Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hey folks.....

It's Throw Back Thursday. 
Who's this handsome guy?

Don't know?  Here he is a little older.

I'm sure most will get it right away now.

I am blessed to have some very smart friends.  They challenge and educate me.  Recently one asked indirectly (when talking about the issues of others) I..
"wonder too about why you guys can't get along with the lacy crowd and vice versa. Both sides have many external enemies." 

He makes a very good point. 
Here is a portion of my reply. (With some modifications)

"I really do believe that the Roman Catholic Church could be (is somewhat?) a Big Tent.  I think The Church needs to be. Unity in diversity. Many expressions of One Faith.  Pope Benedict and Pope Francis both contributed to Christian unity in different ways.

Even though I was born after the end of the Second Vatican Council, I grew up (from birth until age 8 or so) only attending either the Ukrainian Catholic Liturgy an hour away from home or the Latin Mass at Benedict Center, also an hour away from home, until my parents (who were nominally Catholic as opposed to my grandparents who had more of an influence on my faith and spiritual life) moved to a small town, when I first attended a folk Mass in English with music from Ray Repp, David Haas, Carey Landry, St Louis Jesuits, The Dameans

Most of the lacy crowd is more concerned about the lace and brocade paired with the rigid liturgical dance outlined by Fortescue (Even he came to loathe all the minor intricacies some delight in so much.) and insist on imposing their views on others. Their attitude has created two Roman Rite Churches. Forget the Ordinariate and all they bring with their patrimony of being disgruntled.

It seems we can't.  Not until we all realize just how big the Church is and how inclusive our Lord and Savior is.  Thank goodness for His Mercy and allowance for the issues and baggage we all seem to carry.

By The Way...
Father Hunwicke took a rather big swipe at Archbishop Marini here
I read A Challenging Reform by Archbishop Marini.  I don't have the time nor the brains to take on a break down his review.  If anyone wants to do so (even anonymously) drop me a line: 


  1. Until the Roman Catholic Church realizes that it is not a "club" and throws that mentality out of the window, these conflicts will continue. In truth, the Church is not a "big tent". It is structured "top-down". And I am not pointing fingers at the clerical hierarchical structure this time.
    Take any local parish. Married people ( not same-sex, of course) are at the top. If they have children then they are better. More than 4 children makes them "REALLY Catholic". If they are big money contributors with spouse and multiple children, then move over everyone else. Widows/widowers? Sure come on in so that we can pity you. Single people? You are okay, BUT your goal should be to get married. If you are not getting married, there some weird sexual thing going on with you?
    People who are LGBT, forget it! We don't even want you around. Really poor people? Ahh... just don't sit too close to me. You kind of smell and don't look right. Divorced or unmarried mothers with children just cause too many dilemmas for us. Oh! And please keep your bastard children quiet so that I can pray. And you divorced and remarried who have not had an annulment? Don't you dare approach that Communion line. It is a sacrilege and we must keep Jesus pure and undefiled from people like you.
    Don't blame just the traddies. There is enough blame to go around for all of us.

    1. Actually the Traddies tended to be those people in the parish that you describe... very involved married people with stay at home mommies and largish families who bullied and caused divisions in most parishes. Their sudden affection for the Latin Mass is just another way they can show their superiority to the riff raff in their parish and continue to cause divisions.

      And it is interesting that Pope Francis' weekly catecheses are about his vision of the Church as a big tent. I imagine that went over the head of many traditionalist and conservative Catholics. People's image of the Church is based on how people who are Catholic act. Imagine that!

    2. I am married and I sure don't feel like I am at the top of any hierarchy. I am pretty sure most groups in the Church feel underappreciated. The tendency in RCism to assign everyone a place in a hierarchy of some kind has really not contributed to a healthy appreciation for everyone in the Church. Sure, married people are valued in the same way livestock is valued or as the obedient providers of the temporal goods (if you get what I mean). The questionnaire that was passed around before the extraordinary synod actually asked how the Church could encourage Catholics to have more children! You would think there would be some concern for addressing people's spiritual needs before complaining that married people aren't reproducing enough. Read some of the old time writings on marriage, there isn't really a place for married people to contribute to the spiritual welfare of the Church, though I will grant you that at least marriage did have a place in the Church even if charity wasn't the call of the married and there was no expectation for holiness (why does livestock need to be holy??)

