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Straight out of the ComBox we will move gayly (I hate the misappropriation of that word) forward to find the answer.

Readerette submits this Dubium:

It is asked: Whether whilst His Reverence was in the Eternal City, there was occasioned a meeting with Vincent Apicella, Bishop-Ostrich of Velletri-Segni, Robert Morlino, Bishop-Weasel of Madison (by contretemps also in Rome then), and the gourmet mendicant, ostensibly to discuss employment arrangements?

For those unable or unwilling to read and or mentally digest sarcasm and/or snark, WDTPRDAD will provide a slavishly accurate transliteration  of said Dubium.

When that big dork Zuhlsdorf was hanging out in Rome at the expense of the hardworking people he has tricked in to donating to him was there a  sit down with said dork and his current bishop from the burbs of Rome and the uber-tight sphinctered bishop of the place where Z actually LIVES and WORKS to talk about giving the presbyterial beggar an actual parochial/diocesan assignment where he will have to answer to an actual supervisor on a regular basis??

Not being privy to such into I'll open the ComBox and my MAIL BOX for your reasonably accurate information, or even basic speculation. Bring it on... 
Have at it....
Let 'er rip....

Sunday, October 27, 2013

QUAERITUR: Pilgrimages

From a reader:
Do you lead regular pilgrimages each year? If so, do you post these on your blog so we could also go? My husband and I try to go on pilgrimage once a year. God bless you!
I do not.  This last pilgrimage was the first I have ever done.  It was an interesting experience and I learned a lot from it.

I think I would be open to doing another pilgrimage, under the right conditions. Perhaps for Wyoming Catholic College. Free trip to Rome AND I get to bring my Glock 19?  B.I.N.G.O.!!!  Oh and I would expect a little pocket money so I don't have to eat with the unwashed praying masses.

Pilgrimages are special occasions: all sorts of different people are jumbled together for a little microcosm of life’s overarching pilgrimage through this vale of tears, especially when I have to fly "Bergoglio class".

Friday, October 25, 2013

ON THE TONGUE OR IN THE HAND? And you were worried about the sign of peace

The Wonderful Hands of a Priest & The Infected Hands of a Bishop

Palm Sunday is not longer a day to celebrate.

Not only do you need to be worried about cold season, now you have to wonder if the bishop communing you have hepatitis or not. Suddenly the Byzantine Rite practices of giving communion by SPOON seems like a pretty good idea.


BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) -- The bishop of the Fargo Catholic Diocese exposed some parishioners at North Dakota churches in Fargo, Grand Forks and Jamestown to the hepatitis A virus in late September and early October.
The state Health Department on Thursday issued an advisory of exposure for anyone who attended any of the five affected churches and took communion from Bishop John Folda, 52. State immunization program manager Molly Howell said that the risk is low but that officials "felt it was important for people to know about the possible exposure."  FULL STORY HERE

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"BLING BISHOP" GETS THE BOOT: At Least Temporarily

UPDATED N.B. Everyone that really knows anything at all about this is tell me that Mr. Rocco Palmo of Whispers in the Loggia fame has this all tied up and explained so well that even an auxiliary bishop can understand it. 

Bling Bishop in his BMW sports car
Look at that car!  And you wonder why folks are upset!

MSN has a nice photo slide show.

Being lazy and waiting for the inside info, I post a clip from The Guardian along with the link to the full story.
Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg ordered to leave his diocese amid scandal over his alleged lavish spending.,
Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst
Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst has come under fire for spending tens of millions of euros building a lavish official residence. Photograph: Boris Roessler/EPA

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, the "bling bishop" of Limburg, has been temporarily suspended from his post by the pope. In a statement released on Wednesday, the Vatican said it had been confronted with a situation in which Tebartz-van Elst "could not follow his duties as bishop" and had decided to allow him "some time outside the diocese". A final verdict on the bishop's future is expected after the completion of an internal investigation into the Limburg building project.

During his suspension Tebartz-van Elst will be replaced by vicar-general Wolfgang Rösch. According to the German news service dpa, the suspension would last for two to three months – but the Vatican press office said it could not comment on the accuracy of this claim.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Springfield Latin Mass Society Attends Papal Audience

It didn't take all the long.  Just about a year.  The honeymoon is over, Pope Francis.  Just read the so called Traditionalist Catholic blogs.

