Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Had I not seen with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. I was sure that you, dear readers, would not believe it either, so I took a screen shot. Our own beloved Father John Zuhlsdorf has inspired a young sixteen year old teen to consider the priesthood.  
How has he done this, you must be asking yourself.
Was it his faithful adherence to the orthodox magisterium?
Was it his attentiveness to liturgical conformity? (Say the black, do the red; never slack until you're dead.)
Was it his almost obsessive compulsion with confession and penance?
None of that.  Let's see what impression the pistol packin padre has most impressed upon the young gent.

Indeed!  It was his priestly work!  His shining example of an apostolate! 

How is it this young man easily pegs Zed, yet those supposedly older and wiser, like his own mum, for example, remain in the dark, oblivious to the wool firmly secured over their eyes?

Speaking of guns and ammo funds,  Phyllis Zagano Ph.D. has published an article titled Priests And Guns.  No doubt, this is aimed at Zuhlsdorf.  No matter what you think of Doctor Zagano's ecclesiology (considerably left of my own) she has completed her doctorate ( in less than 10 years I imagine) and is a decorated retired Commander in the U.S. Navy.  (I wonder if she has one of those fancy bug out backpacks with her last name prominently on the outside?)

The discussion over at NCR is centering around the fact that the 1983 Code of Canon Law does not forbid priests from owning guns.  The previous Code from 1917, however, did forbid it.

It is rather interesting how many Catholic traditionalists often tout the "old ways" of doing things, yet if their wishes were granted, many of their own actions would condemned.

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  1. And speaking of vocations to the priesthood, it did not go unnoticed that the Lard of Supine Farm joined with his banjo strumming acolytes in rubbishing several hundred 'Vat II priests' gathered for their modest gathering in St Louis.

    These men, average age 69 mocked His Indolence, had actually worked for forty plus years on behalf of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom. Z has never done a decent days work in his life, never earned an honest cent in the service of Christ, and can't lie straight in bed. His Latin is second rate too.

    The irony is completely lost on him but clearly not on the growing number of disciples who are turning off the $ supply despite his usual mid month crowd pleasing hysterical vents against the LCWR, altar girls, excommunicated priests and the subterranean rage against Francis.

  2. my thoughts exactly, liberals or not these men spent their entire lives sacrificing having women, having children and having money to instead serve Jesus Christ laboring many hours a day years upon years at managing giant parishes and having responsibility for thousands of faithful, and the thanks they get are these extremist online jansenists not only mocking them like elementary school bullies but celebrating that theyre old and wont be alive much longer...

    ive noticed too, yesterday anyways dont feel like going there now, the meter only says $1800... and on a different computer at a different building i was again today redirected to an ad site before being guided to his

    1. Having served for years and years, only to be asked to do more and more at an age when they should at least have the OPTION to slow down at bit.
      Younger vocations might be on an up-swing in some places, but not nearly enough to replace the number waiting to retire. May God grant them many years, good health, in His time, blessed repose.

    2. Well said. They deserve much more civility than he shows.