Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everything is Amazing, but Zuhlsdorf's not Happy

Readerette here.

Oh, the perils of air travel these days. Even in First Class, you may only get "bread thing" to eat that doesn't have the proper crustiness of a New York bagel. Your fellow passengers may remove their shoes. And your view for a while may be mostly brownish. 

Oh, and your in-flight internet may go out. Grrr.
Everything is amazing now, Zuhlsdorf, and nobody's happy, and sitting in that chair in the sky, you Father a're the very definition of a non-contributing zero.


  1. You cannot expect someone of the Z-man's stature to fly "Bergoglio class."

  2. Look at the "names" of the morons who comment on Zero's blog: Supertradmom (imagine the fun family nights at THAT house, once the home-school blackboard is tucked away and the 20 decade Family Rosary's over), iPadre (latest technology meets fiddleback Trent), and JudicaMe (I guess AnathemaSit was taken). What a Night-of-the-Living-Dead gang of groupies inhabits the Z-Zone.

    1. Yes. I always get amused at the so-called super mothers with 18 children, who homeschool, make the kids say 300 decades of the Rosary every day and then have time to fart around on some blog on the internet.
      Some other blog has some chick ( I think) named "long-skirts", who entertains with endless poems and then claims that she has 14 children.
      Hmmmm...I smell a rat.

    2. The "Long Skirts" who dribbles doggerel all over the traddy blogs appears to be a woman. I bet Rorate and others stopped allowing comments to avoid her drivelling rhymes. I do wish she would discover the limerick. It's very traditional ... part of our Anglican Patrimony !

      From the crypt of the church at St. Giles
      Came a shriek that resounded for miles.
      The vicar said, "Gracious,
      Our brother Ignatius
      Forgets that the bishop has piles!"

    3. The babe with a cry bleak and dismal
      Slipped into the water baptismal.
      Ere they'd gathered its plight
      It had slipped out of sight
      For the depth of the font was abysmal.

  3. "Like how quickly the world owes him something..."


  4. Dear "Fr." Zit: life's a freaking bit*h and then you die.

    Get used to it.