Thursday, July 31, 2014

Father Z's Journey Home: a waste of an hour of internet time

Posted to YouTube a couple weeks ago, though the interview is much older.  Offered here for those seeking penitential viewing.

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  1. The interview is here:

    When I first saw the post I thought it was an interview about his journey home from the latest reader(ette)-paid luxury trip:

    "And what happened then Father?"

    "Well, the first-class lounge was kinda crowded, they let anyone in these days. The peanuts were rancid. And I really prefer Grey Goose to cheap non-name vodka in my drinks."

    "Oh, sorry to hear that, Father. Was the plane ride home OK?"

    "No, there weren't enough charging points in my first-class seat, so I couldn't charge my Kindle and my iPhone and my laptop and my iPad and my camera and my electronic gunsight. And the lady in the next seat actually split infinitives when she talked."

    "Gee, Father, what's the world coming to?"

    "I know, right! And Mrs Sadradtrad, one of my loyal readerettes, forgot to pick me up at the airport, so I had to get into a taxi to go home. What a penance!"

    + + + + +

    But no, that's not what we got. It was a younger, much less porky Father ZZZZZ talking about his conversion, the mysterious diocese of Velletri-Segni, etc.

    Actually, it was one of the best ZZZZZ things I've seen. Far better than his tedious sermons or his smug, self-serving blogposts and "podcasts". He comes across as human, even a bit humble. We also learn that he wanted to be a professional ACTOR.

    Suddenly the whole thing makes more sense:

    "I'm not a priest but I play one on the Internet."