Monday, September 22, 2014

RITA? WHO'S RITA? Ordinariate Faire 2014

Members of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham from the length and breadth of Britain were in London over the weekend of 19-21 September for the Ordinariate's first ever festival.

Our beloved Mother M. John Cunniwicke has posted a very revealing entry about the recent Renaissance Ordinariate Faire Festival of which we were able to obtain some exclusive photos.
Cuniwicke tells us, "Somebody whose name I cannot now quite remember used to keep saying,  RITA!"  However, I'm not sure who Rita is.  I know who Martha is, (As in Arthur and Martha) and I am told Gladys is in East Anglia and Ethel is in Melbourne. No one seems to know Rita!

Reverend Mother tells us the Fest was "absolutely glorious ... you could tell it was all clicking superbly by the way that everybody laughed at even the slightest provocation."  Indeed!  

Many old and new faces where there. 
It seems even Father John Crappie came out for the event.  Who knew!

 Wouldn't be a proper fest without a representative from the Dominican Rite.  Especially since those who were planning to serve in the Inquisition's Rack and Ruin Ministry during the Cardinal Capote pontificate seem now to have lots of extra time on their hands. While the photo is not quite as clear as we might like, I'm certain this Friar is not Larry Lew.  Perhaps Auggie Thompson?

Prelates of every rank were present.

Perhaps a future Ordinary and his spouse from a yet to be formed, by popular demand no doubt, ordinariate for Fantasy Island. This heterosexual couple is obviously not from this ordinariate.

But Father, but Father... Mother Cunniwicke tells us there were "loads and loads" of laity as well! All you've shown us so far is all the clergy.

Yes. Well. You should know by now, readers and readerettes, that those who have been ontologically elevated to dizzying heights of metaphysical  superiority take pride of place in matters ecclesiastical. Without those who have had hands laid upon them and anointed with Oil, there would be no church.  Then where would you be?  Hmmm?  Probably sailing down the river of sin on Satan's pleasure raft!

Yes the unwashed and un-anointed laity were there.



  1. Looks like every other Renaissance Festival that happens in Autumn, in numerous places all over.

  2. Yes but they do not enjoy full communion with Rome and a liturgy cobbled together by a Committee of ex-Flying Bishops and a Patrimonial load of angry snarky clerical bloggers. So there!

  3. I thought the first picture was a genuine picture from the event, is it? But once I scrolled to the very bottom, I thought maybe not.

  4. Thank God and thank you for this blog. Every time the Krazies get me depressed or pissed off, I come here and laugh myself sick. Thank you so very much!

  5. "Liturgy cobbled together by a Committee" what a great line! Isn't it weird how the same people that accuse Vatican II of doing that can't see that their very strange mix and match and patch together combo of English Missal and Book of Common Prayer, which very few Anglicans in the UK used after 1970, is the very same Committee Cobbled sort of concoction.

  6. Am I the only one reading Z's posts from today and seeing him telegraphing a move to the SSPX? Or is he just a paranoid freakshow with delusions of grandeur, with all this talk of persecution, and insults thrown at the Pope?

    Or, as we say, are we a BOTH/AND church? Ha ha am loving this effing meltdown on the part of our very own Kim Jong Il

  7. Your last pic depicts a delightful young woman, but does it fit in with the misogynistic ethos of the Ordinariate? Were you being ecumenical, as it were? Please elucidate!

  8. Father Crappie rode his softtail all the way from White Fish! "Milady, hath this towne a leather inn?"

  9. It's really hard to tell. Are you a Roman Catholic?

    1. The author was born and bred (technically the other way around) in the bosom of Eternal Rome, outside of which there is no salvation. (Or so they used to say, but not so much anymore.)
      What makes it "hard to tell"? The photo of a buxom woman? Did that throw you off? I was worried that might happen.

      What defines a Roman Catholic these days?
      A member of the Latin Rite (new or old order)?
      SSPX? They claim to be Roman Catholic.
      A member of an Eastern Catholic Church in union with Rome? Some Eastern Rite Catholics identify as Roman Catholic. Others insist on their Catholic yet Eastern identity.
      How about the Anglican Ordinariate? Are they Roman Catholics?