Sunday, May 25, 2014


If you are overly sensitive or if vulgarity (f-bomb) turns your  tender tummy, leave now.  Click the X in the upper right hand corner. You've been warned.

As a followup to our ever popular Drink the Red Do the Black tee shirts, coffee mugs and beer steins, I am happy to offer and hopeful for your MULTIPLE purchases of this latest gem of Sacerdotal Swag....

What every Trid-Trad* priest needs to have displayed prominently on his desk just to set people straight (get it?) when they come to the rectory office expecting that Francis' mercy and tenderness have trickled down to the land flowing with scotch and money (the typical American parish).
Disabuse them of that fiction, magna cum celeritate - as we say in the sacred tongue spoken in heaven - by letting them see that Father suffers fools even less gladly than he does altar girls, eucharistic ministers and permanent deacons!
*This tyrannical and obnoxious attitude is also found among Lunatic Libs and Charismatic Cretins. No matter your theological or liturgical inclinations, this Mug's for you!

The Zed Mug
This is not dishwasher safe and will most likely fade significantly if exposed to even moderate sunlight. 
Also available as a bumper sticker that will disintegrate in the dampness of the morning fog.  Mystic Monk coffee not included
 Also available in Roman Purple, Scarlet Red, or Forest Green for prelates.  Please add an additional $39.95 for these prelatial colours.

Father D is eternally grateful to his creative design team and swag department for churning out cheap tat to keep me fat. 



  1. Oh my! She is venting her spleen over the rainbow flag flying in Madrid. DISASTER!
    She is having a case of the vapors.
    ("Where are my smelling salts?" "Get me to the fainting couch!" "Get me my favorite lace hankie to dab my brow!" "Now, young man massage my feet.")

  2. Yes. Don't you just love how he thinks that he is so clever with calling the President, "the first gay president"? Oh, he is SOOOOO witty!
    Of course, on a more mercenary level, he probably knows that when he beats up on the gays, his donations go up. He might be a jerk, but he isn't stupid.

  3. Did y'all see his ordination photo? He…well, how to say this….gnocchi and eighteen year old scotches have taken their toll on poor Father Z. He's got bigger tits than all the nuns he's afraid of these days

    1. im 100% for calling out zuhlsdorf on hypocrisy, bullying, and his monetary corruption but lets not stoop too low to his level with mocking his physical appearance - people get old and their bodies change... as for his getting wider i think it has to do with depression and food being a pleasure safety thing (along with his other materialist desires). a normal person, even narcissists, wouldnt be posting their expensive food outings and tourism all over the internet. i think subconsciously he's trying to fool himself that everything is good. you see a criminal and traitor like corapi hides all of the luxury yet zuhlsdorf doesn't because unlike corapi (with his houses and boats) who knew all too well he was a conman hiding behind orthodoxy i think zuhlsdorf thinks hes a good guy (which in his heart, despite his behavior which scandalizes us, honestly i think he is too when it all comes down to it) and has nothing to hide.

    2. Lighten up. You don't do sarcasm well, do you?

    3. Let Father Zzzzz withdraw and apologize for posts like this one, where he mocks "liberals" for their age and infirmity

      Let Father Zzzzz apologize for blathering on, for years, about "the biological solution" to the problems of the Church.

      Until then, his sacerdotal corpulence is fair game.