Tuesday, October 22, 2013


From a  reader:
I have noticed that on some of the vessels, vestments, and crucifix at Mass, there is an
Here is the Chalice I mention below. Spiffy huh?
inscription to a deceased person.
Is this a tradition? Is there some sort of indulgence for the deceased person?
First of all, from your ignorant question, I am assuming you are a lay woman.  Most likely a lay man would know these things.  So, what is a woman doing so close to the sacred vessels?  Well, no matter, your question will serve a purpose of mine, so I am going to answer it my ineffable benevolence. 

Yes, it is a tradition and, No, there is no indulgence for the person whose name is on something, because of donations made to obtain the object in question.

It is a common thing to inscribe a sacred vessel with the name or names of the donors.  This is especially common with chalices.  You will see this also for furnishings of the sanctuary, statues, stained-glass windows, etc. People who have money and give it to the church like to be recognized for it. The bigger the gift, the bigger the donor tag. Remember that.  Now to using your inane question to serve my own purpose.

As a matter of fact, I am trying to raise some money right now to buy a chalice which someone offered me for sale.  It is pretty spiffy.  I would then want to add the names of the people somehow on a plate I would have made to cover the bottom of the chalice.  That is what I did for the chalice I have from when I was ordained.  Then I would ask the bishop to consecrate it with the older rite. (You all know what I think of the newer rite)  When I use my chalice from my ordination, I think of the people who gave it to me and I remember them during Mass at the “Memento of the living” and the “Memento of the dead”.   Thus, they are constantly prayed for during Mass.  Not bad. Pay once, get a lifetime of mementos.
The diligent priest will do this, happily and eagerly and regularly.

Moreover, the thoughtful lay person, especially lay people like you who are not well-off enough to give larger or more costly items which enrich the parish’s worship, would do well to pray for the people whose names they see inscribed. (If you had some cash, you would know about the donor tags on stuff, Hmmmkay?)

We should be grateful for donations and benefactors.  We benefit from the the gifts other people make to the parish.  Those beautiful vestments you see up there may have been given by someone to whom you ought to be grateful, you impoverished swine. You can see names on the stained-glass, assuming you are able to read. Say prayers for them, lest their generosity or the person in whose remembrance they were given be forgotten. That shit's expensive you know. The least you can do is say an Ave or a Pater for the repose of their souls. They were stinking rich in this world, so you know they were big time sinners too.  They coughed up to make your parish church pretty.  You should pray for them.

It is important to remember benefactors, living and dead, in prayer.  That is why I remind people that I say Masses for benefactors.  It also reminds people to give and does not make me look like I'm such a freeloader.

And, may I add, those of you who benefit from this blog and who have never donated…you disgust me. You are just a bad as.. never mind.  You might pray for my benefactors as well since they are doing all the heavy  lifting.  With my taste for travel, expensive restaurants, booze and cigars you kind OWE them.  Without their help, this blog would not exist. Be grateful to them impoverished swine.


  1. unreal, i thought this entry was satire until i just checked his blog...

    1. The best entries write themselves.
      I am ashamed to admit that I do spent way too much time searching for THE perfect picture. Sometimes visual just makes or breaks it. A fine example of this is the post with the picture of SSPX Bishop Fellay.

  2. It wasn't such a bad entry until he got down to the part of wanting to buy his spiffy chalice and fill it with Mystic Monk coffee.

  3. Why doesn't the Z-man get some more corporate sponsors, then he wouldn't have to make a fool of himself by ripping off his readers and he could still live like a high roller?

    1. I bet if you take the time to line a few up he might give you a percentage. Naw. Strike that. He will add you to list of benefactors. {]=0) >