Saturday, June 21, 2014

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Unless it's Rome on the readers dime)

From the back of a greyhound bus
Guess he shouldn't have worn that Glock hat.  Somehow Father has ended up on a do not fly list.  That would be hysterical.  Imagine the ranting and raving.
Father's on his way home...with my emphasis and comments....

Home again, home again… is how the rhyme goes, I believe.
Yes. It begins, "To market, to market to buy a fat pig.  Home again, home again jiggety jig."

Last night Acton U closed up. Over 1000 people came from over 60 countries. I am always amazed by the diversity of the participants. The other days I was reading some bitter silliness about Acton U and how tribal and polarized it is. If anyone knows bitter silliness, he does.  
I was by a young Protestant pastor, black, with an earring and a Mohawk. This is the third time he has mentioned this particular man. Fascination?  Attempt to prove he's not racist?  What?  (I've had a couple days off this week, so I've been able to read things more attentively. Yeah, I need to get out more. Leave me alone.)
I heard last night that about 60% of the participants were Protestant, and I think many of them were of a charismatic stripe. Thank goodness it's not contagious eh?  It was spiffy Huh?? Someone needs a dictionary... to see Peter Kreeft field comments and questions from an evangelical Scripture prof.
After the events last night I had a chance to sit with Ross Douthat and swap views on the future, of American society and of the Church, and about Pope Francis. Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that exchange. 
Then I found some other guys including a NYC firefighter (whom I’ve gotten to know over three of these conferences) and we all stayed up way too late. Cigars may have been involved. Didn't Monica Lewinsky say almost the same thing about an encounter with Bill Clinton?
One of the take aways this year is the strong sense of urgency that many of the participants feel. Some thing not so nice is around the corner. We have to prepare for it NOW especially through prayer and lots of good works. TEOTWAWKI??
Acton U will take place around the same time next year. Unless the world ends of course.
It’ll be the 10th year and Acton’s 25th. Mark your calendars. Save your pennies!
Ah the glamor of travel.  Father has it so rough. Flying on someone elses dime. Imagine how the flight attendants feel.


  1. It always gets me how Z are so concerned about some nightmarish teotwawki scenario, yet at the same time wastes so much *cough* hard earned *cough* donation money on recreational trips, dinners and such. My bet is that he either doesn't really believe that such a situaiton will happen, or that it's some sort of fantasy because it allows him to be a "hero". Either way he's a sick man.

    1. He is not sick. He is a sociopath. The prisons are full of them.

  2. You are most probably correct about the Lard of Supine Farm being not a well person. He would, in my opinion, easily supply enough presenting psycho-pathology to occupy and international convention of psychiatrists and psychotherapists for at least a month.

    He has all the signs of massive psychotic delusions with a full spread of displacement self-defensive pathologies: over-compensations in projection, denial, regression (thumb-sucking, sulking, bed wetting, foot stomping and ranting), misogyny, intense exhibitions of psychoses such as rampant authoritarianism and militarism, fascination with weapons of mass destruction, teotwawki behaviors such as hoarding ridiculous quantities of Twinkies, frequent swearing, spitting (flecked nutties), farting constantly and very loudly in the woods. He's a genuine barking mad man. You can't make this stuff up!

    Above all, the pathetic Z is almost totally paralysed, mentally, spiritually and emotionally by deep resentment. His whole cosmos is of his own fabrication and it is rapidly disintegrating as those who have helped sustain it in the past now increasingly realise that they are propping up a corpse.

    1. I have noticed that the subjects of the posts on the "Z" blog are becoming familiar and repetitious. He attacks the same old subjects day after day, week after week and apparently has exhausted his book of "witticisms".
      ("the first GAY president", "the National Catholic Fishwrap", " the most WUNDERFULLEST Pope ever", blah, blah, blah) They were attention grabbing the first few times that they were read. However, the attention span of the usual internet surfer is measured in nanoseconds. If it isn't new, the readers move on and leave you in the dust .
      To put it succintly: he is becoming boring.

  3. Zuhlsdorf should found a priestly order and call it SSDD.