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I know our intrepid blogger Faddah Zed is uber busy leading a pilgrimage of faithful around the city of Rome. (I wonder what the poor folks did to deserve that penance.) He does have time to retort (sic) on Archbishop Marini's stateside talk and Cardinal Burke and Archbishop Pozzo walking out of Sandro Magister's critique of Pope Francis' liturgical style during the Third Conference on Summorum Pontificum. 

I understand some of the SSPX positions.  I might even agree with a couple of them.  The whole antisemitism thing I just don't get. Frankly, I find it outright despicable. 
The man in question, Erich Priebke a Sargent in the German SS (not the same "SS" as in the "SSXP")  was emphatic up until the time of his death that he was not responsible in any way for war crime and crimes against humanity.  He died 11 October 2013 at the age of one hundred. (only the good die young)  In the face of a notoriously unrepentant public sinner, the Vicariate for the Diocese of Rome issued an "unprecedented ban" on holding the funeral in any Catholic Church in Rome. Out raged Jews and Christians protested outside the gates of the Society's compound at the arrival of the funeral procession.

Always ready to extend Charity to Nazi's in need, the SSPX
OFFERED to host the Funeral Mass at its humble, well fortified house just outside Rome.

Associated Press /ABC News

Deacon Greg has more on the topic, but with differing accounts.

I'm pretty miffed that Zzzz has time to blog about his pet issues, but lets this pass by with "hmmm. Strange."  I guess he needs to be sure he is covering issues important to his donners readers.

SSPX funeral for Nazi war criminal     with my emphases and comments

Posted on by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

The SSPX has a house near Rome at Albano. More like a fortress really.  See the pictures below
I can’t confirm this story, but it’s out there. It certainly is OUT there. WAY OUT there.
I am working from my phone today. Surely some of you can dig into this. And dig they did, but, as usual not a coherent thought even when you bundle them all together.  Speculation about him being repentant, yet no actual facts.
It is a work of mercy to pray for the dead but this is … strange. Strange?  STRANGE?  How about disgusting? Repulsive?  This on the same level as Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston receiving the body and presiding from the Chair while the late Sen Edward M. Kennedy, a notorious long term advocate of abortion on demand was given the FULL treatment. Catholic Rites from Vigils to Requiem Mass to Burial.

We have a moral obligation to pray for the dead-- even the unrepentant dead-- but that does not mean they are offered the red carpet send off.

One Zzzzombie Commenter showing some intelligence wrote: "I ‘m afraid that the SSPX have a blind spot about Nazis. I have personal knowledge of at least 2 SSPX priests that have offered Mass for the repose of the soul of Adolf Hitler."

And here is the historical tidbit, which in my feeble mind makes this SSPX all the more culpable. October 16th, the day of the funeral was the 70th anniversary of the Nazis’ clearance of the Rome ghetto, which was then followed by over one thousand Jews being sent to the camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau.  
You cannot tell me there was not a political statement there especially when one of the former SSPX Bishops, Richard Williamson, denies to this day that the holocaust ever happened. Maybe, just MAYBE, they could have waited an additional day or two.

As a closing note, I wonder where they will bury his body?  His stated preference of Argentina has refused.  His hometown in Germany has refused. Perhaps, somewhere an SS  SSPX cemetery will welcome his remains.

Lord have mercy!


  1. wallows for months with multiple posts each with tons of paragraphs over the nuns on the bus... but neo-nazi lefebvrists get a single sentence and a passing "huh this is strange" comment

  2. I guess dead Nazis don't help sell coffee

  3. Even the worst sinner deserves a decent funeral. As Priebke was a catholic the church had no legal right to deny him this right. Priebke was a tiny little nazi fish, this crook's fate is in the hand of God now.