18 9:52 .am. I am not judging - just making an observation.His blog is a representation of who he is. He talks about guns, food, birds, booze, conferences he attends, - in short the things he values. None of that involves close friends and/or and yes introverts, too, have close friends and family.

  3. A priest (not in France) who lived in the rectory where Z used to stay said it was unbelievably embarrassing to be out at a restaurant with him and have him taking pictures of each course as it came to table. He has mentioned meeting his mother in NYC for dinner, which always conjures up images of the Bates Hotel or a scene from Mommie Dearest. Of course mother or not she's lucky he deigns to eat with a non-Catholic.

  4. You are quite misinformed, they would NEVER accept a priest who doesn't work in Econe. You can say many things about them, but they live in true poverty, and hate lazy priests.

    1. Which is why Zzz will never go to Econe.

    2. And even though they prefer French to Latin, think in corrupted Counter Reformation Late Scholastic philosophical categories, they do actually think something also far removed from Zippo's experience.
      Mince alors!

    3. I know of one former SSPX priest who has one of the highest work ethics I have seen in a priest, to the point of being unhealthy.
      I don't think for one nano-second that the SSPX would accept Zed if he sought refuge there. I was just sitting in my imitation palatial quasi-monastic cell thinking, "how far is Econe from Paris?"

    4. And not to be dismissed.....how far is Madison from Jerusalem?

  5. Zilch requires commenters on his blog to apply for registration so he can weed out whomever he wants. That practice per se doesn't bother me. However, when he commands his pretties to troll and suffocate the comments of other websites... well, I don't need to go on.
    Nevertheless, is there anyone here who has a WDTPRS login and successfully comments on Zod's blog?

    1. I have never registered at Z's blog. I post on this site because I don't have to do anything except type in the box and verify that I am not a machine. I think it is really silly that he expects his readers to go clicking around on the internet to take part in silly polls. I guess now everyone with a computer or computer access (STM) feels empowered to be their own personal pope-master. But information does not always have the effect people want it to, or maybe it does. Looking at some of these traditionalist sites one can only imagine the impression they leave with the unsuspecting...what woe for those who not only hate God but who also work that others should do so.

    2. I have an account there and I used to engage over there frequently. But when I disagreed with Rev. Zuhlsdorf on a particularly insensitive post (and shared my comment here as well), he banned me for a while and he blocked my ability to see the site my home IP address. The ban seems to be over but since then, I haven't really engaged there for more than a sentence or two.

      For a while, I thought Rev Zuhlsdorf was tolerant of debate. I may also have been a useful foil. I do detect a shift in the past year or so and the blog just doesn't interest me as much, now that it's increasingly autocratic and dealing in political matters more than spiritual.

  6. What's with the pics of the numbered urine samples that Z-man has posted? Ewwww.....

    1. Looks like someone was taking their Vitamin B that day.

  7. A musical commissioned to celebrate Zero's latest trip to La Belle France, named after his loyal fan base: MES MISERABLES
    [to the tune of "Stars" - sorry, it's not much of a sing-along. The Sound of Music was much easier]

    Here, one night in Paris
    My tab keeps on running
    Thanks be to fraud
    with a straight face!
    Blog be my witness
    I never shall yield
    Til we're all dressed in lace
    Til we're all dressed in lace

    To Montparnasse we'll embark
    For a great place I've adored
    It's the famous the Cafe de la Rotonde
    So I'm in accord
    But if you take food pics with your cell
    The flames
    The sword!

    Serving gallic food
    Courses uncounted
    Filling my vastness
    So order all niiiight
    Dining so nonpareil
    Pricey and rich
    Glad my wallet's not light
    Now my belt is too tight

    (...that's all for now. Perhaps "Who am I?" would have worked better or "One Gay More". And think there's a number about Red and Black)

    1. When I first saw this post, I thought you were channeling Long-Skirts.

    2. Naw. Long-skirts is busy having her 23rd child. She will be back to poetry tomorrow and start ignoring THAT kid too.

    3. Thank you for that laugh. Enjoyed greatly. Though I have to confess I could not remember the tune to Stars, so I had to look it up on YouTube, which of course led to an additional half hour of listening to other tunes from Les Mis.

