Friday, October 31, 2014


(No, not Estelle Getty aka Sophie Petrillo from The Golden Girls)
The former Truman Cardinal Capote
now first de-facto anti-Pope in over 600 years 

Welcome, one and all, to our very own little
home of the scary hairy and fairie

Though they still seem to live among us,
the ghouls and ghoulettes pictured here ceased to live their ordinary mortal lives quite a while back.

Some say on May 5, 1969*
others claim as far back as November 19, 1955**
but whatever computation you prefer
behold the (partial) cast of

The Night of the Living Dead

Michael Voris was "out" (so to speak) when these photos were taken.
Mundaboor is so far "in" we couldn't get a picture.
This creature demanded that we add him:
scary, hairy and . . . well, you get the idea . . . 

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Party On!
Who says these freaks don't dig liturgical dance?

* Then-Father Annibale Bugnini, having single-handedly wrenched the liturgical reform from the authority of nearly 5,000 bishops, is appointed Secretary, Congregation for Divine Worship.
** Pope Pius XII, famously known for being pushed around by underlings and not attending to doctrinal details, is deceived into signing the decree Maxima Redemptionis mandating, among other outrageous innovations, the celebration of the Mass of the Lord's Supper and Easter Vigil in the evening, when people can attend, instead of in the morning at 6:00, with nobody there.


  1. I didn't know about Mundabor! So scary I can't figure out if he is satire or for real.

    1. Oh, he is very real.
      Unfortunately, his reality is his Mommy's basement somewhere. He goes off his meds frequently.
      And, if you had not guessed, he has a (cough, cough) problem with people with homosexual orientation. ( he is at his most venomous when he has spent the night cruising the park hot spots.)

    2. I kinda figured that about the meds. And the park hot spots.

      Boy, we are a weird bunch. But Mundabar takes the cake.

    3. Beth, I agree. We are a weird bunch and our brother Mundy takes the entire cake without a doubt.

  2. Excellent quote from His Eminence. Gives a good sense of what Christ Himself called the Church to be. To paraphrase, we are in this culture but not of it.

    God continue to bless us with fearless leadership.

    1. No. You see...Ray-Ray is cray-cray...a bit loco in the coco....his load has shifted....his elevator is stuck. Just look at the pic of him in that lampshade hat. Don't you think that that is a He thinks that he is living in the year 1435. Think, Miss Havisham from "Great Expectations". Probably not a bad sort of guy, but a bit on the strange side.

    2. FEARLESS LEADERSHIP? From a passive-aggressive nut job like Burke who has inflicted a platoon of bat-shit crazy Bishops on the United States? And Joejoe, and everything about Burke gives SUCH credibility to his words, right? That's just what I picture Jesus and his Apostles looking like - and doing: spending HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on robes to strut around in . . . oh wait, that would be the Pharisees, right? Joejoe, if Cardinal Sophie there prevails, enjoy your little tiny perfect Church full of people like Hunwicke and Mundabor and all the other nasties on their computers.

      The only culture Burke and his buddies care about is the clerical culture, and lucky for them, there's a whole barnyard full of sheep like Joejoe who will pray pay and obey.

      Long live the Pope!

    3. His Corpulence Cardinal Burke is living out a fantasy. That may be fine if you are a lone blogger, but if you are inflicted on a diocese, and then given responsibility for helping to choose bishops, and then put in charge of canon law, not so fine. Now he is telling the world that Pope Francis is a bad pope. He needs to be sent to a place where he can no longer harm the faithful.

      If a few rich people want to pay for his phallic jewelled mitres, his gigantic lace surplices and his watered silk capes, let them. But please, let's not have this popinjay pretending to be a teacher.

    4. Zonka the Girth has emerged from beneath his rock in Madison to trumpet a solemn, stentorian Nostrum on the punishment meted out to the defenders of 'orthodoxy' and the true believers.

      The Purveyor of Trinkets-Incantations-second hand holy pictures-for-very-bad-Latin is extremely pissed that the brocaded Dirigible-in-Cappa has been unjustly rebuked, gagged, censored, marginalised and now exiled.
      Zonka the Crypto, I think, is really talking about his own 'White Martyrdom.' What other can he say after seeing many of his formerly loyal retainers abandon his increasingly schismatic tendencies? With the defections of course the donations of Presumed Extreme Clerical Entitlement have shrunk to less than half over the past couple of months. The Kindle wish list indicates growing extreme fascist tendencies and the regular Amazon one resembles a Pentagon order form to major armament suppliers. But I digress. He's Zorba the Classicist (He looked it up on Father's Kindle):

      The lesson of Thrasybulus

      Posted on 2 November 2014 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

      As I contemplate certain things going on in the Church right now, I am reminded of Thrasybulus of Miletus.

      The story of Thrasybulus is in Book V of Herodotus’ Histories. A messenger from Periander, a 7th c. BC tyrant of Corinth, asks Thrasybulus, tyrant of Miletus, for advice on how to govern. Thrasybulus doesn’t immediately respond. Instead he leads the messenger into a field. Then, drawing his sword, he slashes the tallest ears of wheat off their stalks. The message: eliminate potential threats to your absolute rule by preemptively cutting down any men who are prominent enough to raise a challenge.

      If anyone sticks his head up, chop it off.

      Eliminate excellence by all necessary means and with extreme prejudice.

  3. I am not a big fan of traditional Catholics trying to turn back the clock. I go to Mass with my family each week. I give to the church and to charity, and I try to pray each day when I wake up and before I go to bed. I go to confession twice a year unless I screw up really bad. My kinds go to CCD and one goes to the youth group by her own choice. My wife found your blog and told me about it. I dont read church blogs but think yours is pretty funny especially if youre a real priest. Im not sure about that but it dont really matter.

