Tuesday, December 10, 2013


WARNING: This post may contain graphic material that you might find offensive.  You may find it funny.

Father D is always very excited when the UPS and FedEx men (and menettes) arrive, especially this time of year when my dear readers and readerettes are feeling especially GENEROUZzzzz with the amaZon Wish Lizt....

No longer at the Supine Farm and taking a well deserved break from cramped space of the Steam Pipe Distribution Venue (that's the suite of rooms of  almost 900 square feet I occupy at the diocesan pastoral center) for a visit with my mom and sis (both still protty-heretics) down in Florida.  I like to help with decorating the yard.


  1. this based on one of his posts, checked his blog but didnt see any holiday posts (holiday from what!?!? vacations to europe and nyc?)

    maybe ill write the bishop of rome about reinstating that ban on clerics bearing arms that was in the traditional and solidly tridentine code canon law of 1911AD

  2. Not all postings here are direct parody or spoof. Previous comments have been made about Father Z getting his Florida non-resident concealed carry permit. He has also previously mentioned his family having a home or condo in Florida. (Don't all Minnesotans?) Sometime it's implied parody. (Is that a thing?) Other times I think Father D actually channels Father Z. It's all very esoteric. Either that, or Father D is just making stuff up when he gets bored. Or the final possibility is that this picture is from a member of Father D's family. I know for a fact that he has an extremely handsome and extremely gay cousin around Fort Myers area. It's even rumored Father D's mother has retired to the same area on the Gulf Coast, thou no one has seen her in years.