    4. RED! The actions that you do.
      BLACK! The words that you say!
      RED! The rubrics to act out.
      BLACK! The words that you must pray!

  8. I didn't realize that some of Z's commenters are known to the people here. What makes you scroll down and read those comments? You're made of stronger stuff than I! Do housewives with ten kids really give money to the Brick? There are days I feel bad for these people, Zek included... and then there are days I can't stop laughing at them!
    For me, Father Corupti is my favorite entertainer: West Hollywood hookers and blow, Grecian Formula, leather duds, and hilariously satanic-looking "BlackSheepDog" teaser trailer. Now he cruises around White Fish by bike and by boat. I occasionally wonder what these former EWTNers do and reflect about. If only we could get a brutally honest exit interview from one of these guys... or maybe I'm projecting myself into their situation.
    Zed, on the other hand, is a blogger not an entrepreneur with a golden parachute. Where is he possibly going to end up?

    1. It is hard to miss Long-Skirts just because of the name. For myself I am glad there is a tacit agreement among women that it is okay to go to the grocery store in yoga pants and thereby not turning grocery shopping into an opportunity for women to try to upstage each other. That someone uses long-skirt wearing as an occasion to impugn the faith or modesty or whatever of other women, well, let's just say it ain't priceless.

  9. The juxtaposition of the food pics with St Vincent de Paul says it all. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

    1. "Cognitive dissonance"? Is that an polite and intellectual way to say totally fucked up?? I saw the series of pictures.... altar, church sanctuary, reliquary, Saint's human remains, FOOD MARKET???

      Holy shit.

    2. The wiring upstairs is completely shot. He'll end up in a SSPX sheltered workshop packing holy pictures for their 'missions.'

    3. He's losing it!!!
      "Don't reach under poor Vincent's sneeze-guard, Zildo! He's mostly wax like the fake fruit in a model home!"
      What's the Parisian paramedic radio code for Food-Court Duliac?

    4. He has posted more photos....one of the empty plate with what looks like the letter S where he wiped up his sauce.

      "Don't reach under poor Vincent's sneeze-guard, Zildo! He's mostly wax like the fake fruit in a model home!"
      Pretty funny.

    5. My poorly made point is that, contrary to theories submitted above about Zek's "cognitive dissonance", his mind is harmonizing and de-compartmentalizing his actions. So, in my twisted imagination, Zek finds the view through the food court sneeze-guard so compelling that he not only blithely reports on the center of a great saint's veneration, but appears drawn to dePaul's very similar glass reliquary.
      And only a few bone fragments remain of dePaul's relics. They have been placed in a visually dramatic wax sculpture.

  10. Now, I am back in my room, for compline and then some worrying and praying for some friends who are in a tight spot right now, after having fed me for three days.

  11. TEN YEARS AFTER...the brick started working on his dissertation. He's not a grad school dropout because his doctoral feces is why he can't attend to an assignment, isn't that right?

    Ten Years After: "I'd Love to Change the World" 1971
    [copy/paste] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKGYMA8Fnxs

    Everywhere is freaks and hairies
    Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity ...

    [sorry to spam Fr. D's blog tonight; I'm having a blast though!]

    1. Rule 2485.95-B
      It's not spam it it's entertaining the Blogger-Primate.

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    1. Somebody get Zed hooked up with these folks, stat!

    2. OOHRAH, Andreas, OOHRAH!
      Father D's Fuchsia Star of the Day! * (sorry, Blogger won't allow me to do colored stars)

    3. That's ROSE to you, not fuschia or pink or some other unmanly liturgical hue.

    4. Fuchsia-- the color of prelates and primates.

    5. Ah, I see. SCARLET sounds even more butch than fuchsia, though, don't you think?

  13. Z is complaining about the Blessed Sacrament not being exposed during Mass. Then again juxtaposes this with a point about poverty and a shot of food. Is there no end to this man's chutzpah? As a religious, if I dared do this I would be either marched out of my Congregation or sent to a psych. Possibly both. Totally bizarre.

