Saturday, June 28, 2014


The Anglican Ordinariate's Bugnini: now Monsignor (whilst Anglican, Bishop) Andrew Burnham, liturgist with laptop

Today's liturgical outrage over at Reverend Mother M. John Cunniwicke's blog is printing.

Because of printing we now have a "new" (1928) Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart and a "new" (1950) Mass for the Assumption of Our Lady. Both Masses inferior, says Reverend Mother, to the ones they replaced.

The culprit? Printing! Who knew?

If only monks were still copying these things out by hand, that terrorist gang known as "liturgists" would not be able to wreak their havoc on the Universal Church. Or at least they'd be slowed down: "Printing is a very dangerous weapon in the hands of liturgists," says Reverend Mother, who is always lamenting the retooled archaisms and innovations of "Bugnini and his Merry Band of Reformers" whose sin was creating liturgies by committee.

The same kind of thing done by Burnham and his committee? Fine! Because Reverend Mother likes their creations!

If printing is dangerous, much more so are laptops and the Internet.

Inquiry: does Cunniwicke like ANYTHING about the Church he went to so much trouble to join?


  1. Yes, the Monsignor cuts an impressive figure in the lace, tunic, dalmatic, fiddleback, beanie, beard and dining on every word on the table of the Book of Common Prayer. A splendid Anglican creature, a genuine rump fed Runyon and an altogether worthy Bishop when you are not actually having a Bishop.
    Do I hear an 'here, here?' or a 'hear, hear?'

  2. sorry fr hunwicke, but i think the fall of european christendom has to do with the european christians who started and waged the two most destructive conflicts in the history of humankind (or in case of the second world war, by former christians turned neo-pagan nationalists who grew up in the tridentine rite but left it)