Sunday, October 26, 2014


We've read about the Katholic Krazies here and elsewhere. I don't know who writes the What Sister Never Knew and Father Never Told You church history blog, and hope my endorsement doesn't offend anyone.   This is just well worth keeping track of.  Not just because of the posts about the Krazies, but the solid well written posts are just great.  

I wish I knew who this blogger is. Father D is blessed to know some very smart people who have had some amazing experiences in the Church and in life in general.  Several Roman, a few Anglican, some more Orthodox as well as former Catholics (who hold me to a pretty strict moral standard) as well as Unitarian, Buddhist and even a couple Pagan believers, all share a bit of their spiritual journeys with me.

Recently I some Orthodox Oddballs were brought to my attention, so I thought I might share that with ya'll. (All three of you loyal readers.)

Pope Francis seems to be taking rather small hits from all sides.  Orthodox Oddballs are even including Patriarch Bartholomew, since he has "prayed with the heretic Pope of Rome" after all.  Average everyday folks from both Catholic and Greek Orthodox faithful seem to be okay with what is going on.  That's either very good, or very bad, depending on your perspective I guess.  Time, history, will be the judge.

On a side note, one of my regular Readerette's whom I have a good deal of respect for has called me out for implying that if Z were homosexual that it is a bad thing.   I don't know, nor do I care what Zero's orientation is.  (Or any one else for that matter!)  The fact is there are many in the traditionalist camp that with one face denounce and condemn homosexuality as vile and "intrinsically evil" with their mouths and then act quite the opposite in their personal lives and through their actions.  This pisses me off.  

Folks, I'm a reprobate.  I miss hours of the Office regularly.  I fail on a daily basis to love and forgive according to the measure that our Lord and Savior has set.  I'm judgmental (as I'm sure you have already figured out) and easily angered.  I've never claimed to be holy, but I do struggle toward it each day as best I can. 

I have no issue with gay men and women.  I don't have an issue with people in same gender relationships.  I don't have an issue with people who desire to secure same gender rights to enter into civil marriages. I would, in fact support that battle, as long as Churches who do not recognize same gender marriage rites will be given the same respect for their rights.

When clerics of a faith body that condemns same gender relationships give vocal support to that condemnation, even while engaging in same sex relationships themselves in addition to anonymous one night (or half hour or less) stands.  Many of those screaming the loudest against the Pope and the recent synod are themselves in same sex relationships or are hiding those that are.  This disgusts me.  I know too many gay and lesbian Catholics who love the Church, and wish to remain in Communion with Her and have been greatly hurt by these hypocrites who toss them out on the curb for their (in some cases) decades long relationships and then hit the bar  in another state on their day off for quick hook up.

That's where my mind (and heart) is at. If I have offended anyone, I'm sorry.  I'm not so sure I will refrain from doing so again.

Just because we need something a bit funny


  1. Agreed Father D. I have nothing against gay clergy and actually think that it is sad that the closeted ones aren't being honest about their sexuality and experience such self-hatred. What I don't like is when they take out that self-hatred on others. Unfortunately, some of these guys do have influence with the more conservative Catholics so their screeds could have an unfortunate effect.

    1. I think there are many guys who keep their orientation private, but are not exactly closeted. There are many good priests that are as up front as they can be about their orientation, and are faithful to the Church's teaching on sexuality. They have moved beyond self hatred thankfully, and help others as well.

      These are interesting times. We know more about the psychology of homosexuality now than we ever did in the past. I have two very good friends that have been in relationships for fifteen and thirty years. One man was a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Washington during the reign of Cardinal Hickey. Due to his experience in law enforcement prior to seminary he was called upon to assist in security when Vatican dignitaries were in D.C. When interviewed just prior to being ordained a deacon, he was honest about his orientation and pre-seminary relationship. The Cardinal capped his pen, shook his head, and said, "Name, I wish you hadn't told me all that. I can't ordain you as a deacon now."

      This fellow had kept chastity for a year prior to entering seminary and for the entire four years. In fact his former partner used to visit the seminary every other weekend and brought baked goods for all the guys! Cardinal Hickey had according to this man "a big ole queen" on his staff (who went on to become a bishop) who was seeking out anonymous hook ups in Baltimore on his days off. How appropriate that he would later be assigned to fill the chair in that See.

  2. The only thing to do with closeted gay men who delight in degrading other gay men is to rip open their closet door and expose them to the world.

    1. I can understand a man or a woman working inside the Church wishing to keep their orientation private. I would think that living with that struggle would make one more compassionate towards those who are also struggling. At least I hope and pray that it would!
      When one becomes hypocritical about it is quite a different issue all together.

      We're only as sick as our secrets. I try to keep my secrets to a minimum of five. 0{]=0)

    2. As I stated, "closeted gay men who DELIGHT in degrading other gay men" and also encourage heterosexual people to fear and hate gay people should be dragged out into the disinfecting sunshine. In this day of smartphone video and the internet, they can be sure that it is only a matter of time before they are caught doing what they deride others for doing. Count on it.

  3. And now for something perhaps related but certainly very much the focus of this little place. Perhaps the last non-supine, brown nosing priest allowed to comment on the Z page gives Zebra a sideways nudge over a 7th Cavalry attempt to reverse the Ray-Ray Little Big Horn debacle:
    frjim4321 says:

    27 October 2014 at 9:34 pm

    "So the best we can do to rehabilitate the his reputation is a 16-year old news item?"

    Lacy Boy: [Nice try. Animus for Card. Burke goes way back, as you well know. This may be one of the reasons.]

    1. I like FrJim4321.

      I'm not up on my ancient church history. Could someone succinctly explain why Burke got fired from St Louis?

    2. I think (as Zed explains) the 16 year old in question refers to 1998, when a Wisconsin (LaCrosse Diocese) "homosexualist" (what's a 'heterosexualist'?) activist was led by Burke to see the error of his ways. The man subsequently wrote an article avout the experience titled, "Comin Out of Sodom". This is all Z can come up with when addressing those claiming Burke lacks a pastoral charism.

  4. Another of the gang of five who wrote the book that Z can's pimp hard enough - the Game Changer discounted to fire sale prices on Amazon!

    Big George Pell:

    Hope the link works!

    1. Oh my! Yeah. I had to copy and paste, but it was well worth that little bit of effort!
      That was entertaining. Thank you.

  5. Seeing Burke and Pell come down with a case of Holy Seebola during the costume rally for the usus antikibar has caused Fed Zeppelin to call for a traditionalist "Marshall Plan" - no doubt funded by his donat-o-bots.
    I suspect he'll pursue a tupperware Containment Policy followed by a Berli-Carte Blanche Airlift and then off to the tropics to handle Cuban missiles.

  6. Readerette here.

    So okay, I missed what you were saying about homosexuality in the last post. Effete doesn't mean gay, is my only point. I guess I just don't get all the levels of hypocrisy in the Catholic church. It's like a Russian babushka doll of hypocrisy, except each time you open a doll what's inside is an even bigger doll.

  7. Wit-challenged Jacob doesn't twig to the irony of his question to Lacy Knickers, or is he subtly referring to his podcasts?

    Jacob says:

    28 October 2014 at 2:54 pm

    :Father, are you familiar with numbers stations? Have you ever listened to one or heard any freaky messages?"

  8. To the pervert psycho wishing lashes on the Pope and Patriarch:

    Rhaphanidosis at you, on you and in you.