  14. I thought this trip of his was for "R&R" which I used to think meant Rest and Relaxation. I was hoping we would find that Zorro meant Ricardo and Raul. But after a week of these photo shoots (you know, he's probably blogging from his mobile phone - did you hear, the hotel doesn't have the internet?) I left shaking my head and just hoping for a little Rhyme and Reason.
    "Don't worry," counseled Zelda, "I'll be back by Sunday!" Yeah, the NEXT Sunday it turns out.
    So it was another trip for Gay-to-Zee to maniacally use his 'ritin' (blog) and 'rithmatic (other people's money). Ahem... DYSWIDT?
    And a "priest friend" (his friends are typically anonymous) "recommended" a chocolate shop. Do these anonymous friends exist? Why can't/won't they have their name mentioned by Z.
    And Z appears to know nothing about the events of 1871 in Paris and instead ominously alludes (in my interpretation of his "wondering") to the anti-whaddyagot prepper and (spiral?) HAM radio movement he's eager to enter.
    My prediction is he's looking for an even smaller band of benefactors. Econe won't have him so he'll have to become a RENT-A-PRIEST like the kind Mel Gibson had on a leash... and that turned out great, right?

  15. Have you seen the video of big fat Burkes saying mass in Vienna - it's posted on Rorate Caeli.
    - organ music is truly absolutely awful, frequently off key etc
    - takes Burke 20 minutes to vest
    - after Burke returns from the prayers at the foot of the altar, an acolyte is kneeling in front of him, head down in his lap with his hands up Burke's alb who is giving him instructions. I think he's trying to pull up Burke's socks and tighten the silly slippers or something - but it looks like Burke's getting a hand job.
    - multiple ministers constantly genuflecting (to tabernacle as well as to Burke himself) then frequently bumping into each other. I think I counted about 15 genuflections just while they're lining up for the alleluia (mostly because nobody seems really to know what they're meant to be doing / going etc).
    - ministers kissing Burke's hand (usually twice)
    - I'm not fluent in Latin but Burke's pronunciation sounds odd (or wrong)
    - note the subtle video editing / cutting at points where the choreography goes wrong.

    Anyway, it's a real hoot but not at all dignified. This is not the noble simplicity decreed by the Constitution on the Liturgy.

    1. I watched a few minutes of this video too. The sanctuary seemed way too small to accommodate all of the lackeys that were fluttering about.
      And I could tell that the ceremony was most definitely about the CARDINAL. The whole "God thing" must have been there somewhere but I missed it.

    2. Thank you Fr. Jimbo for alerting us to the video. What a hoot indeed: People bumping into each other and looking confused and bewildered. What a size Gay-Ray is too - the excesses of fine wining and dining at the sychophants' expense. Is it supposed to be Christ's offering on Calvary or the adoration of despised fat Cardinal?

    3. Thanks. I need a good laugh. What is amusing is that I finally got to watch Archbishop Cupich's installation Mass last week and it was uplifting. Of course it was also a multicultural Vatican II liturgy. So I never want to hear about the beauty and nobleness of the TLM.

    4. Okay. Just watched. That was hilarious. I'm not sure how that was supposed to be edifying or mysterious. Some other notes - Burke has little embroidered slippers to match his ridiculous Roman vestments and a huge ring with what looks to be a ruby.

    5. OM...I watched the video. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you,,,for the reform of the liturgy. What in the hell was this chaotic mix of stuff. I had no idea what was going on. He was praying while the choir singing, then they focussed on his slippers. It was just really, really weird.

      I know the trade are going to say oh ad orientem means we all face the same way - waiting for the Lord. Then why, when the procession occurred were they facing backwards watching the Cardinal and his entourage come in and then followed him as he marched up the aisle to the altar. They were following him and not looking at the altar as he walked in. Look at the beginning. There back is to the altar as they watch him and even genuflect to him!!!

  16. PS...sorry for typos,,,Unlike the trads (not trade) I know the difference between their and there (just a typo - too fast a composition).

