Friday, June 27, 2014

Attempting Serious Catholic Commentary On a Seriously UnCatholic Blog

 The noble simplicity and active participation of the people at a pre-Vatican II papal Mass: Count the hats on the hat table ... Uh, on the altar..

The maniples-in-a-twist dears over at the RetRorate blog, in between He's-Not-Our-Pope bashing and It's-Looking-Like-A-Way-Too-Nice-Synod fear-mongering, took a moment to slam (again, still) the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, asserting, they say,

"the absurdities of trying to improve decorum and seriousness with the distribution of communion at a liturgy that seriously lacks seriousness."

Like the old parish janitor who thought the best way to keep the parish hall in good repair was to make sure that nobody used it, RetRorate longs for the day when only the priest - and readers of RetRorate - will be permitted to go to Communion.

And these people don't join the SSPX why????

I'm sure Pope Prancis could use fewer "sourpusses" and for the Bishop Fellay Show, what's a few more?

From Don Peregrinus Gyrovagues 


  1. Don Peregrinus,

    Congratulations of a splendid photographic illustration of mass clerical mooning. A very attractive sight indeed and a real crack up to boot!

    Yes, it is one of the great mysteries that the retrogrades at Stench-on-Mersey have not gone the full fiddleback and joined the baroque line dancers of the SSPX troupe. Do I hear an Amen to that?

    And while we're on the same page of the 1962 Missale Romanum, why hasn't the Brick-with-Eyes made official what is one of the worst kept secrets in blogdom, ie, he's one of them: a crypto-Lefebrvist. How silly though, on second thoughts, that would be a poor career move and bad business sense.
    Those tight-ass frugal zombies would not be able to accommodate the Lard Sybarite himself and besides, they don't do Legatus or Acton U, at least in public.

  2. RetRorate isn't SSPX yet? I thought that they were. Eh.. I don't take anything on that blog seriously since they published their first We-Hate-Francis screed on the day of his election written by an Argentine Holocaust denier.