Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Jebbies?

How can you tell these ninjas are not Jesuits?

A Jesuit, a Dominican, and a Trappist were marooned on a desert island.  They found a magic lamp, and after some discussion decided to rub it.  Lo and behold, a genie appeared and offered them three wishes.  They decided it was only fair that they could each have one wish. The Jesuit said he wanted to teach at the world's most famous university, and poof, he was gone! The Dominican wished to preach in the world's largest church, and poof, he was gone!  Then the Trappist said, "Gee, I already got my wish!"

 The above cartoon is from and the horrible joke is from who have a whole collection of horrible Jesuit Jokes

And just to irritate the boogers out of some people here is a link to a story about the latest roman catholic woman priest, a former Franciscan Nun to be elevated to the episcopacy. 

Be sure to watch for details on the upcoming liturgy conference that Father D will be leading in October in the Windy City.


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  2. Hey Fashion Man: does this look like the kind of crowd interested in NFL jerseys? Got anything in a dainty lace surplice?

  3. I do not think that dancing seminarians are interested in buying a football jersey.
    Now, they MIGHT be interested in what is inside the jersey.

  4. I was a tight end until I got sent to the NAC.

    1. a wandering bishopAugust 27, 2014 at 5:09 PM

      And now you're a wide receiver?

    2. No, now I'm Raymond Cardinal Burke's tackling dummy.

  5. You know they ain't Jebbies cuz they're wearing clerical collars!