Friday, July 25, 2014


While Z complains about the food and service, the Pope the Super-Trads despise serves himself at a Friday Fish-Fry Lunch with Vatican City employees where His Holiness dropped in unannounced.

And it looks like more than the red velvet mozzetta is missing - that cassock appears to have no half-cape (attention Trent-Trads!).

Of course, this picture will just confirm their conviction that Francis is the First Among Cafeteria Catholics.

Reverend Mother Cunniwicke was attending a gourmet cigar and brandy dinner with Fr Zero and couldn't be reached for comment.


  1. Well considering that Zero missed the day in seminary where they discussed the Catholic Church's social teachings, I'd argue that he is the chief of the cafeteria Catholics.

    And if Francis keeps providing such a obvious contrast between himself and Zero, then the magic thermometer will go to zero.

  2. This really is perfect when put in contrast to Z complaining that his bagel was not up to par in the first-class lounge. One would hope it makes him cringe--then again, we're talking about someone who walks around in a military backpack with HIS NAME ON IT. Even though the closest he's come to combat was some grappling with a handsome farmboy after post-prandials in the sem

    1. I guess you're disappointed he never grappled with you, eh? Crush on priests much, "Anonymous"?

  3. Zero as you so aptly call the corpulent cleric mendacious mendicant is so self-absorbed that he lack the common sense of a fucking ice cube. Here's a Pope, yeah, the Vicar of Christ, the Head of the Visible Church dining with workers and enjoying it!

    Z is a whiner preoccupied with himself and probably would become sickened eating humbly with REAL WORKING men and women.