      All the hoopla over marriage that is going on now in the Church is disingenuous. And, it really bothers me that marriage is being extolled at the expense of other groups in the Church. My marriage means a lot to me, and it meant a lot to me to be married in the Church, but I am pretty much opting out of it all (the Church, not my marriage!) now because I can't stand the thought that my marriage is now being made to mean something in the "culture wars" that I never intended for it.

  2. THROW-UP THURSDAY once I realized who it was. Or maybe in honor of Ray-Ray's "clarification" you could call it WALK IT BACK Thursday.

    1. Dang. Could have done "Walk It Back Wednesday."
      Another missed opportunity. Story of Father's life.
      Ooh! Tomorrow can be Feck It Up Friday! Perfect!

  3. Lacy-boy is on his way back from his terrible ordeal in Rome.
    His supporters had to cough up to buy him TWO seats on the plane to accommodate his girth, after gorging on everything that moved.

    1. Flying home on Halloween the Zglutton is, eh? Why does he need airline tickets, he could just hop on a broom.

  4. "...we have a toddler. Lord, have mercy."

    Maybe God in his wisdom has not given Zzzzzz a pastoral assignment. He can rant all he wants about 'perfect' families (not divorced, not gay, no problems) but when it comes down to it he seems to have no compassion or patience for families or children in the real world. He is certainly not the kind of parish priest I's want to have.

    1. I'm certain that His Assholiness the corpulent cleric will get the "stewardesses" to create order to his liking.

  5. I think there is more than one author of this blogsite. Sounds like a group of liberal priests like that quickly aging group Father Z write about the Ass of Catholic Priests. They will all die off soon and be replaced with younger priests that understand and like the TLM. Time is on the churches side.

    1. It dont matter if it be one or one hundred, there nonthing but a bunch of mean faggots who dare to slander a good and holy cardinal of the one true church like His Imminence Cardinal Burke. No matter who writes this there going to burn in hell and the ones the read it will to.

    2. While I am tempted to delete the above two comments, just because they are obnoxious, I have to remind myself "free speech for all!" Medicated or not. Educated or not. Intelligent or not. Sober or not.
      State your position. State it loud and strong.
      Just try not to be a total d*****bag about it. Hmmmmkay?

    3. By all means, do NOT delete posts like this. It is WONDERFUL to read them, for a number of reasons. First of all, you know that the idiots who support the Clerical Idiots are coming here to see what you've posted. And it is pissing them off no end, and yet they can't help themselves from reading and from letting you know they've read it and that you've gotten under their skin. That's the first wonderful thing.

      Then, look at what they reveal about themselves. That "Anonymous" at November 1, 9:21 has gone to several of your posts and spewed his rant, and in every one of them, he's used "faggot." Over and over again. If the behavioral scientists are even theoretically correct, he's a self-loathing closeted gay man himself, wracked with guilt and anxiety, and placing his own shattered psyche out on the Internet for all of us to see. Healthy people, whatever their orientation, live, love, and laugh at themselves. Leave others alone, and live their lives in peace.

      Finally, look at the intellectual level. THERE for they're. YOUR for you're. TO for TOO. And I love His IMMINENCE - I think he meant HIS IMMENSE-NESS.

      Please, Father, let these wonderfully sick traddies continue to spew their venom and display their mental illness and exhibit their ignorance here: you're keeping them off the kiddie porn sites and away from their neighbors' pets. And you're providing a forum on which everyone can see The Friendly Face of Traditional Catholicism.

      Long live the Pope!

    4. I see that the Angry Little Village of Zuhlsdorf has sent us one of its most erudite missionaries. While Anon Nov.2 7:22AM makes valid and sensitive points that we should indeed live, love and laugh at ourselves; sometimes it is difficult to resist the downright FUN it is to lampoon these poor deluded followers.