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The by now totally-delusional world-traveler-on-the-brainless-fleeced-off-laity's hard-earned shekels website constantly declares "Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity" - presumably because he facilitated the on-going charade of The Bishop Fellay Show and set up the Backdoordinariates so Anglican priests who hate women can come into the Catholic Church while keeping their Maniples, Last Gospel, boyfriends and Pensions .... But his successor doesn't seem to have gotten that message:

"Christ, dear friends, cannot be divided! This conviction must sustain and encourage us to persevere with humility and trust on the way to the restoration of full visible unity among all believers in Christ. Tonight I think of the work of two great Popes: Blessed John XXIII and Blessed John Paul II. In the course of their own lives, both came to realize the urgency of the cause of unity and, once elected Bishops of Rome, they guided the entire Catholic flock decisively on the paths of ecumenism. Pope John blazed new trails which earlier would have been almost unthinkable. Pope John Paul held up ecumenical dialogue as an ordinary and indispensable aspect of the life of each Particular Church. With them, I think too of Pope Paul VI, another great promoter of dialogue; in these very days we are commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of his historic embrace with the Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople.

"The work of these, my predecessors, enabled ecumenical dialogue to become an essential dimension of the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, so that today the Petrine ministry cannot be fully understood without this openness to dialogue with all believers in Christ. We can say also that the journey of ecumenism has allowed us to come to a deeper understanding of the ministry of the Successor of Peter, and we must be confident that it will continue to do so in the future."

- Pope Francis, homily at Vespers at Saint Paul's Outside the Walls, January 25, 2014. Conclusion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
You can find the entire homily here. Brief and to the point.
A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. Pope  Francis may have worn the same cope that Pope Emeritus Benedict wore one year for Vespers for Christian Unity,but he carried the Pastoral Staff of Paul VI, and, ..... Well, I guess I should let the pictures to the talking.

Pope Francis carrying the ferula of Pope Paul VI, the so called Scorzelli Cross, after the Italian artist that designed it, Lello Scorzelli,

Francis most definitely chose to omit the morse (gaudy brooch-like clasp for holding the cope together)

The Scorzelli cross has long been criticized by extremists, but was used by Papa Montini, ever so briefly by Papa Luciani, and almost exclusively by Papa Wojtyła .

 OH... I know this is out of the Liturgical Season, but just a reminder that Father Zzzzzz says Blue is NOT a Liturgical Color!

Nor do I think is Tye-dyed poly-cotton an acceptable replacement for silk brocade. But, I digress...


  1. I don't think that reconciling with a small group of schismatic extremists whose leadership is openly anti-Semitic is a show of Christian unity but that is just my take. And the Ordinate was announced in a way that hurt relations with the large majority of Anglicans. However, since both the SSPX and Anglican Ordinate types agree with the Z-man's stuffy liturgical clothing and smells and bells preoccupation (and misogynist beliefs), then it is all about Christian unity.

    And the Scorzelli cross reminds me of some of Chagall's famous Crucifixion paintings. (The White Crucifixion, one of Francis' favorites, is at the Art Institute of Chicago.)

  2. interesting paradox that Zuhlsdorf bestows the title "Pope of Christian Unity" on the former bishop of Rome when at the same time Zuhlsdorf is sooo adamant that the Waffen SSpx is not in schism! The "Pope of Christian Unity" thing almost irks me as much as his no-Confederate "THESE United States" whenever talking about America..

    Unrelated but I understand that the whole ecumenism thing is meant so we don't come off as so triumphalist like in the good old days, dialog is good etc, and really I'm cool with doing it with protestants since they respect us back. However, there are other groups out there *cough* Russian Orthodox *cough* who we completely kiss ass too, give them millions of dollars (aid to the church in need) and in return they say we must completely disband in Ukraine, and the Latin Church must never proselytize in the ex-USSR (meanwhile the Russians set up missions in Western Europe, Central America and the Philippines...).

    1. oops, "completely kiss ass to"

  3. I had no idea there could be such a thing as a blasphemous crucifix. Unless it was submerged in urine.

  4. What’s with the Old Lady broach that Bishop-emeritus of Rome wore? And that 3-feet tall gold mitre! Give us all a break. Die already.

  5. Fr. D, I think you ought to rename your blog again: "I love Francis so much I wanna touch myself! Down with Benedict, down with Burke let's swoon over Francis and lets have a jerk"

  6. "Die already." Classy.

  7. Very kind of Fr. Big Tent to perpetuate the myth of Anglo-Catholicism (or, in this case, one of the many "cultural expressions" of Catholicism that can fit in the Great Big Barque of Peter) as a cult of misogynistic sodomy. I'm certain the wives of these "women-hating" Anglican priests now happily reconciled with Rome particularly appreciate your tone.

    There's no more maturity here than on the sites you criticize. Just different aesthetic tastes and different opinions on what's best for the Church.

    I wish you'd all just give it a rest. I'm sick of this useless prattle, spite-filled backbiting in the name of Holy Charity. ICK. I feel all gross. You, and Consolamini, and your right-wing counterparts....just quit, already.

    1. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Even on this four month old post, dissenting views are welcome here.

      If what you see here, or on any blog for that matter, offends you so, please direct your cursor to the "X" in the upper right hand corner and "click" on it. This page will vanish and you are free to shower in peace and privacy.