Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Sometimes you feel like two.
I wonder why the Master Self Promoter does not advertize the fact that he appears on the fringe online network Church Militant TV.

Join Michael Voris and Fr. Z as they tackle the latest breaking news coming out of Rome. The breaking news surrounds the Pope's abdication and the scandalous reports of a homosexual ring of Cardinals possibly being blackmailed. You won't want to miss this live broadcast.

Yeah, folks, this is a real hoot.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

YIKES! I guess he really WAS too busy

Yesterday I posted a link to an article regarding Cardinal O Brien of Scotland opining that priests should be allowed to marry.  The Cardinal, in the article, claimed he was too busy to think about marrying himself. The Guardian released an article in which four men (three priests and one former cleric) accuse O'Brien of sexual impropriety.

I've never claimed to be on the cutting edge of breaking news. If you want news go look elsewhere.  If it's snark and sarcasm you seek, I am here to serve.  


Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's Happenin' Cardinals?

Don't forget our WDTPRDAD Action Alert.

Hollywood Roger Cardinal Mahony declares himself the scapegoat as the sex abuse scandal continues to unravel in Los Angeles.  I've never been a fan of the Cardinal of L.A. but I have to say in his defense, Los Angeles was one of the leaders in making reforms in the manner in which accusations were handled.

The Cardinal Archbishop of Saint Andrew's and Edinburgh Keith
 O' Brien while stating the while he himself has been "too busy" with his duties to consider getting married, he thinks that Latin Rite priests should be able to choose whether to marry or not. 

 In other unrelated and unimportant news Father Zzzzz was interviewed by liberal mainstream catholic media personality Michael Voris.
  This program is from ChurchMilitant.TV

Friday, February 22, 2013


As the date of the abdication fast approaches the college of cardinals are contemplating the choice they face. I am certain that every single cardinal (with the exception of one or two) is asking his Most Eminent self, WWJTZD?  (What would John T Zuhlsdorf do?)

Well thankfully, Father Zzzzz has answered that question, knowing full well that the entire College view his blog on a daily basis, he has set out to advise them, just as ever priest of his caliber ilk most likely thinks he should do. 

I post his post here because many of my loyal readers have stated that they refuse to visit his blog and would prefer when referencing a particular post I reproduce the pertinent parts, so as to not lead them into temptation.

Wherein Fr. Z makes a suggestion to Cardinal Electors

Here is a point that is so obvious that I am surprised no one has made it yet. They have, its just that all the bloviating blogger priests don't bother to read each others blogs.
Some people are talking – as they did in 2005 – about the election of a cardinal from the “emerging” Church.  Several names have been mentioned as “papábili”.
Cardinal Electors who may be thinking along these lines might want also to consider that, once one of their brothers is elected, investigative journalists will start looking for clerical sexual abuse in dioceses in which he has ever breathed air. WOW.  I am sure that not one of them have considered this.
They will bring divining rods, Geiger counters, scalpels and microscopes.Just as many priests on sabbatical do when looking for a new diocese in which to incardinate.
The shoes have not yet dropped in lot of places.
Remember how the newsies found a thin story about something that happened in Munich when Pope Benedict was still Cardinal Archbishop there?  They beat him with that story for months.  They are still beating him with it.
I propose to Their Eminences that it could be better to elect someone whose record on clerical sexual abuse we know a lot about.  Did you catch that?  Just in case one of their Eminences misses his post, I call upon all WDTPRDAD readers to copy this post from the original source and email, fax and post it to any member of the Sacred College that they are able to.  Let's allow Fr. Zzzzz wisdom to rain down via every possible format to every member of the Sacred College.
Otherwise, in this media age, the next Pope’s pontificate could be hobbled from the starting gate. We don't want a hobbled pontificate that's for sure.
In some countries, such as these USA, Ireland, Canada, a little bit in some European countries, the press has been crawling all over diocesan bishops for years and a great deal has been exposed to the light of day. So, let's focus on an American like Cardinal Dolan or the polyglot Canuck Marc Oulette.
This has not yet occurred in the “emerging” Churches, such as in The Philippines or Brazil.
In fact, has it happened yet even in Italy?
It will. UM, it has.
If a cardinal from one of these places is elected, it will happen a lot faster wherever they have served.
Do any of us want to discover that the next Pope screwed up something about the abuse of kids in his diocese?
I just want you to consider what you are calling forth.  Know what you are getting into. If only the previous pope was so warned prior to ordaining a certain deacon from the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni to the rank of presbyter many of us would be better off.

Do your part to help the Sacred College choose a new Pope.  It really is part of the Tradition of the Church.  The populace and politicians ALWAYS let their Prince of the Church know which candidate that they backed the most, along with a compromise candidate or two.  SPEAK UP!  Let your voice be heard.  

Even MORE IMPORTANTLY, let Father Zzzz's voice be heard! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013


In honor of Ember Wednesday in Lent

As I explained in today’s LENTCAzT there is a connection between today’s Ember Day observance and Japanese food.
In honor of that connection … tempura!

The great Traditionalist on a day set aside for fasting and abstinence goes out for SUSHI and tempura!