There are just some things I can't lampoon.  They are just so sad, weird, angry, mean, bitter, foolish.  You

Are people "forcing" you to pray spontaneously?  Fr Z has the answer.  Stick it to 'em! Those rat bastard Charismatics!  "Turn the tables on 'em"  Those are the EXACT words of Father John T. Zuhlsdorf.  His understanding of Catholicism is so small minded and limited, when anyone (Like Pope Francis?) disagrees with him he lashes out. 

When in a situation where someone asks (or even forces) you to make a spontaneous prayer, keep faithful to your own faith practices.
"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner." 
"For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."
"Praised be Jesus Christ now and forever!"

And many many more!  Pray with joy! If by chance someone says something,  reply in charity.  "I understand that you enjoy spontaneous prayers of praise (or supplication, etc) but I feel more comfortable using more formal (traditional) prayers in public.  I reserve my spontaneous prayers for my private prayers."

There are some people that find their spiritual lives nourished by charismatic forms of prayer and praise.  It was the Charismatic Renewal that gave Mother Angelica her start. The Charismatic Renewal gave rebirth to the Franciscan University of Stubenville. Even Father Benedict Groeschel as part of the Charismatic Renewal speakers circuit for a time.   Personally, I prefer more traditional forms of private prayer. That is what nourishes my spiritual life.   I have a good priest friend that is very active in the charismatic movement that is (or was fifteen years ago) well known among renewal speakers and whose music has been featured regularly on EWTN.  This type of spirituality feeds his soul, helps him live his faith.  I believe the Church has room for a variety of expressions.

Here's another rabid dog priest. This one blaming the women for being attacked by sexual predators.  Follow the link to the next link.

Even Pope Francis is warning about IDEOLOGY being confused for The Faith.

 The full story is here.

The moral is this.  We ALL have tendencies toward extremism. Right, Left, it does not matter. Extremism in any form is not healthy.  The Church is big enough to include all expressions that do not violate the essentials of the fullness of the Faith. 


From a  reader:
I have noticed that on some of the vessels, vestments, and crucifix at Mass, there is an
Here is the Chalice I mention below. Spiffy huh?
inscription to a deceased person.
Is this a tradition? Is there some sort of indulgence for the deceased person?
First of all, from your ignorant question, I am assuming you are a lay woman.  Most likely a lay man would know these things.  So, what is a woman doing so close to the sacred vessels?  Well, no matter, your question will serve a purpose of mine, so I am going to answer it my ineffable benevolence. 

Yes, it is a tradition and, No, there is no indulgence for the person whose name is on something, because of donations made to obtain the object in question.

It is a common thing to inscribe a sacred vessel with the name or names of the donors.  This is especially common with chalices.  You will see this also for furnishings of the sanctuary, statues, stained-glass windows, etc. People who have money and give it to the church like to be recognized for it. The bigger the gift, the bigger the donor tag. Remember that.  Now to using your inane question to serve my own purpose.

As a matter of fact, I am trying to raise some money right now to buy a chalice which someone offered me for sale.  It is pretty spiffy.  I would then want to add the names of the people somehow on a plate I would have made to cover the bottom of the chalice.  That is what I did for the chalice I have from when I was ordained.  Then I would ask the bishop to consecrate it with the older rite. (You all know what I think of the newer rite)  When I use my chalice from my ordination, I think of the people who gave it to me and I remember them during Mass at the “Memento of the living” and the “Memento of the dead”.   Thus, they are constantly prayed for during Mass.  Not bad. Pay once, get a lifetime of mementos.
The diligent priest will do this, happily and eagerly and regularly.

Moreover, the thoughtful lay person, especially lay people like you who are not well-off enough to give larger or more costly items which enrich the parish’s worship, would do well to pray for the people whose names they see inscribed. (If you had some cash, you would know about the donor tags on stuff, Hmmmkay?)

We should be grateful for donations and benefactors.  We benefit from the the gifts other people make to the parish.  Those beautiful vestments you see up there may have been given by someone to whom you ought to be grateful, you impoverished swine. You can see names on the stained-glass, assuming you are able to read. Say prayers for them, lest their generosity or the person in whose remembrance they were given be forgotten. That shit's expensive you know. The least you can do is say an Ave or a Pater for the repose of their souls. They were stinking rich in this world, so you know they were big time sinners too.  They coughed up to make your parish church pretty.  You should pray for them.

It is important to remember benefactors, living and dead, in prayer.  That is why I remind people that I say Masses for benefactors.  It also reminds people to give and does not make me look like I'm such a freeloader.

