Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I'm a liturgical traditionalist.  I love the older rites of both the East and West. The texts are so very rich with the teachings of the Church, rich with mysticism and beauty.  Nourishment for the soul!

All too often the rubrics: the ritual acts become an ancient rigid liturgical dance mapped out step by step, motion and movement. The sub-deacon stands here, the deacon there, the second master of ceremonies forms a procession with half the clergy counter clockwise around the church.  Any misstep noted (and reported) by the liturgical police.

Several priests have recently posted pictures about the blessing of Epiphany Water, usually reserved to bishops, who grant permission for priests to do so.  Personally, I believe that the diocesan bishop SHOULD be the one to perform this particular rite annually in his diocese in the cathedral.  In cases of a diocese with a small cathedral and a large geographic territory, perhaps celebrate the rite in a different region each year.  

In viewing some of the presbyterial blogs I stumbled upon the following comment.

Really? The beauty and depth of this ancient rite draws their attention to the color of the COPE?  This is what is important them? The minutia?  I just don't get it. 

On another note, The Big Zzzz updated his Facebook page recently.  He's working at the Diocese of Madison, yet lives in Velletri!  Amazing!

No wonder he needs to raise so much money each month!  That is one hell of a commute!

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  1. They're all a bunch of fucking nutjobs.