Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Anonymous Comments Allowed and Encouraged: "Ain't no censorship here." Fr.D.

I was alerted some time ago that only those with a Google+ account are being allowed to comment. This happened quite accidentally. 

Anonymous comments are allowed and encouraged.
The problem should be fixed. I am not sure it will be retroactive for older posts. However, going forward, have at it folks. 

Keep it relatively clean and respectful. We don't all have to agree. We do all have to be somewhat kind. Humor, parody, cartoons, in addition to genuine wisdom is welcome.  Take note, none of my serious posts get any traffic.  Be a wise @zz and people will see it.

I have received word one of my friends is going to Rome.  Perhaps he will be able to slip us some scuttlebutt.  HINT HINT

Hey- its been a busy end of summer and getting back into the swing of things has been a bit sluggish.  I am working on my own Doctorate. Though I do not have the luxury of eight years, complete freedom and no accountability.  Prefaced by remedial Latin for absolute idiots, Father D is not having fun.

There is some buzz that Pappa Zed is indeed trying to incardinate into the Madison Diocese with his old chum Bishop Morlino. Since the Active Clergy list ends with the letter W I think we are safe in assuming that has not yet come to pass.  He is living rather comfortably in the Bishop O'Connor Pastoral Center. His suite overlooks the parking lot on one side. Not sure if he has a regular view of that magnificent courtyard or not. Can't imagine why he needs to raise four to six grand each month. Surely with him taking on some duties they're not charging him to live there.


  1. Yep. Anonymous comments work again.

  2. Awesome Ive been wanting to comment here forever :)

    Hey, that 4k is needed for the ammo fund! and don't forget ham radio fund! (gonna need that when teotwawki comes). i mean, how can you be the "marquis" without the right gear?

  3. oops i spelt maquis wrong

  4. Just keep the posts coming. I always check his blog and then come to yours hoping for sanity.

  5. I call Zed's blog the "Page of Rage." If he's so holy and so sure of it, shouldn't he have some sense of equanimity and peace?

  6. I think the man is a racist, and of course more and more apparently a misogynist. I wonder why he hates women so much. Isn't "unwinding" at a firing range strange behavior for a priest. Perhaps he's an imposter