    I dont like that you pick on or target those that are gay or overweight or mentally ill. Its really mean.

    1. I'm sorry if I have offended you.
      Please know that I do not care about orientation at all. It is hypocrisy that gets my goat. Nothing else. I'll try to keep that in mind in future posts.

    2. It is light satire. You probably should not read this blog if you do not get that.

    3. I can add to your comment: very funny satire. These posts give me a good chuckle.

  4. The night of the Living Dead tableau is hilarious, and I recognise all but one of the characters. Who is represented in the last pic? I can't tell if he's a Norbertone with that white zucchetto or a Sister of the Precious Blood with that red robe. Please explain! Thanks

    1. That special little man in the last picture is the one true and only pope of the catholic church, his holiness Pope Michael I from the U.S.A. His mom and dad and an exgirlfriend, and two others elected him to succeed Pope Pius XII after an interregnum of thirty two years.

    2. Football bat. This Pope Michael character looks like he could make change for a nine dollar bill with all threes.

    3. Pope Michael (David Bawden) is an SSPX drop out or toss out-- that is unclear, at least from what I have read.

    4. I struggled watching the entire one hour video about Pope Michael. It was like watching a reality show from an insane asylum.
      I came away from it thinking, that my belief in God had been reinforced. There must be a merciful God to take care of people like this. All things serve a purpose.

  5. Please don't tone down the humor, Father D. You have no idea what a relief and joy you have brought me: just a handful of years ago, I was one of those confused souls who thought Father Z might actually have something useful to say. This was before our dollar republic had a black president and I don't remember him being as apocalyptic back then but, nevertheless, looking back from where I am now - well, I'm very, very grateful for the humor. I am STILL cracking up over that Ren.Faire photo of "Father Crapi" - IOW keep it up!

  6. Your use of labels Father D, while very funny is a little confusing. Most bloggers have a dozen or so labels to keep track of frequently repeated topics of discussion. Liturgy, Latin Mass, Pope Francis, News, Nuns and other repeatedly discussed topics. The labels have nothing to do with search engines. They are usually used to help us who follow your blog keep track of what you have to say about specific topics. Sometimes the labels you use are as funny as your blog entries, but over use of them can become confusing sometimes. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Very funny. You make this father, layman, parish lector, Benedictine Oblate laugh regularly. My wife works as a secretary at the chancery and we learned about your blog because one of the priests was talking and laughing about it. Please keep up the good work. You help the church smile.

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      To be read in the chancery is a special thing these days, especially since not many chancery clergy have a very high reading comprehension. So, I'm guessing they read in groups, taking turns? Perhaps there is a monsignor or auxiliary bishop present to help with the big words?

      The lay people who work in a chancery office have my respect as well as my condolences and prayers. Too often seeing some of the underbelly of the Church in action has a negative effect on their faith.

      As you have probably figured out, Father D is not all that computer savvy. I'm not too worried about the labels. I use them passive aggressively most of the time, and I'd bet my pension that there are not many people who care about what I have to say on any topic enough to use those labels to try and figure it out. Forgive me if my continued abuse of the label option runs against your grain of common sense.

      Note: If you're a "computer person" much of what you find here will give you the willies. I use the free "paint" program to design my high-tech graphics. I used to use the paintbrush to write my texts because I didn't know how to add a text box.

      I'm glad that we have given you a few chuckles. That is our primary reason for blogging.

  7. Mother Johanna Mary Cunniwicky joins Z the Extractor in hoisting up the ecclesiastical diapers, donning the plastic armor of silliness to join in mortal combat with the foe:

    3 November 2014

    Is it War?!!?

    Can it be true that Cardinal Burke has been prevented from offering the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, in the Extraordinary Form, in an Austrian church? Since, as I observed two or three weeks ago, Cardinal Bishops, Presbyters, and Deacons of the Holy Roman Church, the Church of Ss Peter and Paul, have the right to celebrate anywhere, constructively to prevent one from doing so manifests, surely, a schismatic spirit of hostility towards the Sovereign Pontiff himself. If this report proves to be true, a very singular situation will have arisen.

    Some while ago I think I saw something in The Tablet (I sometimes have a quick look inside it without buying it when I'm in a Catholic bookshop) about the Battle Lines being drawn up; and Fr Zed, I think, has mentioned getting ready for warfare. Things, surely, have been building up to this for decades, if not since the Enlightenment. The Battle within Society ... whether to take our guidance from Christ and His Church or from the Spirit of this Age ... from the Paradosis* or from the Zeitgeist** ... has now entered the Church as well. As B Paul VI's prophetic eye discerned, though some crack the smoke of Satan has entered the Temple of God. The Enemy has breached the walls ... has established a bridgehead. Readers may be able to supply a fourth or even a fifth metaphor! The Enemy which Christians have always been obliged to oppose in the World, we have now also to engage within the Church herself. And it can't be all left to hierarchs to sort things out. Remember the Great Episcopal Apostasy of the Arian period. And, earlier, the traditor bishops of the Diocletian persecution.

    1. The first line that hit my feeble mind was "Some while ago I think I saw something in The Tablet (I sometimes have a quick look inside it without buying it when I'm in a Catholic bookshop) "

      I thought I was reading more parody and thought to myself, I love the wonderful comments folks leave, some very creative, but why won't they write a guest post, or start their own blog?

      Then I realized this was really Hunwicke!

      As the kids write these days. SMH