Saturday, May 4, 2013

Father John T. Zuhlsdorf and the Hundred Dollar Holy Cards

On the best days, this blog writes itself.  Really.
All I have to do is copy and paste the text from another blog, change a word or two, change the pictures and VOILA! 
Lazy?  Probably.

I really DO believe that I have real work that needs to be accomplished rather than sitting on my rather considerable buttocks creating entertaining and  informative blog posts and begging for money from my seven loyal readers.  My superior thinks so as well.  Upon reviewing my recently submitted work, the boss commented "I bet today's blog entry received more effort than this did."

"I've not blogged in a couple weeks!"   I protested.  "But I did spend more time working on my tan, butterfly stroke, and golf swing this week than I did on that project.  Remember!  This is only a part time assignment for me." 

"Yeah. Okay. Fine."

SO....  This little exchange reminded me that I have been neglectful of my devoted readers, so I checked my email because occasionally one of my half-witted faithful drones manage to string enough words together in the proper order to form an actual complete sentence which actually conveys a coherent thought.  Damn! No luck. 

However I was sent this link by a rather astute Latin Teacher.  Why he reads this drivel or THAT drivel, I'll never know.  Short of having a personal or research assistant, this refined gentleman is just phenomenal really. I always enjoy his tips, links, comments, insights, etc.  I better stop here, or he'll start billing me monthly. 

The Reverend John T. Zuhlsdorf is 
"Speaking of Holy Cards, you may recall that in March when I was in Rome for conclave and subsequent election of Pope Francis, I had the very day of the election stopped at a couple souvenir type stores to buy packages of Holy Cards with some image of St. Peter on them.  I could find really good ones, but… hey!  In any event, I hauled them around in my back pack all day and then to the square in the evening for Pope Francis appearance for the first time… and his Urbi et Orbi blessing.  It is generally the intention of the Popes to bless objects people bring for that purpose.
In any event, when I got them home, I ordered ink stamps so that I could mark them with the necessary information about the who, where, what, etc.

I am sending them out by snail mail to readers who send particularly generous donations (involving 3 digits). (Oh YES he DID!) It is my great pleasure to do so. Considering you paid less than 25 cents a piece, I bet it is a great pleasure)  Since some people clicked the waving flag (I am raising money for a liturgy conference in Rome at the end of June), today I was happy to write up a few more envelopes for Mr Postman tomorrow"
Yes, you read that correctly.  I wonder what the renowned Canonist Ed Peters would say!  Any care to ask him? Any other Canon Law aficionados care to weigh in?  My understanding was that any blessed item, once sold for profit, loses its blessing.

Anyway, even if that is not the case, don't you think it's rather tacky?  It's tacky to DO it.  It's outright tasteless to ADMIT to doing it!  But the ultimate goal, (I'd bet you a hundred dollar holy card) is to dupe more Zombies into sending in a "three digit donation" for his monthly expenses or for the NEXT trip to Rome. 

GOOD GRIEF!  I know mendicant friars that don't beg half as much as Zzzzzz does.  


  1. It looks like profiteering.

  2. Father D, in questioning Father Z's sale of holy cards you are clearly guilty of Hemisemidemi Sabellian Donatismism, the heresy of being suspicious of mendicantatious clergy. I regularly reported this heresy when I was teaching in the seminary, until they fired me.

  3. I was also fired from a seminary.

  4. That is because you are a heretic.

  5. If you give a gift to a donor, it is not the same thing as selling something. However, I do think that his M.O. is very tacky. It reminds me of a baby shower my mother and I attended for a cousin's daughter. My mother gave a much more expensive gift than I did, because she can afford it and the unwed mother needed it. Mom got a thank you note. I did not. (We live in the same house!) You can bet I haven't gone to any more showers for that part of the family.

  6. The site says my previous comment will be visible after approval. I thought you said you don't monitor comments?!?

    1. Greetings Zorra!

      I'm not sure why your comments were not posted. I am sent an email every time a new comment is posted. Even my own replies such as this one, generate an announcement email.
      I allow anonymous comments. Always have. Always will, providing they are not grossly offensive, obscene, revealing of personal information, etc. Such comments might be edited when appropriate. Whenever possible, I will notify (if possible) the person as to why the comment was edited or deleted.

      Perhaps the "blogger" program has changed my settings? facebook seems to change my personal settings all the time! Remember, I am not a computer wizard like Faddah Zed. This blog, facebook, email and ebay, and even that is a pain in my pa-toot lately, are the limits of my cyber "skill set." I will look into it. It's only when I took a peek at the traffic stats that I saw the notification of comments needing approval.