Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Yes, another day, another swipe at the Pope who makes effeminate, silly high-church dress-up queenery seem like ... well, like the effeminate, silly high-church dress up queenery it is ... From the Queen of Snark herself, C of E pensioned Reverend Mother M. John Cunniwicke.

In (surely) related  news, Monsignor Keith Newton, Ordinary of the UK Anglican Ordinariate, laments that the whole arrangement just isn't catching on:
All dressed up as a bishop, Non-signor
Newton lays hands with no effect, as
he had so many times before as a "bishop"
He suggests the idea needs to be promoted "with more enthusiasm and vigour".

Or, Monsignor, maybe with just a little less bitchiness and camp?

And as for your upcoming "Exploration Day," remember it's entitled "Called to be One," not "Called to be Cunts" .... time to send Reverend Mother Cunniwicke off to some Greek island to bone up!

You've got to feel for Cunniwicke, since his snarky snit almost certainly stems from the fact that, even before being elected under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to be Sovereign Pontiff, as Cuniwicke wishes he'd call himself (as he wishes he was!), Bergoglio way down there in Buenos Aires got something
Then Cardinal Bergoglio (right) with Bishop Venables
sovereignly infallible: when he told the Argentinian Anglican Bishop, that Papa Emeritus' cave in to the campy catholic wannabes, was "quite unnecessary." No doubt Bergoglio meant "utterly useless and absolutely bogus".

M. John Cunniwicke rarely seen out of habit
And it's hard to think of yourself as quite unnecessary when you're quite as full of yourself as Rev M John Cunniwicke.

But with a grand total of 85 priests and 1500 laity that's 17.6 people available to pay for the trips and pour the gin and tonics for every one priest. (The ratio gets even better when you compute the number of priest-couples, but I digress!)


  1. It is no wonder that while still extant, that old Malcolm 'Something beautiful for God' Muggeridge described the Anglican Church as the laughing stock of the 20th century.
    If the dear old fart was still around, the range of his cynicism would have expanded considerably to encompass the silly old Tart!

  2. And here 'ol lacy pants makes it sound as if the half of the Anglican communion is running to Rome.
    I had not realized how few of these people have come to Roman Catholicism. Talk about a fart bubble in the bathtub.

  3. I wonder when Reverend Mother will get to the newest kerffufle in far right Catholic land.. the fact that Bergoglio actually advised his friend Tony Palmer (who tragically died recently) not to convert to Catholicism.

  4. This quote from one of the links is priceless: Apparently the demand for an Anglican-acting Roman Catholic sect who are opposed to ordained women and gays was loud but not very deep.

  5. I am beginning to believe that the Catholic priesthood should be limited to "naturally born" Catholics. Forget Lutheran and Anglican converts and all the whackadooster baggage they bring with them to the vocation.

    At a minimum, should the Catholic Church leadership see its way to ordaining married men, then and only THEN should married men be received into its Priesthood.

    Hunwicke should not be even recognized to be a Catholic priest. He hasn't lived the sacrifice of that of a true priest.

    On to Zuhlsorfffffpfffft.... He isn't living the sacrifice of a true priest either. He is the poster child for six of the seven deadlies: gula (gluttony), avaritia (avarice/greed), acedia (sloth/discouragement), ira (wrath), invidia (envy), and superbia (pride)... Since I am in a good mood today I won't reference fornication.

    My source for the seven deadlies is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins

    Hey Zuhlly, thanks for the Julia Child bernaise recipe.

    1. Anonymous 11:24 pm, you speak wisely about giving the toffee noses from the Anglican communion and the constipated Lutherans (modelled on their founder). Perhaps the same filtration process should be applied to converts from Evangelical Protestantism (the ontologically transformed Scott Hahn types), but I digress.

      An oft forgotten episode in the recent history of the Old-Fart-in-Older-Lace, is that in June 2011 (under the watch of the Bavarian), the Fart's re-ordination was 'deferred.' The spinners at Walshingham were plunged into a deep decline and were forced to manufacture some excuse including some 'misunderstandings' on the Fart's blog, 'Liturgical Notes.'

