Saturday, September 20, 2014


Their new blockbuster book is entitled:

Keeping Jesus Safely Locked Away
From Divorced and Other Deviant Catholics

No one expected such a coordinated attack against Cardinal Kasper and, by implication, against Pope Francis.

But then, no one ever expects these guys!

Cardinals Müller, Brandmüller and Caffarra at Ignatius Press' Meet-Greet-and-Anathematize
Known as "The Fiery Five," only three of the Cardinal contributors, Cardinals Müller, Brandmüller and Caffarra, were available for the book's roll-out at Ignatius Press headquarters yesterday.

Cardinal Capote was on his way to Chicago where he had expected to be named Archbishop, while Cardinal DePaolis was taking part, uncharacteristically, in an interfaith celebration, assisting Muslim clerics in Teheran administer 91 lashes each to the Iranian students who danced to Pharrell's "Happy" in an Internet viral video.

Cardinal Müller explained the inspiration behind this so-to-be-hailed-as-classic: "As the Bergoglio tsunami of compulsive compassion threatens to sweep away centuries of black-and-white in a muddy ooze of feel-good beige, someone had to stick their finger in the dyke dike, and we figured why settle for a finger when five can make a fist? I mean, smelling like the sheep is one thing but feeding the dogs . . . you know what I mean . . . "

A page-turner for sure!

And with today's news that Cardinal Capote was not named to Chicago and that the Pope (what a coincidence!) has appointed a commission to reform the annulment process already causing incomprehensible stammering in Madison and a four-chain-thurible-meltdown-cum-bugia-burnout at RetRorate, where nerves were already frayed by the realization that Michael Davies is still dead and digestion seriously impeded by the ingestion of a bad text in Rome and a tainted sausage in New York, this hefty tome (304 uplifting pages!) arrives not a moment too soon to get everyone's minds off compassion and back on laying down the law!

If more audio-visual healing is needed, Fr D humbly suggests something that always works for him, especially after watching a Michael Voris' militant mania:

See if you cant find this familiar face.


  1. Isn't this the book that Z-boy has been pimping at 25% off for a while? someone getting a cut of the profits? You know, the profits from the 38 people that will read it.

  2. Sister Joan Chittister, then known as Sister M. Peter, has one of the best commentaries on the Rule of St Benedict available. A salutary practice: read Dom Hubert van Zeller's commentary in tandem with hers for a wonderfully "catholic" insight into that document ever ancient ever new. And forget that dumb Cardinals' book!

  3. And how's that "brick by brick" thing working for ya? The mighty engine of the new Tridentification sputtering just a bit? Hmmmmm.....

  4. The cutting edge of Liberalism, Novus Ordo Wire, notes this about the post Cupich announcement silence of the Brick-with-Eyes:

    "Yet, the Cupich appointment appears to be such a disaster that even the popular Francis defender “Fr.” Zuhlsdorf has not yet mentioned the matter, and instead decided to blog a second time about Talk Like a Pirate Day. But give him some time — he might still be trying to figure out how to spin this whole thing in such a way that it doesn’t make Francis look too bad, especially as it comes right after the credible story over the impending removal of “Cardinal” Burke."

    The Wire has it in one: Lacy boy has thrown the biggest spittle flecked nutty evvuuuurr!

  5. There's a new whack job in town I'd like to call Fr D's attention to. He calls openly for Pope Francis' demise, all in the name of "our beloved Pope Benedict" and even posts on The New Liturgical Bowel Movement. Katholic Krazies everywhere!

    1. Oh yes. That one!
      I've run into him on facebook.Most recently he was abusing the visions of Anna Catherine Emmerich in an attempt to apply them to contemporary events specifically, the relationship between Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.