And, may I add, those of you who benefit from this blog and who have never donated…you disgust me. You are just a bad as.. never mind.  You might pray for my benefactors as well since they are doing all the heavy  lifting.  With my taste for travel, expensive restaurants, booze and cigars you kind OWE them.  Without their help, this blog would not exist. Be grateful to them impoverished swine.

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What is the most ridiculous thing you heard in the Sunday Sermon this week, or even last week for that matter?  Please note the Rite. (Novus Ordo, Tridentine, Maronite, Ukrainian, Byzantine, Chaldean, etc.)

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Canon Lawyers?  People with common sense?  Please weigh in.
My comments are in blue.

Kiss it kiddies

QUAERITUR: Confession at regular parish but Sunday Mass at SSPX?

From a reader:
Howdy Fr. Z [Fine, thanks!] Me too thanks!
I had a question about fulfilling my Sunday Obligation at an SSPX chapel. First let me say, I am 100% with the bishops and the pope. I prefer the Latin Mass. I am about 50-60 minutes away from the closest and only diocesan TLM in Dallas, and being a college student I cannot really afford to drive there every week. However, there is an SSPX chapel about 10 minutes from where I go to school. Since I have seen you write where SSPX confession are not valid, but their Eucharist is, could I go to confession at a diocesan parish and go to Mass at the SSPX chapel, would this fulfill my obligation? Please keep in mind this is strictly due to my preference of the TLM, not disobedience to the pope or bishops. Any help would be great.
In short order:
Yes and Yes. Oh really now? My understanding is quite different. See Canon 844 of the current Code of Canon Law
You can go to confession at a regular parish (which is where you will find a confessor, that is, a priest with faculties and who absolves validly – unlike the SSPX priests except in danger of death when the law and situation give them faculties for that moment).
You can fulfill your Sunday obligation at a chapel of the SSPX. The Mass they say is valid (for valid celebration of Mass faculties are not needed – Mass is valid but illicit). The Mass is in a Catholic rite. That’s what canon law requires.  This is NOT what the law requires.  Here is the Law.
844 §2. Whenever necessity requires it or true spiritual advantage suggests it, and provided that danger of error or of indifferentism is avoided, the Christian faithful for whom it is physically or morally impossible to approach a Catholic minister are permitted to receive the sacraments of penance, Eucharist, and anointing of the sick from non-Catholic ministers in whose Churches these sacraments are valid.    Like so many ultra liberals, the ultra conservatives will twist the Rules when it works to their favor.  What would Dr. Ed Peters say?  Perhaps you might ask him?
That said, some time ago there was a statement from the Holy See that attending Mass at chapels that were loosely associated with the SSPX did NOT fulfill the Sunday obligation. So, make sure it is truly an SSPX chapel.
Also, given the way the SSPX is going on these days, it may happen that the Holy See will adjust its approach. You can bet on it.  I hope that will not be the case, but one of these days I suspect that Rome will confirm in an official way what the SSPX seems to want (for one reason or another): to be separate.
Finally, it grieves me that you don’t have better access to TLMs there.  How very sad that priests don’t care about the pastoral care of so many of the faithful, OH puhleeese!!  SO MANY priest don't care?  POPPYCOCK! especially in a time when being “pastoral” (usually pronounced by liberals as “pastOral” or even – and I shudder – “pastO-ree-al”) is all the rage.  They are really only concerned with those who think like they do. Point one finger John, and three more are pointing back at YOU.
And since I haven’t said it for a while: Benedict XVI was the Pope of Christian Unity. Not when it comes to the SSPX and others of their ilk he wasn't. 
END OF Zzzzzzarticle

I will not disrespect the Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI.  He achieved many great things.  He freed the TLM for those with a love for it. I am delighted for this. It needed to happen, because the local bishops were strangling the Old Rite. 

To encourage a young impressionable college student to attend a schismatic chapel administered by a religious society that obtained its prelates without a Papal Mandate and that teach many doctrines that are contrary to the Second Vatican Council (such as the New Mass is evil) is irresponsible. Not to mention the antisemitism held by many of its members!  It might very well be time to complain to Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison and Bishop Vincenzo Apicella of Velletri-Segni.

