Friday, May 17, 2013

More On The Alleged "Lavender Mafia" Inside The Church

I usually take note of such insanity and let it slide.  Everyonce in a while I read, hear or see something so crazy that I think that there is no possible way average normal people know this.

I think Michael Voris, S.T.B. and those of his ilk are on a witch hunt in addition to "protesting too much."

I do not for one moment buy into Voris' paranoia.  Yes, there are gay priests. Yes, some are sexually active. There are also some sexually active heterosexual priests.  There are far many more who embrace, struggle and live celibate and chaste lives of prayer and service.  We just don't hear about them on the evening news.

A few, no matter their orientation, have perpetrated sexual offenses against children and adult faithful. For these depraved individuals, I have little sympathy.  The Church should send them off to a strictly cloistered monastery build especially for individuals with such spiritual and psychological problems.  Here they can live out the remainder of their lives (providing they have served any appropriate civil jail time) in prayer and repentance and hard manual labor providing for themselves and perhaps some service for the Church at large. All under strict supervision of an Abbot, spiritual directors and medical and psychological professionals. 

If such offenders refuse to go to this place?  Depose, laicize and cut them loose.  I have long maintained that the Church needs to provide appropriately for the offenders as they do for the victims. 

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