Now, I'm not a blogger who is forced to BEG his readers to earn a living. I have an assignment from which I receive a modest stipend. For extra cash I occasionally sell some items on ebay or craigslist.  I go out to eat once a week, usually lunch, for around ten dollars.  MAYBE every other month, I get together with family or friends and go out for a nice dinner which might include a cocktail or two. I keep the Friday fast throughout the year. My choice.  I keep the Ember Day and Vigil fasts as well.  Again, my choice. 

Going out to eat on a fast day, even if one obeys the LETTER OF THE LAW by not eating meat,  really violates the SPIRIT of the law does it not?

I'm not one to judge.  The spiritual life is different for each us.  Fasting and abstinence is practiced most effectively for our souls with the guidance of a confessor or spiritual director.

To hold ones self up a a great traditionalist and then dine on a Bento Box on a strict fast day is beyond hypocritical.

Even if, according to monastic tradition, the fasting rules are relaxed when one is traveling, a sushi tempura feast is over the line. Perhaps a simple dish of rice and beans or tofu and vegetable stir-fry would be more in keeping with the SPIRIT of the law.

Nice example for the faithful Father.  Brick by brick, Tuna roll by tuna roll.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The question being asked world wide is very much the same being asked here in the States concerning the Oscars.

Who are the Papabile

Who WILL win and who SHOULD win.

According to an informal WDTPRDAD Poll (I asked the two old ladies at Mass this morning) the most popular are:

 (NO!  This is NOT Pope Michael I of Kansas)

 This is Augustine, the abdicating Pontiffs household cat.  We think he's as qualified as anyone else being bantered around.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Once again this blog has been nominated in the category the best  "blog by a priest who does nothing else but blog all day" category. 

We have also been nominated in the "most frequently asking for money" category.

Vote now, vote later, vote with each and every email address you have.

Monday, February 18, 2013

You can't make this shit up

But I bet he does.

Who comes up with this crap?  Really.  I want to know!  

Some reader actually thought about asking a question that prompting a HIGHLY EDUCATED PRIEST, ORDAINED BY POPE JOHN PAUL II to write this post.....

When there is no Pope, priests and bishops have to pay attention during the Eucharistic Prayer to omit the name of the Pope.
I received a question today:
If we are still Sede Vacante on Good Friday, is the intercession for The Pope omitted?
I suppose it would be omitted, yes.

W  T  F ?
Now, the asker is a real piece of work for asking the question.  Okay.  I can understand Zzzzzzzzzz's readers being who they are, not all that bright, asking such a stupid question.

That Zzzzzzz man would actually ANSWER this nonsense says to me one of three things.

1.  He is more of a loser than I could EVER have imagined.

2. He made up the question himself so he could have another opportunity to pimp him papal bumper stickers, magnets and pins. 

3. The loser that asked it is a REGULAR donor.

Shoot me now. I don't think I can handle it until the 28th, THEN through the Conclave, Election and FINALLY the Installation and all the commentary about the new Pope.... 

Note to self.  Call Doctor Bombay for refill on Xanax.


I have not written much about whom I believe the new Pope ought to be, nor about whom I think the next Pope will be.  Yes, I have thought through both.  I am prepared to talk about them both in the right venue.

Fox news, EWTN, or any other PAYING television outlet.  Send me your BEST bid. 



in the subject line or I will delete the email. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Shameless Shysters have already begun to attempt to cash in on the resignation of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.  Less than twenty-four hours after the announcement was made, one peregrinating presbyter has (as I expected) come up with ideas to dupe the faithful into lining his pockets with filthy lucre, proving once again he has absolutely no shame.

Yes.  By all means, thank the Pope for all he has done for the church by selling bumperstickers that only YOU profit from. 

Monday, February 11, 2013


As I am sure you know, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation effective 28 February 2013.

Many are already wagging their tongues and furiously blogging away with speculation and the intention of driving more traffic to their own blog  in the hope that more will "click" on one of the many donation buttons they offer.

Be sure I will have more to say in coming days.  For now, pray for the Pope and for his successor.

 Only one thing I can think of to have for breakfast today.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Many of you know that Father has been traveling.  I have had a wonderful opportunity and meet and annoy a significant number of priests and bishops.  I was even able to enter the banquet room early enough to switch the seating placements around so that I could sit at table #1 and rub elbows with bishops. (sorry, they would not let me take pictures of their plates at dinner)

The highlight of my trip was being able to meet a real live genuine TELEVISION PERSONALITY!  See me above with Pee Wee Herman.  We even traded Mardi Gra beads!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Urgent Prayer Requests

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks!

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.
As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand.  We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Of course it's never really about you, it always comes back to me.  

That being the case, I have three serious personal petitions.  I sense movement on one of them, (TGFE - Thank God for Exlax) but I am still working earnestly on the other two. (One of the two being MONEY)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Triumphal Return

Greetings and salutations faithful readers, small minded seekers and most especially all you generous benefactors!

Father has been away at a conference as most of you regular readers already know.  I am sure you are starving intellectually and spiritually for my wit, wisdom and slavishly frank commentary on all things ecclesiastical. Father is back.

While I was away, someone had the gall to suggest that Father make use of the inter-library loan system rather than my Amazon Wishlist!  ImagineNeedless to say Father ignored that comment and unsubscribed that demon from this blog!  DEMONS OUT!

For your enjoyment and arousal I am posting this picture of how things can and should be.  Enjoy!