UPDATE: Sunday 20 October 2013 11:30 PM

I have never claimed to have all the answers.  If I ever DO make such a claim I KNOW at least three four regular readers will call me
out on it either in the comment box or via email. I'm glad. When one adopts the attitude "my blog my rules" one can easily and rapidly earn a reputation of being a pompous obese rodents behind.  

I have some very intelligent readers(and readerettes: you know who you are) whom I have a great respect for.  I think I have demonstrated by my actions that even if you disagree with me, call me out for my lack of charity, etc. etc. I will not attempt to delete, ban, silence or suppress your free speech.  Respectful open dialog leads to understanding and growth.  (yeah yeah, I know!  I sound like a bleeding heart liberal. Label me if you must!)

All this to draw your attention to a comment made that I thought worthy of highlighting for those too good, or too busy or too apathetic to read the comments.

"Since the Z-man is all about brick by brick, wouldn't it have been better to encourage the college student to request a Mass on campus? Most Catholic university ministries are conservative and would probably be willing to have a Latin Mass at least semi-regularly.

As for playing footsie with the SSPX, their main issues with the Church have always been Nostra Aetate and the Church's abandonment of Crown and Altar politics. (It would be interesting to juxtapose Fellay with the actual Vicar of Christ.). The main reason why so many bishops (and local pastors) erect roadblocks to the Latin Mass is because it attracts people who have ideological issues with Vatican II."
Anonymous  Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 3:50 PM

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I know our intrepid blogger Faddah Zed is uber busy leading a pilgrimage of faithful around the city of Rome. (I wonder what the poor folks did to deserve that penance.) He does have time to retort (sic) on Archbishop Marini's stateside talk and Cardinal Burke and Archbishop Pozzo walking out of Sandro Magister's critique of Pope Francis' liturgical style during the Third Conference on Summorum Pontificum. 

I understand some of the SSPX positions.  I might even agree with a couple of them.  The whole antisemitism thing I just don't get. Frankly, I find it outright despicable. 
The man in question, Erich Priebke a Sargent in the German SS (not the same "SS" as in the "SSXP")  was emphatic up until the time of his death that he was not responsible in any way for war crime and crimes against humanity.  He died 11 October 2013 at the age of one hundred. (only the good die young)  In the face of a notoriously unrepentant public sinner, the Vicariate for the Diocese of Rome issued an "unprecedented ban" on holding the funeral in any Catholic Church in Rome. Out raged Jews and Christians protested outside the gates of the Society's compound at the arrival of the funeral procession.

Always ready to extend Charity to Nazi's in need, the SSPX
OFFERED to host the Funeral Mass at its humble, well fortified house just outside Rome.

Associated Press /ABC News

Deacon Greg has more on the topic, but with differing accounts.

I'm pretty miffed that Zzzz has time to blog about his pet issues, but lets this pass by with "hmmm. Strange."  I guess he needs to be sure he is covering issues important to his donners readers.

SSPX funeral for Nazi war criminal     with my emphases and comments

Posted on by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

The SSPX has a house near Rome at Albano. More like a fortress really.  See the pictures below
I can’t confirm this story, but it’s out there. It certainly is OUT there. WAY OUT there.
I am working from my phone today. Surely some of you can dig into this. And dig they did, but, as usual not a coherent thought even when you bundle them all together.  Speculation about him being repentant, yet no actual facts.
It is a work of mercy to pray for the dead but this is … strange. Strange?  STRANGE?  How about disgusting? Repulsive?  This on the same level as Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston receiving the body and presiding from the Chair while the late Sen Edward M. Kennedy, a notorious long term advocate of abortion on demand was given the FULL treatment. Catholic Rites from Vigils to Requiem Mass to Burial.

We have a moral obligation to pray for the dead-- even the unrepentant dead-- but that does not mean they are offered the red carpet send off.

One Zzzzombie Commenter showing some intelligence wrote: "I ‘m afraid that the SSPX have a blind spot about Nazis. I have personal knowledge of at least 2 SSPX priests that have offered Mass for the repose of the soul of Adolf Hitler."

And here is the historical tidbit, which in my feeble mind makes this SSPX all the more culpable. October 16th, the day of the funeral was the 70th anniversary of the Nazis’ clearance of the Rome ghetto, which was then followed by over one thousand Jews being sent to the camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau.  
You cannot tell me there was not a political statement there especially when one of the former SSPX Bishops, Richard Williamson, denies to this day that the holocaust ever happened. Maybe, just MAYBE, they could have waited an additional day or two.

