Monday, May 27, 2013


UPDATE 30 May 2013 2:00 AM Central Time.
770 Hits on this page alone.  A new record for WDTPRDAD!
This is also the post we have received the more grief, complaints, whining, and gnashing of teeth over. As a result the combox is closed.  I am tempted to post some of the vile nasty emails I have received with email addresses. Even though some are sent anonymously, a couple of the same writers have previously written us from the same ISP address!   HOWEVER, that is against my policy . As mean and as nasty and as
despicable as many of you have accused me of being, lacking charity, etc, the vile name calling  some of you have used would make a truck driver blush.  OH, and those of you who signed me up to receive multiple pornographic SPAM emails, (both of you) have been reported to the appropriate internet and legal authorities.  Not too smart using your business computer. That little trick might cost you your lay job at the chancery.

UPDATE 28 May 2013 3:48 PM Central Time.
As of this posting we have over 450 hits on this page along.  Now, 500 page hits might be small potatoes for Father Zzzzz but here at WDTPRDAD our last record was around 300 hits for Father Was A Flautist back in December.   BEWARE!!  That page is not safe for the office!  However Father John T Zzzzz and the Hundred Dollar Holy Cards IS SAFE for the office, seminary, chancery office, and even the confessional (if you happen to have your ipad with you).

Word has reached us that Shawn Tribe, of the New Liturgical Movement is stepping down from the throne.  "It has nothing to do with the retirement of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI," said Shawna, and by implication Pope Francis' very clear message that drag queen dress up Mardi Gras is over.  Nah, not at all.

 "You are a great man and a hero to many of us Shawn. Your achievements are immortal. We can't hope to equal your competence in managing this space but you will always serve as a model."
 ~Jeffrey Tucker on the NLM website~

Stepping up to the Throne is Jeffrey Tucker, of bow tie fame over at Chant Cafe.  Hey- if you can't wear a lace alb to work the next best thing is a bow tie! (Don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me..)

Of course the departure of one sovereign and the reception of another cannot just happen with the exchange of a few website passwords!  This is the New Liturgical Movement after all. 

The contributors, supporters, consultants have all been working round the clock to research an appropriate ancient ritual for the changing of the guard.  Much like the resignation of a pope, no one has ever heard of a right wing liturgical blogger stepping down.  Word is that even fellow blogger Father Zzzz has been flown to NYC (on someone else's dime of course) to access resources of the Big Apple's libraries, schools and museums. 

A renowned liturgical composer who wishes to remain anonymous has drafted an appropriate hymn for the rite.  The chorus, well choir, has been rehearsing.  They already know the tune well. 

Her name was Shawna
She was a showgirl
But that was several months ago
When they used to have a show.

Now it's Pope Francis
He's not for Shawna
She sits there Eastward faced
Her sad ass swathed in lace.

She lost her Benny.
She lost her Gayorg.
Now she's lost her place 
At the New Liturgical Movement.

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  1. You are one seriously disturbed individual.

    1. I think you will find we are many seriously disturbed individuals. Many authors, but one scribe. You may call us Legion. Just not the Marcial Maciel Degollado style Legion if you please!

  2. This isn't satire any more. This is just UnChristian nastiness. A lack of charity is a sign of something bad.

    1. Tsk tsk tsk who appointed you judge and jury?

    2. Please be mindful that comments are open but we need to be polite and civil to one another.
      I reserve the right to be impolite and uncivil to those I blog about.

  3. None of us are forced to visit this site

  4. True, none of us are forced to be charitable either. Why be charitable at all?

  5. This is despicable. Surely it was not written by a priest. "Legion" does, indeed, sound more like it.