Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WISHLIST UPDATES From the juvenile file

Father has has updated his Wish List.  Father needs a sturdy form of transportation for when the fit hits the shan, aka TEOTWAWKI, so that I can be available to administer the sacraments to the donors faithful readers.

This will be an essential for every traditional priest one day.  Let's plan now, so Father can be ready! 

If you want to get Father a just for fun gift that I can use on my days off there is always this...


With all these big boy toys and references to the ASS (aint that cute? ) of US Catholic Priests one might think Father a bit juvenile, or in the midst of a mid-life crisis...

Time to light a bonfire with my cigar and burn some members of the LCWR witches.

Somethings  just make you say, WTF!


  1. Isn't there anyone in charge of this bozo that will tell him to put a cork in it? He makes a joke of the priesthood and the Catholic Church every day. It is evident to anyone with a brain.
    How about the bishop of the diocese in Italy that he alleges that he belongs to? Does this bishop have any idea what Z is doing?

  2. Maybe Z is really a non-factor... If we contemplate the surface area of skin on the human body being in a range of 16 to 21.5 square feet and consider the area of a fully occupied anal sphincter being 2 inches is diameter its area would be 3.14 inches.

    Since Z is a rather corpulent specimen I will continue with my example using 21.5 square feet. If we take 21.5 square feet and multiply by 144 we arrive at the surface area of the skin being 3096 square inches. Dividing the area of the anal sphincter of 3.14 square inches by the total area of the skin on the body of 3096 we get a factor of .0010142. This means that the asshole is a little more than a tenth of a percent of the skin volume.

    If we consider that there are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world and we multiply that by the above factor we arrive at a result that 1,217,040 of these people would occupy the area of the arse-hole.

    This implies that world wide there are 1.2 million assholes. Let's say that 3/4 of these assholes are Sedevancantists and SSPXers, that still leaves a potential following of about 300,000 for Boy Johnny Todd ZZZ.

    Not a bad racket when you think about it.

  3. Speaking of skin and assholes, Anonymous 3:48 pm, I think I have a business solution for the Brick-with-Eyes. He's on the ropes, roper doper, with shrinking receipts from the monthly guilt trip donation. More and more folks are shedding their need for the regular regime of Jansenistic flagellation as well as their wide-eyed devotion to Z's second hand Latinisms for ammo.

    The solution for the Brick is to go NUDE. I suggest a series of Calendars:
    2015 could feature pant-less play boy of the month, the Brick with colleagues at the all NUDE Acton U gathering; the all NUDE Brick doing the second hand Latin for ammo blog; the all NUDE Brick calling, 'Do I hear an AMEN?'

    And just imagine the twice yearly (at least) Rome-Italy freebee junkets featuring the Brick as the NUDE tour guide, all NUDE group in all NUDE baroque settings.

    The possibilities are endless. We know that the Brick is not high up in the IQ stakes but there's plenty of daylight between himself and the competition in the entrepreneurial field. He'll go gangbusters with the NUDE initiative and he'll make it work!

  4. These are the hobbies of adolescents. So many catholic priests are basically stunted 13 year olds. Not saying all of them. But go look at a diocesan archive of sex abuse. It will be full of grown men still trying to put away obsessions men of the world got beyond years ago. I am not call Father Z a sex offender. But is just like those Peter Pan personalities.

  5. Readerette here.

    What, the Batmobile wasn't cool enough?