      There was no misunderstanding at all. The Fart had registered serious and very thinly disguised protests at the need for him to be 're-ordained.' He could not abide the fact that, according to the official view of the Catholic Church, his Cranmer orders were invalid. His resentment at the very thought of having spent decades as a well meaning but sacramentally ineffective 'priest' propelled him into a rictus of rage which he thought had been contained within his private circle. Apparently not.

      The Fart had to wait another whole year before presenting himself for 'valid' ordination. His enduring contempt is for Ratizinger for having blocked him over three years ago.

      The Bad-Odour certainly despises the Argentinian (remember the Malvinas!) but be Bavarian even more!

    2. oh so he was actually ordained (unconditionally) upon reception into the Catholic Church like everyone else of the ordinariate episode? I assume he was a priest in early 90s when womens ordination became a thing in the Church of England, I can't imagine why any "anglo-catholic" would stay after that... its not like that would ever be reversed. Then again I can't understand how one can claim to be Catholic in a protestant (I like protestants btw) church like the Church of England.

      I do wonder who was behind the ordinariate and who campaigned for it... I can't imagine Anglicanism is much of a conversational piece in the Vatican. I knew from the beginning it would be a flop... anyone serious converted years ago, the final American wave being with the decadent fall of the Episcopal Church with Bishop Gene Robinson.

      Anyways his post is pretty offensive... these people should have like a 5 year vetting period before re-ordination. I recall an epsicopal bishop who was received but has gone back and forth like 4 times so far (my number is probably off) because he was reordained almost immediately after converting but he can't take not having his "episcopal orders" not recognized. I happy they've moved away from the magic touch thing and simply outright ordain these protestants who convert, instead of going over these magic episcopal vagante genealogies.

    3. I have two theories.. First, it was a devious plot by the Anglicans to get rid of all the reactionary clergy that annoyed them. They are all smoking cigars and chuckling in the halls of Oxford about nudging over their annoying clergy (and the clergy's boyfriends) to the Catholics. Second, Benedict was so obsessed with playing lacy dress up in Ye Olde Renaissance Court that he did stupid things. The stupidest thing was allowing the "Bishop" Fellay Show and lifting the excommunication of "Bishop" Williamson. (Hey.. Does Fellay still think that Pope Francis is the anti-Christ as foretold by Fatima?) Another only slightly less stupid thing was the Anglican Ordinate.

      And based on this new information, I wonder what Mother Mary thinks of Bishop Tony Palmer's Catholic funeral where he was buried as a bishop at Pope Francis' insistence.

    4. And wasn't Prior Roger Shutz given Communion by Cardinal Ratzinger at John Paul II's funeral? And after his tragic death, didn't Ratzinger send or at least permit a Cardinal to go and preside at a funeral Mass at Taize? At least Cunniwicke and the rest of the Girls' Club are just cyberterrorists and not actually beheading and crucifying those with whom they disagree (though St James' Epistle considers it equivalent)

    5. Readerette here.

      The Bearnaise Sauce post was a case of plaigarism. He passed off Julia's recipe tips as his own. It would be like me trying to pass off the Peace Prayer of St Francis as my original poetry. I know for a fact his page is now being monitored by a service to be sure he doesn't infringe on Julia Child's copyrights again.

      ODIOUS. I stand by it.

  6. before it gets deleted or changed, fr z's post today:

    "As you know I did an interview with Jesuit-run, liberal Amerika Magazine. The combox over there has been… interesting.

    I sincerely believed that doing the interview would be an “olive branch” moment.

    Today, I noticed that Amerika has an interview with Mary Gordon.

    You will immediately ask me: “Who?”

    She is a sometime writer, and a teacher, and a signer of the infamous New York Times pro-abortion ad in 1984, which featured many Catholic dissidents.

    That said, in the combox under my interview I spotted this comment:

    Frank Gibbons | 8/11/2014 – 8:09am
    Why are these negative comments about Father Z allowed to stand and critical comments about Mary Gordon deleted?

    Good question."