  17. Evidently, Austria has no history of the ol' Vaudeville hook. Who was playing that organ?? It was clearly a pre-electric instrument. Did you hear those notes go flat when the bellows ran out of air? Who was pumping the organ???
    Cardinal Burke, at your Viennese Pontifical Mass, who pumped your organ???

  18. It's official: Long Skirts, mother of 24, mother of a SSPX lacy boy, more fecundity than Supertradmum ever fanaticized about has admitted that she bundles all her ankle biters off to the schismatics for the ululations and the immemorial liturgical line-dancing:

    Long-Skirts said...
    Jacobi said:

    "Herself won’t allow it."


    Take our churches
    Take our pews
    Orthodox prelates
    Shun, refuse.

    Take our schools
    Take our kneelers
    Fill your space with
    P. C. feelers.

    Shove Tabernacles
    In a room
    So bride can play
    Without her Groom.

    Some will run
    Some will hide
    Some defend,
    “Flow with the tide.”

    But like the Saints,
    Many laity, before -
    Joan, Athanasius,
    Thomas More,

    You can burn our books
    Cast off to waste lands
    Cut off His Crowned Head
    Plop Him into our hands,

    Confuse the weak,
    “They’re men of smells, bells,
    Not in full-communion”
    Their lie impels

    These, real men -
    In the state of grace -
    You’ve tried to shred
    But they are steel lace -

    “I am the Good Shepherd”
    Laced-lambs to Him kneel
    And they breed the True Faith -

    I too am a "Herself" and couldn't keep the Faith from our children anymore...allowed!

    22 November, 2014

    1. Is "Long Skirts" only a participant/poster or does she have her own presence in this trad sideshow?

    2. I think she used to have her own blog, but I am not sure about that now. There is also ElizabethD, who does have a blog. In her about me section she tells her "story" and posts a picture of herself with every famous person she ever met with the refrain, "this doesn't mean I am an important person," code for "I think I am really important.". Of course her story makes one think, why ruin a perfectly good life by becoming a traditionalist Catholic? Then there is my all time favorite STM who gets angry because people aren' t doing everything she says they should. She is earnest, but really goes off the rails sometimes.

    3. Apparently it's only the real presence if you receive on the tongue, and if you receive in the hand it just about plopping it. It is interesting that traditionalists think that the real presence is dependent on THEMSELVES and not on what God is doing in Christ. Guess what? It is still Jesus even if you partake in a manner that befits a human being and not a dog (one of the images my mind conjures up). I know this isn't nice (shame on me), but the assumption that everyone who receives communion in the hand does so unworthily and that everyone who does so kneeling on the tongue does so worthily is far worse.

    4. Dick, one of the old favourite fruit loops we encounter frequently in these pages is SupertradMum. She has her own blog or whine vessel. It's named after some female saint of the 10th century (a good place for STM). She talks to herself about a dozen times a day.
      She seems to float between Canada, the Nth W of the USA and Ray's new HQ, Malta.
      She seems to portray herself as some kind of virgin martyr on Social Security and the odd hand out.
      Like Long Skirts and the other bot flies on Zippo's rag, STM is attracted to every lunar ratbag site in cyberspace.

    5. MTU and Aristophanes, thank you both! It's helpful to know who some of the players are on this stage. I have been active on the 419Eater.com (a scam-baiting forum) and Quatloos.com specifically interested in tax protestors but generally liking to read on other fraudsters, scammers and miscreants.

      I am not specifically anti-Catholic though my rejection of much of that church's grand traditions have surely earned my place in hell in the minds of the conservatives. (For reference, I am decidedly less fond of Mormons and Southern Baptists than "Traddie" Catholics but some of the assholes I have encountered here are really helping to change my mind.

      The area of thought that my group of friends is debating has to do with the continuation of the "Religious" exemption in the US Tax Code.

      Conservative religions have interfered with individual rights both historically and currently. While the right to freely exercise a religion is "sacred" in the Constitution, does it necessarily follow that religion is entitled to practice free from the obligation of paying taxes?