Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HELLO!!! It's Francis on the line...

Try as I might, I cannot find a picture of His Holiness on the telephone.  Not even before his election!
If you can find one, email me!  We'll give you some kind of prize. A what does the priest really do all day mug?  Something. As always your anonymity will be preserved and protected.  Dat'zzzz just how I roll.

However, this Beloved Smiling Pope, is making direct "cold calls" to certain unsuspecting faithful who have written to him.

Most faithful never ever receive a call from their own bishop, even when they would desperately like to speak with him about something.  They usually get a cold fish chancery flunky. (I know all too well. I used to be one.)

Do you know that the Council of Trent recommended that each diocese consist of no more than around fifteen parishes?  Imagine that!  The bishop could be a true Shepherd and really KNOW his priests and his people. 

The Holy Father is giving a good example to bishops and priests get engaged with the people you minister to!  If the Pope can find time, surely the rest of us can as well.

Long live Pope Francis!

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