Wednesday, September 25, 2013


You want to know something?

Some people--(mostly certain PRIESTZzz) just do not get and they never will. Today the unstoppable Pater Zed commented on Father Richard (iPhone Confession Hours App) Heilman. Well here. You read itMy comments in MAROON becasue I'm a jackass.

How do you think Pope Francis would want Roman Catholics world wide to show their solidarity with him?  A Holy Hour each day on their lunch break or by taking lunch to someone without anything to eat that day?

My friend Fr. Richard Heilman (whom I have featured before, HERE and HERE), had a great idea yesterday.
We were talking about how Pope Francis spends an hour before the Blessed Sacrament in the evening.
Why not coordinate exposition and adoration with him?
Thus, Fr. Heilman:
In the recent interview with Pope Francis, he admitted that his favorite time of day is in Adoration between 7:00 – 8:00 PM. Did you know that is noon for us in CST?
Let’s get something going …
Fast and prayer for (with) Pope Francis …
… every noon hour.
See if your church will open their doors, and even possibly expose the Blessed Sacrament.
This is a good idea.  I am sure that His Holiness wants us all to have a deeper relationship with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
A good idea which I present to the readership for their opportune consideration.
I sometimes muse about how many ills are healed, how many burdens are lifted, and even how many chastisements are averted because of acts of reparation by the faithful, good Holy Communions which are offered up, and time spent in the presence of our Eucharistic Lord praying for many intentions.  

I think there is an EQUALLY important thing that Pope Francis is trying to teach us by WORD and EXAMPLE.  Prayer is an absolute necessity for all Catholics.  But, sometimes we need to be reminded to get off our knees and DO SOMETHING.

You know... Corporal works of mercy.  No. You cannot "just write a check."  Get in there and get your hands dirty. Make it real! Make some noise. Right a wrong.

Again, the clerical careerists (or wannabe curial careerists) do not get it and never will.  They are too self absorbed with the minutia of rubrics, rituals, satin and lace !

We can talk all day about the Truths of the Gospel and the Church that expresses their fullness.  At the end of the day those who are hungry, lonely, naked and cold often can not hear it because their very basic needs are not met.  Give a man a hot shower, a good meal and some clean clothes and you give him his dignity. Then you can (and SHOULD) talk about Jesus. 

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  1. I certainly think that careerism is ridiculous. In fact, I found the Holy Father's interview today to be wonderfully moving. That being said, I think one can be concerned about the details of the liturgy, wear lace and beautifully made vestments while, at the same time, being very concerned with the corporal works of mercy. What is harder is to live a life of simplicity outside of the liturgy. A priest who is hungry from time to time or who has no bar in his house or who drives a car that isn't new can still have a beautiful liturgy and be very concerned for the poor and the marginalized. It's the priest who leads a life of middle-class bachelorhood that is--at least to me--more distressing. In short, there's nothing wrong with promoting social justice while wearing a biretta!

    Fr. Scott