Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blessed Lent! See you all after Easter!

When it comes right down to it, Zuhlsdorf and his ilk are just not worth the effort year round. They don't get it.  If left to their own devices, they never will.  PRAY FOR THEM!  FAST FOR THEM!  GIVE ALMS IN THEIR NAMES!


Give to the poor of your time, talents and treasure.
Let God work miracles in your life.

I'm not giving up, just tending to that which is most important.  I pray that all our readers, regular and occasional will do the same.

Most of all, please pray for me, a sinner.
Fr D 


  1. But Father, but Father!!! How will we survive for so long without your wit and wisdom? Surely you could find it in your heart to post at least ONE post each week, with just a few snippets of your sanity saving humour for those of us in the trenches as you so justly refer to us!

    All kidding aside Father D, a certain circle of youngish clerics in our diocese gather weekly for either coffee or cocktails depending on the time of the day, and nine times out of ten the topic of conversation turns to Fathers Z and D resulting in a raucous fit of laughter.

    Kansas Klerical Koffee Klatch

    1. Dear KKKK (One less K and I would have to type SSPX)

      I am humbled Kansas Klerics. Truly. When we lose the ability to laugh (especially at ourselves) I believe we are at risk for spiritual peril.

      I know that the image I am about to reference is so often used by the extreme loony left as "THE" icon of Christ Jesus, but I like it just the same in proper perspective. It is an image (not an icon, nor an especially fantastically done painting) of our Lord and Savior smiling, and, so it appears, laughing. It shows God-man fully in the midst of expressing human joy!

      Humor and Laughter are therapeutic emotionally and spiritually. If this tiny blog gives five people a good laugh once a week, then, it is well worth the tiny efforts put into it.

      Blessed Lent! (though remember to laugh and smile so to keep hidden your fasting and alms-giving.)