Sunday, October 20, 2013


What is the most ridiculous thing you heard in the Sunday Sermon this week, or even last week for that matter?  Please note the Rite. (Novus Ordo, Tridentine, Maronite, Ukrainian, Byzantine, Chaldean, etc.)

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  1. Byzantine rite (UGCC): Jesus taught us not to judge others and to love others, the priest recounted that when in a group discussion about religion at work somebody with a judgmental disposition made a comment that what does it matter we all worship the same god, my priest made a response that he's not so sure since his god became man to teach us how to live and to love fellow man and not judge and be compassionate. He recounted how (in the readings) the rich man gave nothing to Lazarus then in the afterlife said only if one would rise from the dead, to which Moses (or Abraham? I forget) responded even if one did the Jews still wouldnt believe - this is like how many Christians how treat others terribly, even though one rose from the dead they still don't believe.

    wait why is ridiculous!? what do you mean!? this is a prime example of "niceness heresy"! of course there was no mention of hell or how we, being worthless piece of sh*t sinners, are all destined to go there, bah! now go to confession you might die at any moment and go to hell! i mean you probably are still going to hell but its nice to hope... but not too much hope is a word that sounds too nice and wishy washy. oh yeah dont forget to donate, im supposed to get Italian tonight and I still HAVE to save up up for that Tridentine rite conference in the Azores! oh yeah since coffee is hot like hell and thats where youre going better get use to the heat so dont forget your mystic monk coffee!