Monday, May 12, 2014


Once again, His Holiness, in speaking to seminarians has made very clear concise statements of what kind of priests the Church needs and that His Holiness, expects.

I'm not going to pretend this is my story.  I'm merely passing along those tidbits passed to me and the links I think tell the broader story. 

" Pope Francis told seminarians not to become “orphan priests,” who are motherless without Mary; “businessman priests,” who are after money; or “prince priests,” who are aloof from the people.

He also warned them not to give “boring homilies,” saying their reflections should be brief, powerful and address the problems and concerns people are really going through." Source: Patheos

 Elsewhere I read " First of all, he warned the students against academism, saying it was “dangerous” when student returns from studying in Rome not as “a father”, but as “doctor.”

“I would not understand a priest a priest who is getting a degree

 here, in Rome, but does not have a community life: This is 

wrong,” said Pope Francis.  

Now, all this considered, I would have thought that the ever 
self promoting Father Zzzzzzzz would CERTAINLY have 
SOME comment to make about these important statements  

by His Holiness to future priests.  Nope.  Not. One.  Thing.  

Well Father D, what DID Father Z comment on today? 

Certainly it must be equally important?

I read Well, as much as I don't really care to, lets have a look 

see:  Altar girls, Liberal Writer Turning on Pope, Summorum Pontificum. It won’t be stopped.(good to know John.)  Cardinal Burke's DO'S & DONT'S on closing parishes. 

Poppycock!  Let's end with some thoughts from Pope Francis:

In speaking to thousands of seminarians gathered in the Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis, among other items of advice, warned them not to give "boring homilies," saying their reflections should be brief, powerful and address the problems and concerns people are really going through.

One of the reasons why there are so many "boring homilies" is because priests aren't "close" to their people, he said. The measure for seeing how close a priest is to his parishioners is his homily, he added.

Pope Francis lamented long homilies, telling the students he knows the 40-minute homily "isn't something made up. It happens!"

Homilies also should not be "about abstract things," he said.

While it expresses "the truth of faith," a homily shouldn't be a classroom lesson, a conference or an academic reflection, but be "something else," that borders on the sacramental, and is "brief and powerful."

He said "we are late" in picking up on this problem and that the church has a lot to do to ensure homilies are under 10 minutes and done well "so that people understand" the word of God.



  1. I wonder if anybody asked the Z-man what he thinks Pope Francis would say about unassigned priests who spend most of their time posting pictures of their gourmet dinners and fine wine on their blog and updating their Amazon wish lists.

    1. I think the Zster has a pretty good idea, that's why he does all he can to make it so that his readers don't take the Holy Father seriously.
      The pope's authority ends at the bedroom door, everything else is just prudential frosting.

  2. He seems increasingly schizophrenic these days. He obviously can't give up his "Pope Francis will be betrayed by liberals" theme, since his pious conservative readers are horrified that progressives love Francis; and he can't give up his wink-wink ThereIsNoPope sedevacantism, because his wingnut conservative fringe readers will abandon him if he embraces Francis.

    And if his readers leave him, he doesn't get donations; and if he doesn't get donations...OH MY GOD HE'LL HAVE TO GET AN EFFING JOB!

  3. Say the order. Eat the food. Pass the check.

  4. I laughed out loud at today's post over at WDTPRSQ--Father Z boasting of how he fired an UZI, followed by a picture of him looking justso with Bishop Finn. I'M FRIENDS WITH BISHOP FINN AND I FIRE ASSAULT RIFLES. Anything in my seminary files that says I was dismissed for fooling around with other seminarians is a Lie! I FIRED AN UZI!

  5. Has anyone ever checked to see if Father Z pays taxes on all that money he gets from his contributors? The clergy exemption for freelance income is $400...

    1. CPA with clergy tax prep experience here: If the priest to whom you refer isn't filing returns and paying taxes on the income he is receiving from his unrelated trade or business, i.e., his blog, he is violating the law.

      Clergy get two principal breaks in the current tax code, the ability to opt out of Social Security (which needs to be elected by filing an IRS form 4361 within three years of ordination or commissioning) and the tax free housing allowance.

      The Internal Revenue Code in specific and precise in the type of income which is covered by these benefits which include the conduct of religious worship, the performance of sacerdotal duties and the control and administration of CHURCH organizations under the authority of a religious body that IS a church or denomination.

      ZZZ may be filing returns and his contributors may not be deducting their contributions to him. If this is the case, ZZZ's activities, though repugnant would be compliant with tax law. Considering ZZZ's condescending arrogance along with his survivalist bent I wouldn't bet my farm that he is in compliance.

      Despite the above, I wouldn't count on the IRS doing much as it has been traditionally hands off with respect to the activities of legitimate established denominations. I have no personal interest in nor desire to "drop a dime" on ZZZ, but if anyone else may be interested here's how:

      The ability for a donor to claim a tax deduction for a charitable contribution is also nuanced. To discuss this in a positive light, we'll assume that I would wish to contribute to support Father D's work. If I were to directly send a check to Fr. D for his use for this blog, the payment would be non deductible. Similarly, were I to send a check to Fr. D's congregation directing its use for the blog, that payment also would be non deductible. If, as a last example, I were to send a check to Fr. D's congregation for its ministries and programs designating it in honor of his work, THAT contribution WOULD be deductible.

    2. Okay, what if you made a contribution so Father Z could buy some lip-smackin' ribs? Is that deductible?

      And is it deductible if I give my hard-earned money so that Father Z can drink some McAllan 12-year scotch?

      How about if my donation helps Father Z pay off the Madison cop who catches him round back at the local park helping a local john say the black and do the red?

      How about if my money goes toward Z's massive phone bill during the frantic month he was begging friends and acquaintances to help cover his tracks when Phyllis Zagano discovered he was actually not a priest in good standing?

      Taxes, man. GO TO CONFESSION!

    3. If Father Z IS supported by a church (parish) or is being housed and cared for by, say a diocesan bishop who has the authority to disburse funds then contributions to the church or that bishop's discretionary fund would be deductible.

      Contributions directly to Z would not.

  6. What if I go on Amazon and give Z an untraceable gift card? Because he asks for those (even includes a note saying he likes them best!), and that's not AT ALL SHADY, FATHER.