Sunday, April 21, 2013


The Liturgy Police are everywhere these days.  Of course the only official policing agency is the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. The official local agent of the CDW is the Ordinary, usually the bishop of the diocese.  Sometimes these duties are passed off to an auxiliary or vicar.  However, there is a less known secret arm of the CDW that have been imbedded in parishes everywhere, especially in the English speaking nations.  The Battalion of Angry Self-righteous Informing Laity or BASIL

BASIL is everywhere. They have the chancery office on speed dial and Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera as their Facebook friend.  They began home study groups of the new English translation months before its release. I am told that the leaders of this Battalion can even recite the texts backwards, in addition to having mastered the reading of the rubrics in Latin.  The receive their instructions and marching orders through a priest blogger, sometime directly, other times in a code that only the initiated can understand.

Of course the Vatican will deny the very existence of BASIL. They function much like CIA operatives. If they are caught or get out of control, they are simply cut free by their handler who will go so far as to block their ISP address from accessing his blog.  

Once they have a priest in their sight they will go after him with every covert means necessary.  They may even begin to advance their agenda openly under the guise of charity.  That nice leather bound copy of the hand illuminated  G.I.R.M. with Summorum Pontificum as an appendixBASIL. Gift subscription to the Wanderer?  BASIL.  Anonymous gift certificates to TAN Books, Baronius Press and Angelus Press ? BASIL.

When they start sitting in the front pews rattlikng their rosary beads during the homily while wearing their Say The Black Do The Red buttons, your time is limited. Take evasive action.

Fathers, if enough members of your parish are concerned about the liturgy, perhaps the there are some issues that need to be attended to. before brushing them off as crazy PITAs, take a look in the mirror.

Folks, I know there are lots of liturgical abuses out there. Pray for your priest. If liturgy is not as dignified  and solemn as you think it should be, get involved.  If you are aware enough to see there is a problem, then you should be aware enough to be part of the solution.Priests hear complaints every day. Solutions to those problems? Once a week if he's lucky.  Is there (dare I say...) a Liturgy Committee?  Volunteer. Bring a friend!  Maybe some balance is just what the committee needs.  

In addition to the Liturgy Police, there are real threats out there to priests. 

 On a more serious note: 

(ANSA) - Trapani, April 17 - An unemployed man, who said he was only trying to teach his elderly priest a lesson, was charged Wednesday with murdering him.
Antonio Incandela, 33, said he had had it with the homilies delivered by Michele Di Stefano, the priest in the small rural town of Ummari on the west coast of Sicily.
Di Stefano was killed on February 27 after being beaten with the handle of a hoe.
Prosecutors say Incandela told them that he could not bear to listen to the priest any longer but wasn't intending murder when he beat the priest while he was sleeping.
Incandela was caught when he used the priest's bank card at an automated teller machine, authorities said.
An investigation is ongoing.
Say a prayer for the soul Father Di Stefano. Remember, there are a lot of REAL crazy people out there. Be cautious.

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