Thursday, July 24, 2014

In Between Boners

That's right, boys and girls, Reverend Mother M. John Cunniwicke is home again, but just to drop off laundry for wifey to freshen up, and post one quick "YES, I STILL REALLY HATE WHAT POPE FRANCIS IS DOING TO SAINT BENEDICT XVI'S CHURCH" posting, full of Reverend Mother's trademark, signature bitchy snark (a treasured part of the Anglican Patrimony, and far less problematic than clerical boyfriends), and then it's off to BONE UP with the well-balanced youth of the England and Wales Latin Mass Society. We're assured that its "fabulous" and with Reverend Mother running it, how could it miss? Just imagine how much more "cheeky" those darling kids will be when they get home!

It sure looks like fun.

and "fabulous" must be that typical British understatement:

But someone forgot to take down the banners. Tres gauche!


  1. The presence of the banners invalidate the sacrament. Diabolical disorientation !!!!!!!!

  2. Z and C. Talk about Luther's and Henry VIII's revenge. Also proof of Paul's wisdom in advising Timothy not to impose hands hastily and especially not on converts. Who the hell pays for the constant travels of these jobless clerics?

  3. i have a hard time reading fr hunwicke, not becuase he makes me angry but because his sentences are confusing.

    speaking of which every time fr zuhlsdorf uses some latinate word (which i refuse to look up to waste neurons on some psuedo-latin english word i will never encounter again) i want to send fr zuhlsdorf a copy of george orwell's "politics and the english language"

  4. A banner here. A boner there. It all counts in the swamp.

  5. There are times that a boner can be the summum bonum.

  6. It's types like the Revd Mother that caused the late Malcolm Muggeridge to leave the Anglican Communion, dog-paddle across the Tiber and declare that the Church of England was, in those days, 'the laughing stock of the twentieth century.'