Saturday, August 30, 2014


I can't imagine a man dressed like this is worried about homosexuality infiltrating anything.  Some might say he's obsessed. Other might say the gentleman doth protesteth too much.

With Church Militant TV staff on spiritual and professional retreats the past couple of weeks, Vortex viewers have been inundated with reruns. One might think that viewers, like the staff, might appreciate a little time away.

In a desperate bid to increase viewer subscriptions, Voris reduced the monthly subscription rate by fifty percent, from twenty to ten dollars U.S.  It seems that this even this attempt has not produced the numbers they need to keep the boat afloat.  There is speculation that upon returning from their annual retreats, the already meager staff will be reduced, and those departing voluntarily, will not be replaced.

In spite of recently adopting the Jennifer Tucker bow tie style in an attempt to remain hip, hop and happenin', Michael Voris and his baby, Church Militant TV may be running out of money. 

Church Militant TV interns, all allegedly hand-picked by director Michael Voris for their uncompromising commitment to Catholic doctrine, ceremonial knowledge of the traditional liturgy, and because, as Voris put it, "they just look damn good in a lace surplice," seem not at all fazed by rumors of the program's financial difficulty. "Boss Daddy - that's what Mr V likes us to call him - says the joint contract with BelAmi productions is rock solid," said Lance, spokesman for the interns. "And there's lots of other perks you can't begin to imagine." No, Lance, we really can't. We won't even try.

I'm not in the habit of reading other blogs.  Who has time really?  But in attempting research for this entry I stumbled upon some less than friendly reviews of Mr. Voris and Church Militant TV. Some are a bit dated, but the statements still resonate true.  If not true then at least a bit funny.

The Poisonous Fruit of Michael Voris’ Work

 Michael Voris. Get Over It

NOTE:  Howdy to readers referred from a recent post over at Catholic Sensibility on Dealing with the Distasteful. If nothing else, we here at Father D's Blog can pride ourselves on being a classic example of what is distasteful. They are a class act over there.  

If you have not heard of them, go and check them out. Neither Left nor Right, just Catholic.  Imagine that!  Seriously. Some really good solid posts there. Don't let my recommendation dissuade you from taking a gander.  Sorry guys, I know a thumbs up from Father D is not something any blogger aspires to.  Those that matter won't hold it against you. o{]=o)


  1. I have never listened to Michael Voris for more than 3 minutes. His message might be fine, but with the hair, the trumpeted vow of chastity, and the rest, he just creeps me out.
    As the saying went, in the days before the internet, "he has a good face for radio"

    1. And a voice just made for print media.

    2. Someone should really tell men that their rugs are very obvious and they'd be better off admitting that they were balding.

    3. Go easy. Not ALL men need be told that - only VAIN ones.

  2. Do those interns wear cassocks, or anything else, under the lace surplices?

    1. Watered satin g-strings.