Saturday, May 3, 2014

FATHER'S ROMAN JUNKET: Just sit and wait!

Father D! Father D! When we will hear about your Rome trip?  What about the food? What about all the Curial gossip you usually hint at?

Being a bit demanding are we not?  Father is VERY busy!  With only a few days to hit as many as my favorite restaurants as possible, AND constantly kiss up to and praise His Grand Immensity the All-mighty no necked Bishop of Madison. (you poor simple ignorant readers and readerettes have NO idea just how much @zz kissing one must do on such a considerably large gluteus maximus such as His Immensity to even be CONSIDERED for incardination!)

Father has been taking copious notes and photos with which to update and titillate you.  And your donations were not all that generous. Were it not for the Great Value Rations from my Bug Out Bag, Father would have starved to death in the Eternal City!

I was able scrape up a enough for almost half of a would be discarded bottle of barely decent Pinot Grigio. This, chumps, is what Pinot Grigio is supposed to look like.  Organic, small batch, unfiltered… you get the true sense of the grey grape.  None of your insipid pinot grigio gulping wine, this. This grabs you by the… earlobe, (how I miss the way Reynaldo used to do that) and gets your attention.
Note the color. So much like Reynaldo's smooth skin.

Pay. Pray. Obey. In that order.
Don't question Father.

No worries. I forgive you.  
Use the donation button to express your contrition. Father's Amex and VISA bills are off the charts this month.


  1. im actually not too upset (relatively speaking) with the prussian presbyter lately since apparently he's kind of "working" - seems to be hes with some sort of group on this vacation to rome and is writing a book (something constructive, better than wasting time all day online).

    anyways im on a low carb diet (less than 50g per day, its turning me feral) and all i can think of with fr zuhldorf's posts is how many carbs those italians eat

    1. A book? Wasn't it a dissertation? For ten years or so?

      Publish or perish or prevaricate -- and all of it is perturbing.

  2. This is your best yet. You nailed it on the fellatic attention to Bishop Bob Morbid-O., too. That's been a shining, greasy example of how much Z really sucks.

  3. I am quite surprised that he didn't do post after post about his ordination conferred by Saint John Paul ll. You they threw back some brewskies together and how John Paul made all of Z's suggestions, Canon Law.

    1. His new fan base includes SSPX types and "recognize and resist" types who dislike John Paul II so he has to be careful about his praise and inflated reminiscing.

      The Zmeister was also totally going to pretend that he and Pope Francis were besties until he realized that Francis wasn't on his readers and readerettes' favorite person list.

  4. But Faddah … but Faddah …it’s all about the FOOD. Burrpppp … belch … the FOOD.

    We don’t wanna hear about SSPX or JP2! We wanna hear about the FOOD that our fave priestglutton is scarfing down. Although his cameo in a pulpy scifi is kinda kinky … burp … how his cassock “chafes something fierce on a long march” … ooooh … and a bishop whipping a heretical nun is always titillating.

    Old motto: say the black, do the red.

    New motto: say your order, clean your plate, pass the bill to the readers and readerettes.

    Bring on the FOOD.

  5. When are we going to see a post about Pope Francis' message to the UN?
    Fr. Z basically stated that since the Holy Father is from Argentina, he has no right to say anything about economic matters. Is Father Z finding common cause with feminists since they've been claiming all along that since the pope is a celibate male he has no right to say how married couples should, you know, copulate, and that since the pope is not a biologist he has no right to say that life begins at conception? Or, or, or, maybe even worse, is Father Z going to say next that because someone has never been pastor of a parish, maybe he shouldn't say anything about how a parish should function?

  6. Or maybe someone could point out to Z that by his logic, a fat, pampered, gluttonous priest who has no real job actually has zero credibility on questions of poverty.

    1. Z is running a business disguised as a religious resource. He's blatantly abusing his credentials as a priest to solicit funds from the faithful to support his lavish lifestyle while accomplishing nothing for the benefit of the Church.