Sunday, January 12, 2014


EWBM (Eternal Whining Bloggers Movement) Television Network brings you the new reality series TABERNACLE HUNTERS. 

If that doesn't grab your attention, this sure will.  Catch the fever, if you're a True Believer.  Become a Tabernacle Hunter..

Also coming to the EWBM Network the series that is popular with Traditionalists everywhere:

The Bishop Fellay Show
Say it over and over! Say it out loud! Tell all your friends! 

Part one of a fourteen part series!
Invite your friends to your home one night each week and insist that they come over
to watch the Bishop Fellay Show! 

I think its been quite some time since our dear friend Father Zzzzz has experienced anything even close to the Fellay Show.  Perhaps if he did, he would be less uptight, less angry.  Less frustrated. 


  1. I don't get the Z-man and other traditionalist Catholics obsessions with Masses that they aren't attending. It strikes me as a nosy Mrs. Kravitz sort of thing. And Fellay (and the SSPX in general) creep me out.

    1. But the Church is certainly a big enough umbrella to accommodate a variety or rites, and even liturgical styles, is She not?

      When I was a lad the guitar Mass was all the rage. Later while I was in college and seminary, the "folk group" became, in most places, the "Folk Choir" led by professional musicians . Pieces by The Saint Louis Jesuits, Marty Haugen, Ray Repp and the Monks of Weston Priory. Now, this is not my particular cup of tea, but who am I to judge that which nourishes ones spiritual life? If you will respect that a Capella Chant is that which nourishes my soul, I will give you the same respect.

      I would even go so far to say that the SSPX has a place, if they could respect the rights of others, and drop that whole anti-Semitic mindset that exists in some pockets of the Society. But, if they were capable of this, perhaps they would not be outside the Church to begin with.

  2. yeah youre right.... he hasnt been in the media like he used to.. i was surprised he was briefly on al krista's show (ewtn radio) a few months ago. he used to be a regular guest (looking now at the show's website, i see he hadnt been on there since 2011)

  3. I bet this website is run by a disgruntled ex-seminarian, or perhaps by a gay Jesuit.

    1. Dear Aloysius--
      Dear Brother, you could not be further from the truth.
      Not only did I complete seminary, but did so happily-- with JOY.
      A reader actually wrote to me that you are a seminary drop out. Not that this is anything to be ashamed of. The seminary is a place that helps one discern (sift- from the Latin) one's vocation. I have a couple former classmates that have made greater contributions to the Church as married laymen, then they ever would have as a priest or monastic.

      Interestingly, unlike the Catholic Church, in the Russian Orthodox tradition it is very common for men to have attended and graduated from seminary before getting married and having a family. Catholic clergy should encourage those not considering priesthood to consider religious studies as a minor in college, or to take such classes after graduation.

      An educated laity makes for a healthier Church, wouldn't you say Louis?

      And for the record, I'm not gay, (I'm told my taste in clothing and vestments would be evidence enough) nor a Jesuit. I'm not the scholarly type, nor am I very smart. I know intelligent, educated people and have some super smart friends.

      Thanks for visiting AGAIN though. I appreciate it.

    2. P.S. Aloysius Jr
      Many of your points about the the buildings in the video clips are spot on! I am with you 100%. The Crystal Cathedral and its property is an albatross. The "house the Roger built" has to be one of if not THE most ugly church building ever built. That being said, it is an historical fact that in older times, in larger churches, the Blessed Sacrament was kept in a separate chapel. (I am sure that said chapel was well known, marked and venerated as such.

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  5. surely jest when talking about what "some reader" has to say about me! Anyway my next guess is that the National Catholic Reporter or the LCWR have hired you to create this blog, perhaps to get revenge on Fr. Z for his effective apostolate. The alternative would be that you do this out of your own conviction and on your own free time, which would be even more creepy!

    1. Aloysius, the NCR barely has the budget to continue publishing as it is. I really don't think they pay that much attention to Z man. But, yeah, the LCWR are the "money" behind this blog. Thy pay me a fortune through numbered accounts in the Caribbean. I guess my post picturing them as members of the local "dykes of bikes" didn't fool you!
      And we would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids! (blatant Scooby Doo reference)
      Thank goodness you didn't make the connection that the LCWR is funded by the Freemasons and Illuminati.