Sunday, October 27, 2013

QUAERITUR: Pilgrimages

From a reader:
Do you lead regular pilgrimages each year? If so, do you post these on your blog so we could also go? My husband and I try to go on pilgrimage once a year. God bless you!
I do not.  This last pilgrimage was the first I have ever done.  It was an interesting experience and I learned a lot from it.

I think I would be open to doing another pilgrimage, under the right conditions. Perhaps for Wyoming Catholic College. Free trip to Rome AND I get to bring my Glock 19?  B.I.N.G.O.!!!  Oh and I would expect a little pocket money so I don't have to eat with the unwashed praying masses.

Pilgrimages are special occasions: all sorts of different people are jumbled together for a little microcosm of life’s overarching pilgrimage through this vale of tears, especially when I have to fly "Bergoglio class".


  1. i dont know anyone (family, friends, coworkers, bosses) who has ever flown first class, and yet i suspect our "beggar" has a few times

  2. Father Z is so dense that he doesn't actually get what Pope Francis is preaching and rather sneers about "Bergoglio class." Yep, economy was good enough for the future pope, but apparently it is beneath the dignity of unassigned priests/ Internet bloggers.

  3. And, it is asked (quaeritur) by a curious reader: WHY did Fr Zzzzzzz depart Rome just as the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage was STARTING?

    One might have concluded that he flew in, dined at some nice trattorie, visited some museums, ate more pasta, checked out the lace and embroidery in Ye Olde Traditionall Vestiment Shoppe, ate some more, and then (after a yummy meal) flew out in Bergoglio Class. I'm wondering why so many of us loyal readers and readerettes of the blog paid up for dear Father to go on this Trad Pilgrimage. Did he attend another pilgrimage instead?

    By the way, only someone who regularly flies in premium classes (Burke Class?) would even remark on having to sit in the back of the plane, in Bergoglio Class. Clearly, the food back there isn't up to standard.

    And, as we all know, it's all about the food.

    1. Not only the food but also the seat space. The Z-man's girth is expanding.

    2. Perhaps if the seats were ermine covered and trimmed in lace, his Reverences tush would be more comfortable?

  4. There's the germ of a great marketing idea here, for four-class international flights:

    Economy = Bergoglio Class. Just the basics. If this were a car, it might be a 10 year old Renault or Fiat.

    Premium Economy = Ranjith Class. Seats covered in red silk, but no fur trimmings. Car equivalent is a used Lexus in good condition.

    Business = Burke Class. Huge seats (need 'em to accomodate the cardinalatial bottom) covered in ermine. Giant mitres for Burke Class passengers to wear while they eat their luxurious lunches. A cappa magna to wrap up in for a relaxing snooze. Now we are riding in a new mid-range Mercedes.

    First Class = ZZZZZZZ Class, of course! The best of everything. Tons of good food. A big screen and a satellite connection to the Internet so that we can watch movies while we blog. Course after course of delicious tasty food. Cigars for after -- the hell with "No Smoking" rules, which are anti-Catholic anyway. Pasta, steaks and lobsters, freshly cooked. A personal on-seat holster for the presbyteral pistols, to warn off potential hijackers or liberals. Champagne, Mendicant Monk Coffee and a huge selection of desserts. And the car equivalent could ONLY be a Bugatti Veyron, specially modified to provide for snacking while driving.

    By the way, did I mention the food in ZZZZZZZ class? It's yummy.

  5. Readerette submits this Dubium:

    It is asked: Whether whilst His Reverence was in the Eternal City, there was occasioned a meeting with Vincent Apicella, Bishop-Ostrich of Velletri-Segni, Robert Morlino, Bishop-Weasel of Madison (by contretemps also in Rome then), and the gourmet mendicant, ostensibly to discuss employment arrangements?