Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I never thought I would type these words, but I pretty much agree with Michael Voris on this. Even the occasional reader will know I am not even close to being a fan of Voris and his usual triumphal approach to evangelization. This is a point to ponder for the Zuhlsdorf's of the blogosphere.

Long live Pope Francis!  The Pope of Christian Unity!
God bless Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI!  Grant him health & long life!


  1. I think that it is perfectly fine to criticize a pope or anyone. I would just hope that priests and other professional Catholic commentators would be constructive about it. For instance, I think that Benedict could be rightly criticized for something like his decision to lift the SSPX excommunications. And Pope Francis recently said some things that seemed dismissive of the sexual abuse crisis that I think received some well deserved criticism from the media.

    What annoys about Padre Zed is the passive aggressive way that he goes about his criticism. He pretends like he is totally defending Pope Francis and then slips in a snide joke or remark which suggests the opposite. If he has legitimate criticism of the pope, then he can state that criticism clearly like an adult rather than acting like a fifteen year old girl. (However, he also loses the ability to complain when the "Fishwrap" and other liberals criticize a more conservative pope.)

  2. Pope Francis, in reaching out to Mario Palmaro in his dying days, said he appreciated his respectfully-articulated criticism which was motivated by charity. Just my two cents, but it seems that criticism for the Pope (in the eyes of Pope Francis) is legitimate so long as it is motivated by an authentic love for the papacy and the Church.

  3. Readerette here. I'm guessing that the video has something to do with stopped clocks being right twice a day, but I refuse to watch Mr Voris STD. I had a health class that told me STDs can do a lot of harm to a body. A girl can't be too careful around these type-a males, you know?

    I don't love either Pope or the papacy. Let's clear that up at the start. I don't particularly mind them, either; I think they're people of integrity and as leaders of Abrahamic religions go, much less odious than most. This can't be said of Z. What I dislike particularly about Z is his sheer manipulative way he expresses himself, and the hateful way he speaks about people he doesn't agree with, and his unwillingness ever to be accountable for a mistake. Proclaiming yourself a lover of truth is hollow when you never offer a retraction or apology for errors made obvious to you.

    1. As usual, Dear Readerette, you make some excellent points.
      Just for clarification, when you use the term "type-a males"; are you referring to Mr. Voris as an "Alpha Male"? Or, were you referring to type A Personality (aka anal retentive/tight arsed) a la MBTI?

      While Mr. Voris is indeed spreading lots of DISinformation, he does so at the baccalaureate level, not the doctorate.

    2. The latter. My mistake, I proffer the sincerest apology to Mr Voris STB I can muster. I can't imagine going around introducing myself as Ms Readerette, B.A. These postnominal STB's must be something very special, methinks. Coincidentally, realtors often have unusual postnominals despite being unable to say something intelligent. Thank goodness I can affix MDiv to my surname because I'd feel terribly awkward with a mere B.A. hanging on there whenever I handed out my business card.

      Digression. You know the joke about the Order of St Michael and George in the UK? Our hypothetical Sir Lloyd Cheesingstoke firsts becomes a CMG, which of course stands for Call Me God. Later he's elevated to KCMG, which means Kindly Call Me God. If he rises all the way up through ranks, he can wag GCMG on the tail end of his name, which naturally means God Calls Me God.

      There, I already feel morally improved and I'm even cracking poor jokes. Z, since I know you're reading this, you should admitting your fallibility when you boo-boo. It's most refreshing and people like you better for it.

  4. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.