As a closing note, I wonder where they will bury his body?  His stated preference of Argentina has refused.  His hometown in Germany has refused. Perhaps, somewhere an SS  SSPX cemetery will welcome his remains.

Lord have mercy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sometimes its too easy.... And frequently I am WAY behind the eight-ball on calling him out on his over reactions and half truths.

The always right Father Zed posted not once, but TWICE about Catholic Priests serving in or contracted to the Military facing arrest for celebrating the Mass during the government shut down.

His specific headline was

Catholic military chaplains face ARREST during Obama’s Government Shutdown

My initial reaction was "It can't be just the Catholic Chaplains"  and "there is no way there was an outright threat of arrest made.  It must be implied in some long standing law."


But that didn't stop ole John Todd Zuhlsdorf from making yet another false statement.

Obama Administration attacks Catholic military personnel and threatens their chaplains

 I had every intention of following up, but then he left for Italy, and let's face it, taking him to task on those over top posts is just too much fun, and MUCH easier. 

I should have checked it out right away.  I usually start with SNOPES and move on from there checking a couple different sources.

On October 5th, SNOPES posted an accurate reply.  Go check it out.  

As early as October 5th the House of Representatives  had voted 400 to 1 in favor of  allowing military chaplains (not just the Protestants, but ALL chaplains) to minister on Sundays without violating the Anti-deficiency Act.

Don't get me wrong. Please. I'm not fan of the current administration.  I wasn't all that happy with the previous one either. I think BOTH parties are responsible for the shutdown.  Throw 'em all out come election time!

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A long time professor and popular Thesis Director among doctoral students at the Patristic Institute Augustinianum has died suddenly after lunch with an American student.  Upon examining he body the coroner stated, "He appears to have died from absolute boredom."

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Welcome Back & Remember....

If this blog causes you distress, please don't read it.
If this blog causes you to smile or chuckle, come back again.
If this blog causes you to spew coffee, tea, wine, beer, soda or other beverage out your nose, then I have done my job.
Thank you for visiting.

HIS VIEW: FATHER Zzzzzz TRAVELS (AGAIN) TO ROME (from your donations)

He's leaving on a jet plane and don't know when he'll be back again.
He doesn't want to but he really has to go..... (especially when it's your dime.)

Yes our intrepid blogging friend Father Zzzz is off on yet another trip to Rome.  His home diocese IS in Italy after all!  I am sure his bishop needs to see him about some pressing matter in Velletri-Segni. Perhaps a consultation on implementing Summorum Pontificum or a seminar to help train his fellow  diocesan priests in the Usus Antiquior. 

Those who follow his blog which is once again Reading Francis through Benedict, already know he "ran into a pair of becassocked clerics, one of whom is going to Rome for the first time, who greeted him.  (I'm sure Father offered to show the handsome younger chaps a good time and give them a tour of the old Italian organs the younger Father Zzzz once played.)  What our good Father didn't mention (perhaps he didn't know??) is that a few members of the LCWR were also along for the flight!

Sister Merrie Peter naps in the back while two of her sisters enjoy the flight.
That's right.  From nuns on the bus to nuns on the plane!  Thank goodness for them and their vigilance.  While he didn't notice them, they certainly noticed him and they were kind enough to send us a few inflight pictures.  We all know how Father likes to share his culinary delights with his readers.  Perhaps his camera and iPhone were not working on this flight.  Thank goodness the good Sisters were prepared to help out!

Father enjoys a light in flight lunch
A little something to wash lunch down
A couple of brews and light reading to end the flight

Thank you Sisters!


My view for the foreseeable future. I cant afford a trip to Rome and can not even begin to imagine begging people I know, never mind total strangers for cash to send me. You know what?  I'm really not complaining. I rather enjoy my view ninety-nine percent of the time.

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Follow up on comments

I am working on a couple new posts.  I have had plenty of fodder the past week. Very little time.  Hopefully you will find the wait worth while.  I am going to aim for a new post each Thursday or Friday.

NOTE ON COMMENTS:  For newer posts your comment should go through right away. I have reset the system to allow for non-moderated anonymous comments. Keep it clean, please. Well relatively.

For some reason, comments on older posts go into a moderation pending file.  I usually get an email and approve it right away. The only reason for not posting or editing a comment will be extreme profanity, publishing personal information, or anything else along those lines.  Free speech reigns at Father D's blog even if you disagree with me or think I'm a total Zzzzzhole.