Sunday, January 5, 2014


Of course it's no longer breaking news.  While I am not a regular reader of Father Zzzzz's Blog from, what I have seen and as others have reported, not a peep out of the ever humble Pater Zed to brag about his prophetic accuracy. 

In his list of predictions for 2014, prophesy number 10 states: Father Z will still not be a monsignor.  

So earlier in the year, and already we KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that this prophecy is true!

As most of you already know, His Holiness has abolished the title of Monsignor for regular diocesan clergy under the age of sixty-five.  Having just turned fifty-four this past October 28th, it will be 2024 before he is even considered eligible.

We must continue to pray for the safety of Pope Francis.  I know he has taken many "out of the box" actions, but this time, by this one act, he has placed himself in grave danger.  The young and ambitious clerics who hunger for the purple and crimson are some of the most vicious.  Overstating am I?? Just WHO are these young monsignori?  CHANCERY OFFICIALS. They are the ones who know where the bodies are buried because they and their predecessors are the ones that buried them! 

Growing up, I had an uncle who was named a monsignor, a Protonotary Apostolic to be specific. He built several parish churches and schools and was a fund raiser of the highest caliber. In his older days, when asked by one of the young school children, "What's a monsignor?"  The old man replied, "A dignified nothing that has to spend money on funny clothes that he will seldom wear, that are not very comfortable." He chuckled to himself, and flashed an impish grin at his brother priests and handful of seminarians present.  This caused a roar of laughter, as Uncle John gave the young man a tour of the sacristy where he kept those "funny clothes." 

As to the Prophet Zed's other predictions, we will have to wait and see.  However, I have no doubt that  many of his "resolutions" will be actualized, especially those gun related.  WTF!?  He claims he is going to build and AR-15 from scratch. Perhaps he will use this kit.


  1. Father D.. I'd watch out for extra creepy commenters harassing your blog. Apparently, you've earned the attention of the sedevacanists. They dislike Father Z because he is a conman; unfortunately, this is because they think that he isn't anti-Semitic enough. And of course we are all blatant modernists out to destroy the Church.

    As for the Z-man's resolutions, I've never seen such self-absorbed resolutions. I especially like the travel to Rome more one... Didn't the Z-meister take at least three trips to Rome this year?

    1. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out. If I happen to miss something extremely vile, intolerant or hate filled, please drop me a note either in the most recent posting or via email.

  2. i would not be too worried about zuhlsdorf being made monsignor even if the title is reinstated, afterall you need a bishop to nominate you and zuhlsdorf is a little lacking having one of those.... wonder why the good bishop of madison the zuhlsdorfs been following around the world hasnt signed him on

    gosh i wish the bishop of rome would ban clerics from using weapons just so i can see what kind of rage post zuhlsdorf would make. i carry sometimes but i mean i really i'm not going to off somebody for wanting my wallet, if they need my $20 and my debit card they can have it, im not going to end somebody's life over it. making an AR-15 is sort of a pain in the ass and you have to know what youre doing and be mechanically inclined... im a gun nut and a mechanic but i wouldnt build one. so i can imagine zuhlsdorf trying to it wont end pretty, he'd be better off buying one. shouldnt be a problem for him after all he "made" 5k last month tax free

    1. I wish blogger had a "Thumbs Up" or "Like" feature.
      Consider yourself the recipient of "Faddah D's Monsignor Purple Star of the Day! *

  3. Whoever writes this blog has one sick mind. Go get some professional help.

    1. My mind is working just fine thank you Louis. My bladder and sciatic nerve, well to be honest they are the sick parts. In your charity, please remember to offer a prayer for my health kind sir. I would be very grateful.
      I am sorry my writing skills are not up to snuff. Professional writing workshops are too expensive for my meager salary. So, I guess the only solution that will work for both of us, will be for you to refrain from returning to this blog if it upsets you so much.
      Thanks for visiting. I am sorry that it's not to your taste. With all the blogs out there, I am confident you will find one that is more your style. If not, why not write one of your own?