Thursday, April 11, 2013


Once again, Father Zzzz and his Zzzombies are honed in on the essentials of the Catholic Faith.

QUAERITUR: How should a bishop carry the crosier?

Focusing on the essentials...............

 Anything here you cannot identify?  If you can't score one hundred on this one, we will revoke your membership in the Latin Mass  Society.

Really. We will.


  1. 1. the staff
    2. the hat
    3. the chair
    3a. the chair folded up
    4. the candle
    5. the candle snuffer
    6. the cross
    7. the pitcher

    Did I pass???

    1. Ah Beth. You pass with a C.
      The prize is an I love Father Z bumper sticker. Click your way on over to his cafe press account and buy one. =0)

  2. 1. Crosier, crozier, shepherd's staff, bishop's crook
    2. Miter, mitre
    3. Faldstool, stool.
    4. Chrismarium, Holy Ampulla, Chrismarium, Oil Stock
    5. Bugia
    6. Archbishop's processional cross. (Carried in front of him no by him.
    7. Ewer (pitcher)and basin

    This weeks Traditionalist Trivia was sponsored by the Society of Saint Pope Pius the First. SSPI, Real Tradition really matters.