Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cañizares goes to Valencia . . . and the Trent-Trad Bloggers Go Bonkers

Ladies, ladies .... calm down! The Trent-trad bloggers have their wimples in a twist this morning, since Pope Francis has "promoted" Cardinal  Cañizares Llovera, aka "Little Ratzinger", from Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to the Archbishopric of Valencia. I believe the official Latin term is "promoveatur ut amoveatur"which, in a "dynamic equivalence" translation would be something like: "Don't let the Bronze Portal hit you in the cappa magna on your way out"! 
But why the morning mascara meltdown on the part of RetRorate, The New Liturgical (Bowel) Movement (once they get their bow ties tied), and Gloria Mundy (the Pope-hating, anti-Semite's girlie name) once her meds kick in?

Who's next as "Liturgy Czar"? they fret.
Will he be ... a Ratzingerian [GOOD]? 
or . . . a Bugninian [APOCALYPTIC]?

For starters, these people who fancy themselves loyal to Benedict XVI should jump back one more Benedict and take the words of Benedict XV seriously, as he tried to repair some of the damage done by the clerical careerist witch-hunters who devastated the Church during the latter years of Saint Pius X (i.e., Cardinal Merry del Val, et al. Yes, that Merry, author of "The Litany of Humility", who had much to be humble about).
In his first encyclical, less than two months after his election, Benedict XV wrote: "There is no need of adding any qualifying terms to the profession of Catholicism: it is quite enough for each one to proclaim "Christian is my name and Catholic my surname," only let him be in reality what he calls himself" (Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum, 1 November 1914). 

Secondly, look at the LAST TWO JEWELS of the Congregation:
No, not Gloria Mundy in London's last Gay Pride parade. This is Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, former Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, returning home to oh-so-prosperous Colombo, Sri Lanka. Of course, His Eminence didn't want such pomp and circumstance. The people begged for it! It's all directed toward the dignity of the office (successor of apostles who were poor fishermen, etc.) not toward his humble person!   
Start at the right of the picture and follow left along the long red train until you come to a tiny little head. That's him! "Little Ratzinger" Cardinal Cañizares looking for all the world like Jesus entering Jerusalem.

Do those look like people who understand the liturgical renewal promulgated by the Second Vatican Council?
So, relax, girls! Your birettas and/or chapel veils are probably safe. Get back to blogging about the shameful lack of shame in today's world or founding another Oratory of two members to serve the local chapter of the HitlerJugenTutem or spewing your hatred for the atheist "closet Judaphile" "Pope Humble the Joke."
Meanwhile, the rest of the Church can get on with living and loving The Joy of the Gospel!
Pope Francis celebrates Mass in reparation for indifference toward African "boat people" lost at sea of the coast of Lampedusa, using a chalice fashioned of wood recovered from the shipwreck.

Pope Francis abrogates (apparently) the liturgical law (apparently not) against washing women's feet by in fact washing the feet of a young Muslim woman. Hey, if the old Mass wasn't abrogated when soon-to-be Blessed Paul VI said it was, who am I to judge?


  1. As a Chicagoan I hope that Burke doesn't get "promoted" in a similar manner and feel sorry that the people of Valencia got stuck with Canizares.

    1. Oh imagine the moisture in the loins of the girls at Saint John Cuntias if Cardinal Cappa Capote got Chicago!

    2. Ugh.. not funny for the rest of the sane people who live in Chicago. "Father" Z is crowing about the possibility of us getting stuck with that circus clown. Gay Ray needs to be given more TPS reports and kept away from actual power.

  2. I, too, pity the poor people of Valencia. Canizares was ordained for that archdiocese, but I don't know that it's going to be all that much of a celebrated homecoming (though I guess the local Juventutem boys - and they're always boys - will be ecstatic . . . )

    Amazingly, though, after being Bishop of Avila, Canizares was archbishop of first Grenada then Toledo, the latter also carrying with it the office of Primate . . . so Valencia, whatever sort of a homecoming it is, ain't no promotion.

    1. I hope he puts a couple of his dozen or so palliums on eBay. I need one of those to top off my "Pontifical Regalia Collection"

    2. I wonder if his 3 palliums/pallia are any kind of a record?

      Of course, he could still (shudder) get a fourth . . .

  3. Uh oh! A three day weekend is coming up which means that Missy Mundabor's meds will be delivered a day late.
    Look out, everyone!

  4. So "Dueling Cappas" in Rome is down to two players, Pell and Burke? "My cappa's longer than your cappa, Eminenza." We can all be grateful this transfer didn't happen until after the Cardinal's signature achievement at CDW, his instructional Letter "Totius Irrelevans" on toning-down and taming-up the Sign of Peace, which I think he specified has to be offered kneeling down and on the tongue. Or that might have been a different Letter. Let me go check . . . .

  5. Rear-rate just had a post that is confusing to me.
    According to them a SSPX priest celebrated Mass in St. Peters Basilica. I thought that those priests did not have the faculties that Rome recognizes.
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  6. I see that the Z-ster has his lips firmly planted on Ray-Ray's behind today. Even more than usual. He is pretty sure that Ray-Ray will be moving to Chicago and he wants to catch a ride on his Cappa

  7. Maybe Frank will promote Cardinal Law somewhere outside of Rome, too?