Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Yep itzzzz true. Copyright infringement! 

Seems Faddah Zed does not have as many friends in the Curia as he thought.  Then again, Francis IS purported to be cleaning house.  Maybe it's those old Particular Friends that have been reassigned. 

Of course with stuff like this "ass bends over" I can imagine more than a few folks being a bit sick and tired of this guy.
It seems he has found a bird of a feather in Bishop Morlino.  I will not be surprised at all that once this nine year doctorate is finally completed  if he is received into the Diocese of Madison.  He's already living on the property I'm told.  Morlino will be attending the Clericus Circus this summer along with Zed and another thirty or so like minded priests.  I understand this years theme is Cigars, Ceviche and Chevis: poverty is for the poor and the professed. We are diocesans, the best of the best!

What would Pope Francis Say?

I'm sure that we'll be regaled with recipes and cooking photos along with tales of lavish lounging coupled with theological banter etc, etc, ad nauseam.  But, just in case they play the cards close to the vest this year, I may have an ace up the sleeve and some Italian loafers on the ground.

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