Friday, August 29, 2014

Packing Them In . . .

As the Summer Sacerdotal Sojourns of Superior Shepherds continue apace, even in places where it's not really summer, word comes from Saint Mary's Cathedral in Sydney that His Unconfirmed Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal S.R.E. Burke recently celebrated a Solemn Long Procession followed by a Solemn High Mass followed by a Solemn Long Recessional (see photo).

The Schola Cantorum, featuring All Male Service in the Liturgy in observance of Fr ZZ (top)'s Rule #1for Making Mass Better, sang P.D.Q. Bach's Missa Ridiculissima on the G-string, preceded by a silver-trumpet accompanied performance of the Ecce Sacerdos Parvus to welcome the petite Cardinal together with the Ecce Cappa Magna to welcome his not-so-petite train.

Fr D's eyes-in-the-nave assure us that although the Cardinal's cappa magna took up more space than the number of human bodies present (see photo), those serving the Mass and assisting at it consisted almost entirely of earnest young men, all of whose girlfriends must be nurses working the night shift, since none seemed to be present.


  1. There was an enormous bus crash in Sydney that night, and all their girlfriends must have been called in to work in the hospital.

  2. Thank the Lord that he wore the "winter" cappa magna.
    Never let it be said that Ray-Ray doesn't have a eye for line and color.

  3. Dear Father D, apparently your Latin classes in seminary were deficient.

    His Defenestrated Eminence cannot be "sacerdos parvus", especially in reference to his cardinalatial girth. He is more accurately described as "sacerdos corporosus".

    Or you could go with "sacerdos praepinguis". Listen to that rhythmic synechodic clausular alliteration -- PPPPraePPPPinguis, like spitting out ... well, never mind.

    I hear that Fr ZZZZZ gives private Latin lessons, to students who are ontologically superior and who have a lot of $$$$. Maybe you should sign up.

  4. As one who was there I can confirm the following. There were more men there than women, possibly more people (all men of course) in the sanctuary and it took Ray a good twenty minutes to get his cappa back on just to walk out the cathedral. I couldn't help noticing the irony as I stood under the tenth station of the Cross. When I went back home to my religious community the older (and saintly, and still hard working) members said, 'You can see why it needed reforming.' What was interesting to note was the use of the second Confetior (sung) which had gone before the 1962 rite. The motto of the Hollow Branch Society? If it looks pretty, we'll throw it in. Read the black, ignore the red and add a splash of pink.