    1. forgot to add my comments, firstly im surprised fr z reads the comments - i would avoid the comments if i was a public figure (or cyber figure in this case) and an article was written about me

      also would love to see the comments claimed to be deleted about this woman, im anti-abortion and dont agree with her whatsoever but i have a feeling comments (claimed to be) deleted were just plain nasty

    2. Poooooooor, lacy-pants! She is SOOOOOOOO persecuted. What she has to put up with is a "crown of martyrdom" !!!!! Reading the comments about himself....I tell you, she FELL onto the fainting couch !!!!
      This should highlight, again, how little this grifter has to do with his time. If this is "ministry" I will eat my biretta with a side helping of baked maniple.

    3. Readerette here.

      I'm proud they are most upset by my choice of the word "odious" for Z.

  7. Amazing Zuhlsdorf has any time to read anything, what with all those boxes of books being shipped to him paid for by his flock of sheeple, so that when he's not teaching obese seminarians the joys of fine liquor and expensive cigars he can supply them with books on a liturgy 99% of the Church has gladly left behind so they can prepare to foist it on the few souls who will be left after a couple weeks of their preaching.

  8. Replies
    1. Had a look at your own atrocious rag lately, Zuhlsdorf?

    2. Irrelevant. The amount of hate here is atrocious.

    3. Absolutely irrelevant.
      Visiting this blog is as useful as a toothless man visiting a dentist.
      I'm sorry we won't be able to benefit from your regular visits and comments Mr. Mroz. Wish you all the best.

  9. It's nearly equivalent to that that over at wdtprs.com. Not yet, but nearly. We'll catch up.

  10. As if he could not get more ridiculous, he is backhanding the Holy Father today because of the nice meal that the airline served on the flight to Seoul.
    (Somehow, I doubt that the Pope picked the menu.)
    And even if he did, for this gluttonous, pompous windbag, who obsesses about rich food all of the time, to criticize ANYONE for eating a nice meal...well...he has really gone off the rails this time.

    1. If Zulhsdork doesn't play with himself this would be a good time for him to think of taking it up.

      Here's an excerpt from a Catholic news agency focusing on Asia called UCA:

      "After the pope safely retired to his seat at the front, stewards began circulating up and down the aisles serving Italian sparkling wine and snacks of salsiccie – a delicious diced Italian sausage – and olives in little plastic cups. Dinner then quickly followed: fresh cannelloni with ricotta cheese and a rocket salad, followed by Italian prosciutto ham on top of cantaloupe melon, then a hearty beef stew. An unidentifiable Italian dessert was then served, so too an accompanying sweet dessert wine, tea, coffee and mountains of Ferrero Rocher. All in all, it was by no means the worst airline meal one is likely to encounter. But we are reminded that, once he is back on dry land, Pope Francis will continue to say no to luxury: to get around South Korea he has specified a Kia Soul, a snip at under $20,000 versus the $575,000 bullet-proof “Popemobile” preferred by predecessors."

      Read more at: http://www.ucanews.com/news/selfies-and-salsiccie-on-the-papal-flight-to-seoul/71680

    2. Yes, every now and then I try to persuade myself that Fr Zzzzzzzz is not as awful as I had thought. Maybe he really is a good, hard-working priest after all. Maybe there is a fine mind lurking under the butchered English, the patchwork theology and the shoddy logic. Maybe...

      Then he snarks at Pope Francis because the airline meal wasn't garbage. And I realise ... nope, Zzzzzzzz really is as stupid and nasty as I had thought. Worse, maybe.

      BTW It would not surprise me to learn that Pope Francis had eaten a much simpler meal than was served to the reporters ... or fasted ...

    3. This guy Zuhlly is truly a TURD. His article today (8/15/14) talks about being "off again". He was present at a Pontifical Mass and all he had to say were critical things of the servers. What a fucking jerkoff of a cunt he is.

    4. Hey Anon, don't worry. The ZZZZ wants to get rid of lay servers and replace them all with ontologically superior clerics. This is known as the "gravitational pull" or something.

    5. Got it! Most fortunately the supply of dupes with open checkbooks is dwindling. Zuhlsdorfian Catholicism is a reliving of the time of my abuse by these fanatical cultists. I'm disgusted that there are psychos who want to keep this mid 20th century shit and piss alive.

      Hey Zuhlsdork... Shit in your silly pompom hat.