Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Real Homosexual Agenda

 A What Does the Priest Really Do All Day EXCLUSIVE on the Gay Agenda! 
(Imagine that an exclusive on those we most want to exclude!)

My personal network of clergy, laity, cardinals, stool pigeons, chickens, monsignors, your seniors, shepherds, sheep, and vicars in cheap clothing, have found real verifiable PROOF of the often discussed, but ever elusive GAY AGENDA. (More on that later)

Michael Voris (right in above picture) of Church Militant TV, has been on an unusually intense anti-homosexual tirade.  Every once in a while he ratchets up the rhetoricPerhaps it is to raise funds from the extreme homophobes.  Perhaps on the recent "Lenten Cruise" he had a dalliance with the Latino cabin boy.  (Reynaldo-- was that you?  How I miss you so!  Come home to Pappi.)

Pretty scary stuff huh?

Well as promised, I will now present you the evidence of the Gay Agenda.




  1. Why is he clinging to, playing with, and spinning that pencil around. And why did he point the pointed end of it at me? I feel a deep wound coming on.

  2. That pencil was touched to the tomb of Blessed Fulton Sheen! That deep wound you are feeling is from the lance that pierced the Lord for your sins.

  3. If you really are a priest you might be the first one to understand the gay agenda. All most of us really want is to be left alone. I am gay, and catholic. My partner converted to Catholicism after five years of attending Mass with me. We attend the Tridentine Latin Mass every Sunday and two days a week. We serve at the altar on the weekday Mass. We try to go everyday during Lent. We pray the rosary together every day. We have been together for almost thirty years. We tithe to our parish. We respond as generously as we can to special fund drives. We give monthly to Father Z via paypal because we believe that overall he his good for the Church in spite of his anti-gay views. One of our gay friends also gives to monthly to Father Z and buys him at least one monthly gift from Amazon. We do not want to be married either by the church or the state, but we respect the desires of those who do want legal protection for their relationships.
    We want to be left alone.

  4. Well, it's your blog etc., but I really wish you'd leave off the gay insinuations. That can really destroy a guy's reputation by smear. On the other hand, if you have evidence...

    1. Father D, I think that Voris "doth protest too much" as they say.
      As a heterosexual married man, secure with my sexuality, I can't tell you when the last time I had a conversation about gay men attempting to take over the church was. On second thought, I can tell you. Never!
      I consider myself a traditional Roman Catholic. My wife and I are pro-life and practice NFP. We educate our children at parochial school, and are active in the life of our parish. Call me a liberal if you want, but I don't care if gay and lesbian couples get married or not. Live and let live. Their state marriage or civil union has no effect on the validity of my Sacramental Marriage in the Catholic Church.

    2. Dear Anonymous April 19, 2013 at 8:31 AM,

      First, I have no evidence that Voris is gay. Even if I did I would not out him. That is his business.

      My "beef" with Mr. Voris is his increasing obsession with "the militant homosexual mafia" intent on taking over the church. Does he really believe this or is it just a fund raising ploy? (The two issues Traditional Catholics will dig deep for are pro-life and anti-gay causes.)

      Why would being gay destroy a guys reputation? WHO is that ignorant in this day and age?

    3. "Why would being gay destroy a guys reputation? WHO is that ignorant in this day and age?"


    4. Dear Anonymous April 19, 2013 at 9:27 PM

      What is are you not able to understand?

      There is no better time to be openly gay or lesbian than in 2013.

      Unless of course you are an ordained cleric in a Roman Catholic Diocese, Religious Institute or seminary. Also some parochial schools are writing a morals clause into their contract.

      Let me rephrase my question.

      Unless one is a member of the Catholic clergy, why would being gay destroy a guys reputation? WHO is that ignorant in this day and age?"

      In case you have not noticed, outside of the Church having same sex attraction is not really all that big of a deal.